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  • Location: England
  • Birthday: 25th January 1997

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I'm Jazzy, full-time stalker and part-time daydreamer. I've come and gone with various characters, most of the time leaving because of school or life stress. But, as an 'adult' now, I feel like I've reached a nice life balance where I can fit in 'Souls time comfortably. And hey, this place is too lovely and addictive to keep me away forever. I've gone from big topic studies to now the desire to work with animals and draw, the future is rather open for me, so who knows how it'll go! But, more about the Jazzy hobbies and such:

  • I love drawing, some days I suck others I don't. Comic book drawings are my forte, feel free to look at my ol' Comic book shop for more info there!
  • Anime and Manga is a borderline religion of mine. Two years since starting, it's influenced my imagination, drawing and writing styles a lot, but not in a bad way. If you're a fan of any Anime, feel free to just chat to me about them, since I love to chat.
  • As said, I love to chat, about anything and everything. If you want to just talk randomly, I'm always open for that as well :D
  • I try to remain optimistic and outgoing all the time, so I apologies if my silliness gets annoying for some, but know I try to do and say things with the best intentions of keeping others happy and comfortable.
  • Other than pop, I'm a fan of all music, including Jazz, wouldn't ya know it!



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Inactive Characters

Tristan Callow-Knight

Joker of Casa di Cavalieri

Misfit Yatagarasu

Tiny ball of rage from Japan



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  • Depending on how busy I am with real life, I should be able to reply at at least a medium speed. Some days I'm speedy, others I'm not, just depends on how inspired I am.
  • Note that my slowness doesn't mean I don't want to reply to threads, don't let it damage your confidence in writing, it's just me being a slow bum, promise :)

Ending Threads

  • Ending threads when we reach a point where a stop is comfortable is my preferred choice.
  • However if you want to bring it to a sooner stop, just ask and I'll usually be fine in ending it for us!

Requesting Threads

  • Send me a PM if you're looking to request a thread, I'm usually always open to RP so don't be shy :D


  • Plotting is just lovely, and I love to co-operate a good plot that can lead to more down the line. If you want to plot, again don't be shy.
  • I do tend to think up ideas quite fast, but I'll always confirm with others before going through with them.

General Roleplay Information

IC Interaction

  • So long as it makes sense, and is at least run-by me, I'm fine with powerplaying :)

Mature Material

  • Gore is fine with me, I can handle it and write it to some degree.
  • Language is fine.
  • Sexual details, well... I do kinda suck at them. I'm open for mature threads, but just know I'm not the best, and much prefer fade outs.


  • If it's for unactive characters or other such plots, I don't mind using Lasky :)


  • Be nice to me, and I be nice to you, simple :) Love to chat, love to role-play. I can be a little sensitive to critics, but I promise to accept any complains others have towards me or my writing and work on them :)


MAYBE. (Seriously, I do this soon, I promise >.<)


  • Jazzy is a sweetheart and plays my Tris-baby. Leave her some lovins!!! --Stormie
  • *throws object at Jazzy* ... Have that! :P -- Laura
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