Gemma Tlvdatsi

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Gemma Tlvdatsi

by Mel



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Date of Birth

14 May 2009







50% Coyote
50% Wolf




Pack AniWaya
Rank Gata Hineyu


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Anathema ???

Gemma Tlvdatsi (née: Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth) is the daughter of Lucifer Sawtooth and a coyote named Libby. She is a member of AniWaya, and the mother of Payne Xhexania Silvertooth, Nate-River Silvertooth, and Nvda Eclipse dir Rhiannon Sawtooth. Her spirit guide is a white buffalo named Tamai Waki. Gemma died in 2018 following heart complications.

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1.  Appearance

by Nina

Gemma is completely white furred with no markings or other colors of any kind. She had bright blue eyes that are identical to her father. She often has some kind of flower in her hair, tucked behind an ear, usually a daisy or a rose but any flower she comes across will do. Her hair is straight and longish, falling to her shoulders in glossy waves and sometimes she pins it back with a tie to keep it from her face. Her ears are slightly larger than a normal wolfs due to the half of her that is coyote, similarly her muzzle is also thinner than a wolf.

Gemma is usually in optime form and she wears dark blue denim hot pants that are altered to provide room for her tail, on her top half she wears a tight leather shirt that stops just underneath her breasts, leaving her midriff bare. Around her right wrist she has a red woven bracelet. She also carries a satchel with her that contains the materials needed for a fire and a knife that she uses when hunting game.

Her body is long and thinnish with several scars.

2.  Personality


3.  Family

Gemma, Payne, and Nate-River

† Indicates littermates with multi-father litter

4.  History

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