Lilith Kimaris

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  • Date of Birth: 15 December 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Pack: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Rank: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • cNPC: Samael Lykoi
  • NPC:
    • Tlacatecolotl, Azteca horse
    • Metztli, Raven
  • Birth Name: Cherith Kimaris
  • Meaning: "cutting; piercing; slaying"; "66th demon"
  • Alias: Lilith Kimaris
  • Title: The Carnal Princess

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    1.   1.1  Speech
  2.   2.  Appearance
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Family
    1.   4.1  Lykoi + Kimaris
  5.   5.  History

by Sie

Lilith is the daughter of Chanath Kimaris and Samael Lykoi. She is a coy-wolf-dog hybrid, born into Eterne.

1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

  • Speaks Spanish and English. Deep, throaty voice with an accent.

2.  Appearance

  • Tan (#CDB77E) -- primary body color
  • Equator (#DEB960) -- streaked throughout fur on arms, sides, back
  • Albescent White (#F6ECD3) -- muzzle, throat, inside of ears, belly, toes
  • West Coast (#6B521A) -- muzzle
  • Zeus (#231F1C) -- ears, tail-tip, saddle, optime hair
  • Ronchi (#E9BA4E) -- eyes

3.  Personality

Fond of cruelty and sadism. She strongly believes in magic, spirits, and curses, and is very spiritual.

4.  Family

4.1  Lykoi + Kimaris

5.  History

Born in Eterne, Lilith and her siblings were rejected days after birth by their mother. They were left with their grandmother, who wasn't any more pleased about their birth than their mother was. Raised among the other children of Tlantli, it was quite clear that they were not equal. They are made to know from birth that their mother is Chanath, not Tlantli, and that they are Sangre Principe. They are not eligible for succession. In their first summer, her brother and sister set out to find their mother. Lilith set out as well on her own, though she isn't as concerned with finding the woman who abandoned them as the others are. She ends up running into their birth father instead, and Samael takes her under his wing.


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