Iliya Rurik Russo

Iliya Rurik Russo

Character Name, by Crys??
Date of BirthDecember 20, 2010
Age2 months
Subspecies50% tundra, 48% russian, 2% dog
LuperciYes (Ortus/Verto) or no
Birth placeCercatori d'Arte?
Current packCercatori d'Arte

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining dateDecember 20, 2010

Iliya Rurik Russo is the son of Rurik and Kiska Russo. He was a former member of Cercatori d'Arte in 2010.


Born a week after Rurik and Kiska returned to Sobirat'sya. At two months old, he's already had a turbulent life, but not by his parent's doing. Rurik's cousin, Saveli, got butthurt over something and took little Liya and sold him off to someone, who ended up buying him just to save him. This man was Adrian Instinsky. After taking on the youngster, he left Russia with him, adopting him as his son.


Iliya is a young baby at this point, but his personality is developing and shining through quite brilliantly already. He's "quirky" to say the least, and already has some strange habits forming. He tends to spend a lot of his nights staring up at the sky, waiting for shooting stars and generally just sky-watching before he falls asleep. He has a huge affinity for the night sky and what lay beyond, and already has a strong belief in fate and the work of 'higher beings' of sorts. He already spends a lot of time babbling and 'singing', trying to hone his skills. It wouldn't be odd to find him humming to himself or sitting in a large room or cave singing with the natural acoustics. Not saying he sounds good yet, but he's getting there. Likes to sit and sing to Adrian, perhaps fishing for compliments to help boost his confidence to keep at it and keep trying. Eccentric would be an adjective that would describe him well. Right now, all that can be said is that he's a bit odd and peculiar, but overall he's generally a sweetheart. His personality is set, it just needs to be defined more with age.



Takes after his father in coloration as well as a lot of his markings. Gray base coat with light gray inner ears, face, underside, elbows, back of this thighs, and bottom of tail. A darker gray than his base covers the bridge of his snout, top of his head, back of his neck to mid back, and reappears at the base of his tail and runs along the top. He has a dark gray on the rims of his ears and on his mouth and chin along with under his eyes, and it rims the gray on his head and along his back and covers his front paws and back legs to his hocks, and the tip of his tail is the same color.


His primary form when older. When he's older, he'll be very tall, very lightweight and skinny. Not underweight skinny; he's very healthy, but doesn't have very much muscle tone and very little fat on him. His hair will be a dark blackish-blue with a pretty blue sheen to it, and it'll be uneven and messy, falling into his face while the rest is tied back into a small ponytail.


Secondary form, primary when younger. Right now he's just a ball of cute fluff, and doesn't look like he holds much potential into growing into some strapping young wolf. When he's older, he wont exactly be strapping, but he'll grow into a handsome lithe young male that will be long in body and leg. Not very muscular or intimidating, really. His fur will be long and very soft, somewhat shaggy, but overall he'll be well-groomed and 'pretty'.


Tertiary form, rarely used. Like his lupus form, but more bulky, and a lot bigger, obviously. Doesn't use this form a lot because he's happy in his Lupus and Optime, doesn't seem to have a need for this more muscular form.


Sounds like any kid. Light in tone, mostly androgynous. Only knows Russian at the moment, and will never be good at speaking English. His voice will always remain lighter than the average male, making him seem entirely feminine, although he'll sound like a guy, never to be confused with a female. He'll be an impressive songbird and have the perfect voice for singing. His range goes from low to extremely, impressively high, and will be modeled mostly for opera-like songs. Will be very proud of this, and will have a strong love for singing and entertainment. Sounds like Vitas.


Has a large taste in clothes from the beginning. Usually wears whatever he thinks looks good and is comfortable. Sometimes has a very 'odd' taste in style.