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If you have any ideas for what should be included in the wiki, feel free to suggest it here! Try to mirror the discussion page like a discussion page on Wikipedia, sans the ALLCAPS.

1.  Merge?

Should we merge all the sub-territories so they are within a main territory page? Rather than having a page for Drifter Bay and one for Sunflower Sunsets, would it make more sense to have it so Sunflower Sunsets is within Drifter Bay? - Tammi

Hmm, I don't know. Personally, I kind of like the way that it is set up now on the Territories page because I think that specifies whether or not a territory is within a territory. - Akumu
Now that you mention it, I agree. I like them as they are. P: Tammi
I would like to gravedig the hell out of this discussion. XD Can we at least merge the old territories' subterritories into their primary territories? :O I agree that I like it the way it is for present territories, but for the old ones, maybemaybe? :o sie May 11, 2010, at 05:40 AM EST]
That could work. And any links to the subterritories would easily redirect to the main ones, since you can redirect to titles (eg: Areas/MountAlusia#toc3). :3 Tammi May 11, 2010, at 07:57 PM EST
Ah, actually, semi-related point... with the anchor links, is there any way to make them more, um, permanent? For example, if you shift around your headings or whatever or add more, your table of contents changes, and so your toc-based anchor links might go out of date. :o But okay! I will work on zhis areas page. :3 sie May 18, 2010, at 02:54 AM EST]

2.  New Pack Boxes

Just a note that the packs have new boxes. I had been meaning to organize them for a while, so I redid everything to the best of my knowledge! Please fix any errors you see. :3 - Tammi

3.  Went Nuts (20JUN09)

I went crazy over the last couple of hours and put a lot of older junk that I remembered down, but I was looking at the character page and I think it looks kind of cluttered?! I don't want to mess too much, so I figured I'd ask first and get ideas on how it might be organized first. :D Sie

  • (24JUN09) AKSJDKASD. LAST NIGHT I went through a ton of the Ezboard archives, and THIS MORNING I go onto the ezboard and it's upgraded to Yuku and NONE of my links work. FML. Sie
  • (01AUG09 Apparently, they updated the system so now the Ezboard links do work. Hooray! I am not useless. xD Sie
    Hmm, the character outline? Yeah, I agree, it is very busy; hence the necessity for a bigger and smaller one. I wanted to give everyone some options and ideas to go with, but made a shorter one that's more easily edited. I guess we could condense them into two and let people organize them however they like? :o I'm cool with removing the extraneous stuff, but we could always sort of "hide" the detailed profile through a link on the shorter one? Idk. XD I don't really mind either way! :O Tammi
    Oh, no! Not the profile pages themselves. Those look wonderful. ^___^ I meant the actual list of characters--I was trying to think of a better way to separate them other than Active/Inactive/Deceased since the inactive list is like, 5,000 times longer than the other two. XD Sie
    Oh, yeah. D; We could probably link to the categories... if every character had categories added when they are made... Otherwise, we could divide it semi-alphabetically? Put active at the top and others below? Not sure. 8c Tammi September 01, 2009, at 12:20 AM EST


WE MUST! I really want to get the Recent Game History up to date, and I've started by adding a bit of information. It would be rockin' if everyone could add in important events that they remember happening or that are currently happening! :D Tammi


HEY GAIZE, check this out: ! WE HAZ STUBS. These are articles that are especially short or especially lacking in informative content that need some work, so... uh, HAVE AT THEM, PLEASE? :3 To remove or add an article from the stub category, just remove or add the formatting at the very bottom of the page:


You can also add a page to the Skeletons category if you'd like. The Skeletons category is intended to convey important articles that are severely lacking or altogether blank... essentially, higher-priority Stubs? :p Marit nixed the Skeletons category on March 18th, 2011

6.  Re: Summer, and the unknown puppies

Okay, "Lucifer Kamots" is Lucifer Sawtooth, I am pretty sure. This thread seems to imply they were all fathered by Noah, but never played. :O - Tammi

So, there were three characters, then: Noah Sawtoothson, the father, Noah Sawtooth the son, and Lucifer Sawtooth the son? >_o I am confuuuuused. - Sie
Summer x Noah Sawtoothson = Lucifer Sawtooth, I do believe. I think you got two Noah's in there. XD - Tammi
Ohhhh. So Noah Sawtoothson = Noah Sawtooth, then? They ARE the same character? :x FORGIVE ME I AM DUMB. :D - Sie
It looks like it. This thread implies that Noah was from a pack named Sawtooth, and was named Sawoothson. :O But I remember we always used to get who had the "son" in their name -- Noah or Lucifer, and when we first started the wiki articles, I think we had "Lucifer Sawtoothson", but it was wrong. SO YES. Only one Noah and he is the father of Lucifer. XD - Tammi
I do say old chap, most excellent detective work! XD <3 I do remember the confusion about -son but I thought it was in relation to Noah and his son, also named Noah. :p HURRDURR. At least Tammi is here to save the dayyyy! Sie

7.  "Unnamed" puppies

Hay, if there are multiple dead "Unnamed" puppies in the Families pages, could we just have something like "Unnamed x3" or "Unnamed x5" so we don't have huge lists of dead litters? XD The Sadira has a few, and it seems silly to strike through every single one! :O Thoughts? — Tammi

I personally like them with all of the deadlings listed out, but I agree, it does seem to be a little unnecessary. :< The only spot I found it was kinda... uh, informative, I guess, would be for the Kae + Astaroth litter, where I was able to go back and look at the thread and determine the birth order (and therefore include the stillborns where they were born, rather than tacking them on at the end). However, I doubt that is feasible for many of these litters. o_o And, also for like, the Kae x Kairo litters--those are all unnamed + stillborn, so they could definitely combined to Unnamed x n. But if the player is able to determine birth order or if the stillborns were actually named, we could still list them? :D sie March 25, 2010, at 05:48 PM EST]]
If they have names, that should be fine. :o I was just thinking for stillborn litters that only need to be noted as stillborns and have no names. :3 Even if the stillborns had a birth order, but no names, they're interchangeable from other folks' points of view anyways. :O But yeah, combining unnamed litters would be good, especially for the older ones that happened a while back! x__x — Tammi

8.  Characters page

Sorry if I'm not bringing this up right, but I was thinking that the characters page looked cluttered. Would anyone object to a separate page for current characters, inactive, dead, and npc/other characters? I'd make it happen, even... I'd just go ahead an do it, but I want to be sure it's okay first. Vannah

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