Nikolai Russo

Nikolai Russo

Nikolai, by Lin
Name Meaning"people of victory"; "Russian"
Name OriginGreek, Russian
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 2008
Age1 year
SubspeciesTundra wolf, Russian wolf, timber wolf, and dog.
Birth placeRussia/ Eastern Europe

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DateDecember 25, 2008[1]

Nikolai Russo is the son of Kezia Havok and Zaets Russo. He was a former Loner in December 2008. After some time spent creating maps of North America, Nikolai sailed back home to Russia.


Nikolai was born to Zaets Russo and Kezia Havok at the beginning in the year, together with his littermates Luka, Jonas, Ruslan, Marika, and Lolita. The family was a complicated one, with the parents constantly feuding about something or other. Surprisingly, Nikolai progressed through his early childhood as an apathetic but earthy youngling, containing a "take-it-as-it-comes" mindset. In the movement of months, however, particularly as his first birthday approached, his behavior began to slowly shift to a normally quiet and introverted nature, though sarcastic and blunt whenever speech was needed. Most of his childhood was spent traveling with his family and the accompanying gypsy band, but even the young Nikolai took little interest in their day-by-day activities and tended to keep to himself. It was at this early age that he was exposed to the vastness of earth (particularly Russian and Europe, in which he was born and traveled around), and began to take an interest in exploring and tracking it. When both his father and brother Luka disappeared from their band rather suddenly, Nikolai remained behind with their mother and the remainder of their family but, as to be expected, the gypsy group gave him little to live for.

[Some stuff happens here, on his own.]

Around the age of eight or nine months, Nikolai snuck his way onto a free passage overseas, having wandered enough of Europe and Russia to satisfy his curiosity. Somehow developing an uncanny enjoyment for cartography, the creature moved slowly throughout lower Canada as he marked down everything he'd seen and created map by map by map, finding information along the way--of course, he knew very little of the area as well as the spoken language there, and such impediments managed to slow his journey to a point. He manages his way into 'Souls territory as a wandering cartographer with a thick Russian accent, simply looking to learn the territory. His intentions of staying were little, but only time may tell.

"I yahm cartographer. Vhat do you theenk I yahm doink?"



See the Russo family for more information


The wolf's pelt is grayscale, in the form of typical timber wolf markings. His eyes are duel-colored: the right is a grayish blue, while the left is a violet blue (his vision is fine, of course). While somewhat on the thin side, this creature is not at all to be considered "weak"; his muscle build is a slim one, but the strength is nonetheless there. In his Luperci form, he is tall and still rather thin, but healthy-looking and seemingly built for agility. His face bears a variation of piercings, customary of the Russo familia: the traditional golden ring in his left eyebrow, as well as several rings and piercings in both ears and lip. Beneath his left eye, a black cross has been tattooed, but its reasoning is kept under lock and key.

In his luperci form, Nikolai stands at a good 6'2", well built and unsurprisingly handsome. His hair is parted at the side, drifting down over his face loosely and contained in a small, scruffy ponytail on the back of his neck. His clothes are simple: a pair of somewhat baggy, dark grey pants and some teeshirt or dark-hued coat worn over. Often times, he also wears a white-and-red striped scarf around his neck.

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