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Sangi'lak was originally founded by Jaden Ohanzee and X'yrin Exultare on June 17th, 2012. X'yrin Exultare and Sequoia Exultare were the final leaders when the pack disbanded on November 3, 2013.


ColoursGrenadier & Coral Reef
Founding LeadersJaden Ohanzee, X'yrin Exultare
Final LeadersX'yrin Exultare, Sequoia Exultare
Founded OnJune 17th, 2012
Defunct OnNovember 3, 2013

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1.  History

1.1  2012

1.2  2013

2.  Families

3.  Culture

Sangi’lak is a pack of Nomad and Inuit influenced wolves that have claimed a portion of the Miramichi Wilderness. Mount Oromocto looms over the communal dens that sit near its base. Most every wolf is expected to stay in these dens to promote Sangi’lak’s strong family-like values while also allowing members an easy place to show off practiced skills and earned trophies. There are two basic ranks; The Even’ules are the pack’s fighters and the Marecks fill most other roles that are necessary. Everyone has their own position and responsibilities to fulfill. Prosperity for fellow pack members is held in the highest interests. This ensures that everyone can be happy and proud of their home while giving plenty of good to record in the pack’s historical text. With values like these instilled deeply into everyday life, Sangi’lak will continue to live with honor and strength for years to come.

The culture of Sangi’lak is derived from two main influences. It is a combination of the Nomad and the Alaskan Inuit-wolf culture presented by its first Alphas, Jaden Ohanzee and X’yrin Exultare. The pack’s main belief is in family, where its heaviest Nomadic similarity shines through. ‘Family Above All Else’ is the most common and accurate saying to depict these beliefs. Most everything from stature to punishment is determined by how a member represents their honorable home and family both within and outside of the pack. And like any family, the power is of the Nomadic culture is balanced at the top. The Alphas have final say over most anything that needs their attention. This is where Inuit-wolf culture and their beliefs in a Council of ‘elders’ or highly respected individuals is presented to balance this power between multiple fair minded canines.

The honorary titles are also an Alaskan touch. The idea here being that honored members of the pack should carry with them a label to show the love and respect they have rightfully earned in their pack. It is a symbol of pride and excellence. Pride in how one contributes to their family is also shown in the ‘uniforms’ that all members are required to keep. Trophies are earned just like titles and can be shown off to let anyone looking on know what the member has done or are capable of within the pack. With contributions to the pack, one’s Family prospers. What better exhibitions of pride and honor than this?

Though essential to the pack as a whole, Sangi’lak does not only value honor. The preservation of the pack takes extreme precedence. Recorded history offers future generations a reflecting point on conflicts and prosperities of the past, while pups born and brought into the family are treated like the treasure they are. There is also a religious belief that comes with such strong ties to Family. It is a belief that those who have passed on will watch over all who still walk the path of life and use their long years of experience to guide their families and loved ones. This is not a mandatory belief, nor are its practices, but simply shows that whether alive or dead, Family will always come first.

3.1  Laws

  • Alpha's Word is Final

If under any circumstances there is a dispute between Family members for any reason, the Alphas' final say goes. This rule does not apply only during Mandatory pack meetings where the voice of the Family is encouraged. Only then does the majority decision became the final say

  • Trespassing is unacceptable

Unless granted permission by an Exalted member or higher, no creature is allowed to trespass onto packland. If a member is found in the company of a stranger on packlands without consent, the member will be subjected to disciplinary action pertaining to their rank and the stranger is to be mercilessly run off from the territory. This law does not apply ONLY if a stranger has crossed the territory to aid a Family member or is seeking sanctuary from danger. In this instance, the stranger will be shadowed by an Esteemed member or higher until their intentions have been assessed.

  • Betrayal Results in Immediate Exile

The Family comes First above all else. This is an indisputable law that must be practiced by all members, even Prospective members. Failure to follow this law is considered a betrayal to the Family as a whole and is viciously dealt with without leniency. While disciplinary action pertaining to rank will be used for smaller violations, greater threats to the pack stability will be dealt with in the form of permanent exile. The Family member is stripped from their rank and their renown is tarnished. They are henceforth considered 'dead' to the Family.

  • Breeding is Restricted

While procreation is a part of life and encouraged to continue one's line, all members are restricted from breeding UNLESS granted Alpha permission. None but the Exalted rank and higher are allowed to breed without permission and even then they are highly encouraged to let the Family know of their intentions. Caring for pups is an important matter and no parent should be set at a disadvantage when caring for their brood. This law is meant to benefit the would-be parents by allowing the Family time to prepare for the coming life by hunting, preparing private caches for the family, and setting up a private area for the mother to care for the pups.

3.2  Current Alliance

  • Bridge with New Dawn

Pack Relationships

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

3.3  Northern Packs


Due to past relationships between one of the leaders of Inferni and Sangi'lak, they are perceived as non-threatening and sociable. No conclusion regarding a trade route has been confirmed.


No impressionable circumstance as lead to decision beyond neutral status.


After events that transpired in the past, the leader SK views Salsola with caution, though no interactions have led to a more definitive status.

New Dawn

Positive interactions and pre-existing friendships have led to a fortuitous alliance between the two groups. In compliance with the alliance, both groups have open borders to each other and follow the rules/customs of the lands they visit.


After the fall of peaceful diplomatic relations, the group is viewed as unfriendly warrants aggression. After continued efforts to dispel the bad air by X'ies Lambda, it was concluded that further attempts were wasted. Friendship remains with a small Vináttan family, but all others are advised to be treated with reciprocating hostile.

3.4  Southern Packs


No strong diplomatic initiatives have been taken yet.

Cour des Miracles

A pre-existing confrontation between one of the leaders of both packs have created an uneasy air, though no efforts have been made to dispel it.

Cercatori d'Arte

Positive trade initiatives have placed them in the Nomads favor. Though no alliance or concrete trade initiative has been made.

Casa di Cavalieri

Existing relationships between the leaders have created a comfortable air between them. However after a mishap between the initial diplomatic introduction, a follow-up initiative is underway to create a positive bridge.

4.  External Links