Noir Aston

Noir Aston

Noir, by Kiri
Meaning"Black", "Ash tree settlement"
Name OriginFrench
Date of BirthDec 31, 2008
Date of DeathMay 6, 2010
Subspecies82.5% Canis lupus arctos
12.5% Canis lupus lycaon
5% Canis lupus albus
Luperci?Yes (Ortus)
Birth placeAniwaya?
'Souls Profile

Current Pack; Aniwaya

Joining date 2008.12.31
Joining RankAyule
Most Recent RankAyule
Spirit AnimalBluebird


Kinigisdi, Noir and Baby Duck by Libri

Uncle Ho and Noir, by Kiri

Noir Aston was born to Tayui Aston and Haku Soul on December 31, 2008 alongside siblings Claudius Aston, Attila Aston, and Ocèane Aston. She was killed by Eris Lykoi and her father in May 2010.MATURE: [1]


1.1 Early Life

Noir Aston was born to Aniwaya along with three siblings as the first litter born to the freshly founded pack. Although their mother was alone about the responsibility(the biological dad did not even know Tayui had become pregnant after the one night stand) the Aniwaya tribe did its best to support her and the children, especially the first months.

1.2 Kinigisdi

When Noir was around six months of age, there was an accident involving a cow and her recently adopted duckling. The duckling received critical damage from being stepped on, and Noir was upset and feared for the duckling's life. At one point she felt she could no longer look at her (seemingly) dying pet, so she ran away in the hope of also running away from the sorrow. For reasons she did not fully understand the girl did not return home, and continued to wander away from Aniwaya. On the third day she found herself utterly alone in a forest. There was no smell, no sound nor any movement anywhere around her, not even from breeze or the common animal life. Finally a bluebird lands on a spot in front of her and introduces itself as Kinigisdi inside her head. Noir does not immediately understand that it is the bird that is the source of the telepathy, and she fails utterly at realizing that the bird is her spirit guide. She starts to argue with the bird immediately before she takes Kinigisdi's advice and goes home to her hurt pet.

It is first through Aniwaya's tribe leader, Dawali Amara that she realizes what the bird is. However, this fact is not a welcome one. Because of Noir's lighthearted and naive nature yet short temper, she finds Kinigisdi more annoying than anything else, although she usually follows the spirit's advice eventually and reluctantly.


Noir is the manifestation of love and innocence, without a trace of immorality in her. She is a social butterfly that brings colour to those around her and does her best to create joy wherever she goes. As a child, she was often seen carrying around on a faded pink octopus plushie; Toefur.




Honoré Bélanger (Uncle Ho)

Honoré and Noir met in Spring 2009 back when Noir was about three to four months old. They quickly managed to not get along at all because of the nature of their first meeting. Basically this was because Noir was almost stepped on by Honoré as he was practicing his catwalk poses and Noir found him guilty at having a large bum. Later in that same meeting he also picked her up and ran away from a hatching snake egg (or 'magic rock', as Noir saw it) before she could play mommy and baby with it. However, the next times they were to meet each other, they began to get along extremely well, and it has resulted in an almost unnaturally strong friendship despite their constant arguments and extremely odd adventures.


Cow because he is a monster!



As a child and youth, Noir Aston's fur was mainly draped in a rich blonde hue, but as she has grown up to become a young woman her fur has faded to become mostly white like the coat of most Astons, and only has pale blond traces on her back scattered here and there. Her eyes are a striking gold colour.