Stois is an all-around bruiser. He travels with Illiam Quayle's group of loners.



None (NPC)


Date of Birth

10 Mar 2009




Birth place

Crocker Pond, Maine




Wolfdog hybrid

75% Dog
25% Wolf


75% Bernese Mountain Dog, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Estrela Mountain Dog, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, and German Shepherd
18.75% Eastern Timber Wolf
6.25% Great Plains Wolf




Pack Loner
Rank None

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
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1.  Appearance

Stois is a dog-dominant wolfdog with a wide variety of dogs in his heritage, with perhaps many more. He has a classic black and tan point colouration that seems to result from his muddled heritage and also from his Estrela Mountain Dog heritage. His size is likely thanks to his wolf heritage, which is only more pronounced due to this thick dog fur.

He is thick-muscled and large, with a large layer of fur.

1.1  Coloration

  • Eyes: Cafe Royale (#71400E).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Tan (#D4AF83)
    • Lighter Wheatfield (#F2EBCF) highlights
    • Darker Cape Palliser (#A37342) in his coat lowlights and Mine Shaft (#292929) face, muzzle, and ears

2.  Personality

Stois is a thoughtful, if somewhat dense warrior. He excels in many forms of combat and is a very strong hunter, but tends not to do well in most forms of social interaction. He is often closed off and is a poor communicator, rarely expressing how he truly feels.

  • Quirks: eavesdropping, talks in his sleep
  • Hobbies: fishing

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

3.2  Immediate Family

  • Two siblings, unknown, sold to traders as a puppy

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: has a loud, carrying voice
  • Scent: smells of fish

4.1  Abilities


  • Brawling (Expert): A consequence of his large size, Stois is terribly adept in heavy-hitting brawling-style fighting
  • Trident and net fighting (Expert): A throwback to his time in gladitorial combat, Stois was exceptionally skilled as a retiarius. He was unusual, because most tended to be much quicker; however, his strength lent itself to a very interesting fighting style
  • Fisher (Journeyman): Stois fishes with both a rod and line and trident or spear and net. He is quite skilled and much of his diet comes from fishing
  • Archery (Beginner): Perhaps too delicate for his large hands (and likely because Stois sees archery as 'girly'), he's not too great at it, but is slowly learning with Dart's help
  • Well-rounded: as a figher, he is very well-rounded, excelling in many areas of war
  • Thoughtful: he thinks a lot and doesn't hesitate to question his own beliefs


  • Dislike of horses: Stois never grew up with horses, and as such, tends to view them as prey and food. The horses know this quite well and Dart is always complaining that he makes them nervous and skittish
  • Drinking: Stois is a heavy drinker and when drunk, prone to fits of rage
  • Narrow-minded: he doesn't tend to expand his worldview much
  • Poor conversationalist: he is really, really bad at holding a conversation. He doesn't really know how to follow threads in discussions, relate to stories, or add his own input
  • Reacts poorly to criticism: as much as Stois can reflect on his actions on his own, he never accepts others' advice or criticism well, if at all
  • He has difficulty interacting and living in populous areas -- he finds it stifling and cannot grasp the too-complex social rules

5.  History

Stois was born near Crocker Pond in Maine. When he was quite young, he and his siblings were sold to traders. They were quickly separated and Stois was trained in gladitorial combat from his youth. Although his owners were not cruel, the lifestyle certainly was. Stois learned not to complain or offer his own opinion and take what he was given. Through this, his owners quickly recognized his skills and he was a favourite of theirs because he was very much a 'yes man.'

As a fighter, he won many battles until his owners lost all their money and he was turned loose. Having lived in northern Maine and southern Quebec for most of his life, the first thing Stois did was head to where he heard there was a big population: Freetown. Having never been in an area with so many canines, Stois was very quickly overwhelmed and became very aggressive. He quickly made a number of enemies, and in his anxiety, turned to drinking. Unfortunately, this compounded his problems as alcohol tended to fuel his fits of rage.

It wasn't until a group of wolves ganged up up on him one night and beat the living tar out of him that he realized Freetown wasn't the place for him. Unfortunately, he also realized that being beat within an inch of his life isn't cheap, either, so he needed to find a way to get some medical treatment without anything to barter.

It was through this way that he met Illiam Quayle. Illiam agreed to pay for his medical bills in return for Stois' brute strength. When Illiam informed him that he was heading back to Nova Scotia -- and that it was far less crowded than Freetown -- Stois was happy to accompany him and his group.

5.1  Threads

  1. Demands (Apr 11) (NPC)
    After hearing the reports, Illiam and Stois venture to AniWaya to investigate. Things get heated when Illiam begins making demands that the AniWayans return the territory to him. Ocèane and Ulilohi Ehn argue with them.
  2. Thread name (MMM DD)