Ani Waya Territory

Located along the eastern shores of Nova Scotia, AniWaya lays claim to the entirety of the Moonstone Lakes region, known in AniWaya as the Triplet Lakes, of the Quartz Shoreline. Rivers cut through the territory with wild abandon, providing rich nourishment to the tribes’ crops and animals. The remnants of human civilization persist in small communities, broken roads, and decaying buildings. To the farthest east is the cold and rocky shores of the Atlantic, while the land becomes more forgiving and sparsely-forested.

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  1.   1.  Territories
    1.   1.1  Triplet Lakes
    2.   1.2  New Village
    3.   1.3  The Quarry
    4.   1.4  The Swamp
    5.   1.5  The Wrecked Bridge
    6.   1.6  The Working Fields
    7.   1.7  The Tobacco Field
    8.   1.8  The Green Fields
  2.   2.  Points of Interest
    1.   2.1  Eagle Tower
    2.   2.2  Raven Beacon
    3.   2.3  Lady's cabin
    4.   2.4  Three Moons' Ranch

1.  Territories

1.1  Triplet Lakes

  • AniWayan translation: Anitsoi Divdali - Triplet Lakes (inflected as animate object (holy))
  • Curious facts: Named "Moonstone Lakes" by everyone else in 'Souls. Description largely by 'Souls. Also, the two larger lakes are formerly "Mirror Lakes" of Phoenix Valley.

When moving, the future water source for the tribe was at the core of their decision. The Triplet Lakes proves not only a functional body of water (for multiple purposes), but also a staggeringly beautiful scenery. Rivers and streams snake between the various bodies of water, feeding into one another and eventually emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. On a few of the larger lakes, tiny rural communities slowly decay into the encroaching forests; some are little more than stone foundations and piles of wood. Overgrown dirt roads connect these tiny villages to larger asphalt roadways, though even these are cracking and wearing under the pressure of decades.

1.2  New Village

Artwork by Sie

  • AniWayan translation: Itse Gaduhv - New Town

Nestled between the three lakes, Itse Gaduhv, translated literally as "New Town", is a hub of activity. With a complete blank slate, AniWayans have been clearing the land of low-lying shrubs and undergrowth to begin building their new huts. Some huts have already been constructed and a slightly larger hut is being used as the temporary Town Hall until an adequate building is constructed. Luckily, the Dampwoods are only a short horseride away, where trees are tall and strong. The beginnings of a structure is started, with the Great Fire placed squarely in the center, declaring the area as AniWayan for all to see.

The Village Center

Photo by Schu (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

  • AniWaya Village AniWayan translation: None as of yet

The Village Center currently consists of the Great Fire, a simple hut serving as the Town Hall, and a few other huts that AniWayan members have constructed themselves. The rest is slowly being built, and will eventually also house the ceremonial ground for the tribe and more huts for new members to claim.

1.3  The Quarry


  • The Quarry AniWayan translation: Agalsga odalv'i - The Cut Mountain
  • Curious fact: formerly "Woodview Quarry" Phoenix Valley.

"Agalsga odalv'i", or the cut mountain, is located east of and somewhat overlapping with the the swamp in the northern edge of the territory. Originally dug by humans to mine limestone, large blocks of the sedimentary rock lay stationary surrounding pools of water. Although there was water deep within the ground, it is now exposed as a result of human activity in the area. The quarry is a popular destination for daring youth to explore and dive from the cliffs into the water.

1.4  The Swamp

  • The Swamp AniWayan translation: Uwoida Gadohi - The Swollen Land
  • Curious fact: formerly "Snakeway Swamp" Phoenix Valley.

Reaching into the farthest north of the territory, "Uwoida Gadohi", the swollen land, is an eerie and cold place. Trees surround the thick marsh, blocking out all chances of sun reaching the marshy interior. The marsh has a distinctive, pungent odor that is a sign to any to keep out. Where it meets the area of the old Quarry to its east, the normally planted and stone-littered ground slowly gives in to a more sickly, creepy-looking ground, as if the swamp itself is stretching its arms to touch new land.

1.5  The Wrecked Bridge

Photo by Suzanne Philips (CC BY-NC 2.0)

  • The Wrecked Bridge AniWayan translation: Uyojv'i asvtlvi - The Wrecked Bridge

Originally part of the highway to Halifax, the wrecked bridge is a crumbling testament to the power of engineering. The concrete has long since been rounded and worn down by the water and litters the area with reckless abandon. In some areas, other materials are visible, such as long steel reinforcing bars, which protrude from the broken concrete.

In April 2016, the meteor strike causes the water to rush up and wash away much of the ruined bridge. It leaves only jagged rebar, which poses a risk for anyone wandering too close.

