The Blacklands

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Subterritories
    1.   2.1  Haunted Forest
    2.   2.2  Death Mountains
    3.   2.3  Devil's Shoreline
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Region Eastern Realms
Subterritories Haunted Forest

Death Mountains
Devil's Shoreline

Major Waterways Northumberland Strait

Cabot Strait
Atlantic Ocean

Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The northeastern-most lands of the Cape Breton Peninsula suffered the worst damage from the fire. Years later, the mountainous ridges have kept the beach from prospering, and the land still carries scars from the fire. Young trees, mostly pioneer species such as Paper Birch and White Poplar, as well as other small shrubs and weeds paint a new green across the land. However, large swaths of acidic soil and blackened stumps and logs remain, and the prey that run here tend to be small animals that can subsist on so little nutrition.

2.  Subterritories

2.1  Haunted Forest

The burned ruins of the Haunted Forest are even more forlorn and ghostly. Terrible flooding reduced the center of the territory to a boggy lagoon. Around the acrid pit of water, little vegetation has sprouted even in the time since the fire; large, ashy mudflats surround the lagoon, with only the hardiest of plants growing on their outskirts. A low fog frequently clings to the earth, as it did before the forest was razed -- and it’s rumored that this fog hides spirits, the ghosts of canines not lucky enough to survive the flames.

2.2  Death Mountains

The once-proud mountains were shorn bald by the fire, with entire forests falling to ruin and their debris rolling downhill. In the lowlands and valleys, a lush young forest thrives: aspen, white birch, jack pine, and lodgepole pine have all thrived in the sunlight. At higher elevations, large tracts of land are rocky and barren, with only tough shrubs clinging to the stone.

2.3  Devil's Shoreline

The fire began in Hell's Coast and spread up and down the coast, devouring the sparse, dry vegetation. It has yet to grow back, and the former territories of Hell's Coast and Lightning Bay are bleak and foreboding, lifeless as a desert. The ocean still rages against the sand, seeming to increase with ferocity with nightfall. There is no wildlife to be found on the northernmost coast, save that which comes ashore. Even the seals and birds are quick to depart, however, finding the desolate beach as inhospitable as any canine would.