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  1.   1.  Mistfell Vale Adoptables
  2.   2.  Adoptable Rotator
    1.   2.1  Player Owned Adopts

1.  Mistfell Vale Adoptables

Below are all the current adoptables currently within or intended exclusively for Mistfell Vale. Members are free to list their own adoptables here, just make sure to keep the following points in mind!

  • Only characters exclusively intended for or already within Mistfell Vale should be listed on this page.
  • If you aren't comfortable with updating the wiki, post to Mistfell Vale's maintenance thread and we'll add your adoptable(s) to this page for you :D
  • Be sure to either update relevant pages or inform us when the character is adopted.

2.  Adoptable Rotator

For all our player owned and pack owned adopts, we have a rotating banner. To be added to the banner, simply post to our maintenance thread with the adaptables information!

  • By adopting and joining with a normal adoptable, you can earn a grand total of 75 game points!!

To display our general adoptable rotator image, please use the below url:


2.1  Player Owned Adopts

Whimsy Harper / (✉)

Lyric Harper / (✉)

Pipaluk Prior / (✉)

Brom / (ᣲ)

Jesse Germershausen / (ᎌ)

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