Apostate Malebolge

Apostate is a son of Ravesque Acidic, born in the secluded and small cult of Whispers.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
  4.   4.  Appearance
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Name Meaninga person who forsakes his religion, pack, etc.; acid-forming
Name OriginGreek apostates; word acid + suffix ic
Date of BirthJuly 6th, 2009
Species100% Canis lupus ortus
Birth placeWhisper Springs, Ontario
Going toAnathema

'Souls Profile


Cult of Whispers

StatusLost Child of the High Priestess


1.  History

Apostate, like his siblings, was born to the High Priestess of a small, neighboring group while Ravesque was living in the New Brunswick cult. Named for those people who turn their backs on their religion, it was no surprise to the group that Apostate left when he was able in order to pursue a more fulfilling destiny for himself. It's unsure what he did on his journey, but he returned a year later to find his mother dethroned by his sister, Scripture. Infuriated that she would have such gall as to subvert their mother, Apostate murdered Scripture with the help of his only brother, Hierophant — this effectively replaced Simony Malebolge as High Priestess, though the pair were forced out of the group by outraged members. With the blessing of their mother, they decided to search for their father, with only the stories told by their mother to guide them from their home.

2.  Personality

Having left the cult for nearly a year, Apostate's mind is far different than that of his siblings'. Though he still believes himself to be the son of Covenant, he's adopted more passive beliefs in place of the aggressive, dark beliefs of the cult itself. Nature is seen to be a conduit of Covenant and the Heresiarch, and certain natural disasters are believed to be signs from his Gods that the world is wrong (not necessarily him, but the world itself). It's with this belief that he will sometimes undertake a 'cleansing' after particularly serious disasters — meaning he tries to kill everyone negatively affected by it. This isn't always true, however. More often than not, Apostate is quiet-but-personable, and speaks for his siblings when they won't speak for themselves.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

4.1  General

Similar to Vainglory, Apostate is not a typically dark-furred wolf; he still bears the marks of Covenant (dark patches of fur along his back and face), but has a body covered in leather-coloured (#97785c) fur. This leather base colour is broken up by dove gray (#706768) and cod gray (#1e1e1e). The former makes up a patch that starts just under his chin and extends slightly over his stomach, one sock on each leg, the underside of his tail and a mask to his face. The latter colors his ears, a blanket across his back, the upper side of his tail and a mask that sets outside of the gray mask. His eyes are bright red (#a80000).

4.2  Forms

Lupus (H.35in. — W.100lbs.)

Similar in size to his older brother, Apostate lacks much of Hierophant's extra muscle, as he spent months outside of the cult finding himself. His body is toned and long, larger and stronger looking than both of his sisters, and has a distinctly masculine cast to it. His fur is fairly even-lengthed, though it feathers subtly at the backs of his limbs. He carries himself with a masculine swagger. Usage: Apostate utilizes this form about the same as he utilizes his Secui form, believing that he was born on four legs and should therefore use them, as Covenant and the Heresiarch desire it.

Secui (H.44 — W.215lbs.)

Optime (H.82in. — W.270lbs.)

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