1.6  The Working Fields

Photo by allispossible (CC BY-NC 2.0)

  • Working Fields AniWayan translation: Tlogesi Digakohidi - Field of Plants

The working fields are intended to be located to the northwest of the Village. Although preparations cannot commence until the thaw in the spring of 2014, the leaders of the tribe hope that the land will be an ideal location for AniWaya's expansive crops. Planning has begun, and if one inspects closely enough, they may be able to notice the top ends of little plugs sticking out of the ground, as if markers for various areas for crops.

1.7  The Tobacco Field

Photo by Neil Smith (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

  • Tobacco Fields AniWayan translation: Tsola Tlogesi - Tobacco Field

Nestled between the Village and the working fields, the Tobacco Fields have a ceremonial role in Cherokee culture. They are to be tended carefully by the tribesmembers, known for its many purposes both in medicine and the spiritual aspects of life. Although not yet developed, the ground will need to be cleared, prepared, and sowed come 2014.

1.8  The Green Fields

  • The Green Fields AniWayan translation: Ilje'i amegwoi - Ocean of Green
  • Curious fact: formerly "Firefly Fields" of Phoenix Valley.

The Green Fields is a larger area of land with an old shack and a broken, rusted wagon decorating the horizon. It is aptly named: grass is knee-high here in spring and summer, with patches of wildflowers that appear to glow and sparkle in sunlight. Trees are tall, but scattered and few between, and create numoerous relaxing spots where one can find a spot of shade on a hot day. The fields are also home to an old fall-apart barn that promises nothing in terms of functinoality. At night, the fields can show off a fireworks display of fireflies.

2.  Points of Interest

2.1  Eagle Tower

Photo by Pat Neary (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

  • The Eagle Tower AniWayan translation: Ulosvi Ani Nvya - Fallen Stones
  • Curious fact: formerly claimed by Phoenix Valley.

In the forested area between the two Mirror Lake bodies stands the time-worn Eagle Tower, a lofty and majestic refuge that stood tall and proud during the human reign. In the old human history, Eagle Tower stood as a watch tower to alert those who lived at Mirror Lakes Villa and those who worked in Three Moons Ranch of approaching danger and also acted as a guard tower, where only two human archers fended the area long enough for the human civilians to escape to a safer place. On its gray, brick walls grow long, green vines that scale the tower effortlessly. The tower itself is square in shape, standing around 20 meters in height and 3 meters in width. Around the four sides of the tower are markings that represent the human guardians that once manned the tower, and the martyrs among them engraved into the stone as commemoration for their honorable deaths protecting the villagers.

A broken door and its well crafted arch mark the main entrance, leading to the ladder that goes up to the tower's climax. The view at the top where the archers once stood is magnificent; the Villa, the lake bodies and the ranch lay closest in perfect sight, but a great lot of the territory can be seen regardless. Hanging from the roof at the tower's very top is a gong that was used to signal the villagers. Though cracked and worn with age, it seems still usable. After the humans died off, the tower began to wither away along with them. Eagle Tower has since become a worn landmark, lacking much purpose and little known to surrounding packs, but quite a sight to behold nonetheless.

2.2  Raven Beacon

  • AniWayan translation: Aga yvli Dasoyv - Thousand/old Walls
  • Curious fact: formerly claimed by Phoenix Valley.

On the center island of Trinity Island stands a grand, exquisite mansion atop a hill that has stood solidly against time. The massive limestone structure is surrounded by a wild, overgrown garden. Inside its walls, the pack has storage of supplies in case of danger or later need. The mansion boasts countless rooms, including several, well-furnished bedrooms, bathrooms, a couple kitchens, even art studios that have slowly degenerated over time. All in all, the mansion is still primarily safe to walk through, and those roleplaying there are generally allowed to logically make up rooms as they need them.

2.3  Lady's cabin

  • AniWayan translation: None as of yet
  • Curious fact: formerly "Iskata's cabin" of Phoenix Valley.

Iskata Sadira's cabin once stood, unused, near the Wrecked Bridge, but it was destroyed during the meteor strike of April 2016.

2.4  Three Moons' Ranch

  • AniWayan translation: None as of yet
  • Curious fact: formerly claimed by Phoenix Valley.

Uhoh! When AniWaya claimed their new territory, they faced a lot of trouble finding a new home for their animals. Since AniWaya has a large herd of cattle, horses, and many other animals, they have been temporarily housed in the old ranch barn until the tribe can construct a new barn and stables in the heart of the tribelands. The Three Moons' Ranch is in fact just on the edge of the territory, so guards are posted to keep an eye on animals who might wander... and to keep an eye on anyone who might seek to help them wander! The ranch is composed of a barn and a farm house and overlook a picturesque lake, frozen in the winter months, but not solid enough to venture out on. Tread carefully!

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