Anahid Cermak

Anahid Cermak is the mate of Behram Demir and was formerly third-in-command to Illiam Quayle in his band of rogues. She joined AniWaya shortly after Illiam's defeat at the hands of the AniWayans, deciding that the rogue life was not for her.

In October 2016, following the disbandment of AniWaya, she journeyed to Quebec to found Auclair.

Anahid Cermak

Image by Kent Kanouse


None (NPC)


Date of Birth

15 March 2009




Birth place





Wolfdog hybrid

45% Wolf
20% Jackal
25% Dog
10% Coyote


75% Eastern Timber Wolf
20% Golden Jackal
25% Dog
10% Northeastern Coyote




Mate Behram Demir
Pack AniWaya
Rank Gatlvska

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1.  Appearance

Anahid is somewhat short, considering her heritage. Her craft entails much physical labour, and her physique looks the part. She is stocky and overall strong-looking. It is just as likely that you find her in her secui form as her luperci, but you will rarely find her in her lupus form.

1.1  Coloration

Anahid's heritage, species wise, is complete chaos, and her coloration matches that fact. Her pelt is predominantly light grays and light browns. A darker area runs along her back and spills onto the sides of her outer thighs and arms, and follows her tail almost to its tip. Its unusual shape, for a wolf, gives away her mixed blood lines, strongly resembling that of a jackal.

2.  Personality

Anahid is skilled and takes pride in her work. She is courageous and willing to fight for what she believes in, and not afraid to act on her gut. She can be easily duped if you appear trustworthy or if you distract her, but if you're caught attempting to do so she might very well purposefully make your life miserable. If you're a decent enough person, she might forgive you in time.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Illiam Quayle: trusted leader
  • Behram Demir: mate and best friend
  • Seven Cermak: young adult, pacifist son in opposition to her due to her craft
  • Kalju Lepp: not too fond of this guy, though Behraim seems to tolerate him well enough
  • Dart Tasin: acquaintance, some maternal feelings towards her
  • Stois: acquaintance, travel companion
  • Bo Quayle: acquaintance, travel companion

3.2  Immediate Family

  • Mother: Zabel Cermak
  • Father: Metod Martirosyan
  • Siblings: Avetis (m), Katar (f), Simona (f)
  • Son (with Behram Demir): Seven (m)

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Anahid's speech is strong and clear, but doesn't stand out. Just another female voice, normal range.
  • Scent: the faint scent of alcohol, though, she never seems drunk

4.1  NPCs

Shining Sun

  • Species: Appaloosa
  • Age and DOB: 5 years (10 Apr 2008)
  • Description: Roan Blanket patterning: a light caramel colour with strong white spotting
  • Personality: An easygoing, easy-to-ride, gentle horse. She's perfect for Anahid since she can calm her down very easily.

4.2  Abilities


  • Weapons crafting (Journeyman): Anahid is quite skilled at making weapons out of bone and antler.
  • Carving (Journeyman): As a result of her weapons crafting skills, he is quite talented with a knife and can carve small trinkets as gifts or to trade.
  • Sewing (Beginner): Anahid is beginning to learn how to sew using bone needles and sinew.
  • Astrology (Dabbler): Anahid has heard a bit about astrology and has an interest in tarot card reading, but is more fascinated with the symbology of the cards than their ability to predict.
  • Courageous: Anahid is willing to put everything on the line when the time comes for it. She is valorous and will not shrink away from a threat.
  • Kind: Anahid is a warm-hearted individual and cannot stand to see others suffer.
  • Forgiving: Anahid believes in second chances and is always willing to hear someone out. Consequently, she's also a great listener.
  • Transcendent: Anahid can very easily form a connection or a bond with someone else. She has a knack for appreciating beauty and seeing the best in everyone.


  • Tactless: awkward, perpetually uncomfortable, and rather nervous, she has a lot of trouble chatting it up with a random stranger
  • Absentminded: tends to be preoccupied with nothing at all. Her nervous habits tend to get the best of her and cause her to forget simple things
  • Gluttonous: she loves drinking and pretty much everyone knows it.
  • Idealistic: Anahid looks for the best in everyone and as a result, this can result in her being easily hoodwinked
  • Spiteful: when Anahid decides she doesn't like someone, she *really* lets them know.

4.3  Inventory


Anahid is always looking for new tools to carve weapons and new materials to use. As an amateur astrologer, she is also interested in items with strong power: semi-precious stones, herbs, and other items. She is not well-versed in astrology, so she will often take what she can get and may be a bit gullible in this regard. She will also trade goods for stories about astrology, myths, and tales.

  • Offering: small carved trinkets and baubles of animals made out of bone and wood, necklaces made out of bone and wood, small knives, skinned pelt satchel, lucky rabbit's foot, hourglass, comb, incense, decorative feathers, 2 kittens (weaned), trained Red-Tailed Hawk for hunting
  • Accepting: tools and materials for crafting weapons, astrology items, skinned pelts, lantern, astrology books


White kitten Cinnamon Calico kitten
Red-Tailed Hawk


  • 2 kittens (weaned)
  • Red-Tailed Hawk trained for hunting
Lucky Rabbit's Foot
Milky quartz Garnet
Incense Incense


  • Lucky rabbit's foot
  • Tarot cards - 3 sets
  • Milky quartz
  • Garnet
  • Incense
Raw pelt
Decorative feather Decorative feather

Raw items

  • Skinned pelt x10
  • Decorative feathers, many
  • Teeth
Teeth and bone necklaces


  • Necklaces made out of teeth and bone x5


  • Comb

5.  History

Met Behraim a few years back and had on/off romantic relations with him since. Birthed a single-puppy litter (Behraim's) in mid-2013 - Seven. Lived in and around AniWaya's new territories for over 6 months alongside friends and her little new family, until they traveled out for a while and returned to find their space occupied.

5.1  Thread log

  1. your tongue is painted silver (Jun) (NPC)
    Anahid ventures to the borders to try and trade with the AniWayans and maybe learn a bit more about the tribe. Olivia and Claudius greet her.
  2. Secure the village! (Mar 3) (NPC)
    Anahid helps her tribesmates prepare the lands for the oncoming storm