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Joined 'Souls in April 2019! I am a new high school teacher here in Canada, and just trying to get through this thing called life. I joined 'Souls as a way to get my creative juices flowing. Please feel free to PM me if you ever have any concerns or want to have a thread :)

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  • Slytherin
  • Musician: Saxophone, Piano, Ukulele
  • I have a yorkie poo named Ollie and a leopard gecko named Kiwi
  • Melissa is my roommate ;)

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  • Discord- Ruby#7076

Active Characters

Lyssa Fontaine

The happy, out-going Diplomat of Del Cenere Gang.

Lyssa is a survivalist. During her months alone, she has been able to hone her hunting and tracking skills. She has proven to herself again and again that she is self-sufficient. Never once has she relied on others, and never does she wish to be indebted to others. As well, she believes that she must face all her hardships alone.

Despite this, Lyssa loves to make friends with others. She cares deeply for her friends that she's made, and will do anything to protect them. Her friends have become one of her most important parts of her life.

Jamie O'Neil

The Flirtatious Scotsman of Casa di Cavalieri.

Jamie is a strong-willed male that deeply believes in his own convictions. Almost nothing can stop him from acquiring what he believes is rightfully his. Jamie also believes in taking time to have fun when he's not working, which usually involves flirting with a lady or two. While he is chatty with the ladies, Jamie keeps most of his personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to himself.

Other Characters

Inactive Characters

Dead Characters


Eskasoni Poitier

His mother fled his birthplace with him and his father at a young age after a confrontation about how they practiced their spirituality. Shortly after, he and his mother got split from his father in hope of covering double the ground to find a new home. After months of searching for him, he was never found, his mother saying that he was most likely dead. Raised solely by his mother, the young pup grew up living the words of the Creator and practicing his faith, while also being told stories of his father's acts of heroism.

At six months he had his Naming Ceremony, were he was gifted the name Eskasoni, meaning "where the fir trees are plentiful". Now a man, Eskasoni lived his truth by being one with nature, just like his mother. The two of them were never apart, until one day she said she needed to leave, promising to be back soon after the Lunar eclipse.

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