Morana Kreskes

Morana Kreskes

Morana, by Sie
Age3 years
Subspecies50% Northeastern Coyote
25% Northern Coyote[<<]]25% Eastern Timber Wolf



  • Born in southern Maine to a pair of Loner coyotes. Morana was the only one of her litter to remain behind; her brothers and sister all departed when they were roughly a year old. Morana, on the other hand, remained with her parents to help raise the next year's litter, intending to move along thereafter.
  • When Morana's parents gave birth, her mother died from her exertions, weakened by illness. Her father almost immediately abandons the litter to Morana, who struggles to keep them alive. Only her sister, Ziva, survives of the six-child litter.
  • Morana and Ziva stumble upon Freetown and settle down, spending most of their time hunting and trading simple natural wares. They refine their Luperci skills; while Morana's parents were avid adopters of any human technology, their rural location and lack of contact with other canines made their passions difficult.
  • Ziva eventually ceases hunting and begins brawling with other canines. She would have become wealthy through her endeavors, but also chose to engage in a number of behaviors which kept her from amassing any decent stores of trade goods. Morana and Ziva eventually have to flee Freetown thanks to debts and poor repute incurred by Ziva. While Morana is upset with her sister, she decides to stick by her.
  • The pair stumble across Eris Eternity in the Amherst area and are invited to join Salsola on April 11, 2012.


Morana is devoted to her little sister. She is quiet and reserved, but dedicated. While she is not incredibly bright, Morana is physically strong, built in the manner of the northerly coyotes in her blood.


Morana is deep brown in coloration, with black covering her shoulders and the tip of her tail. Her eyes are pale, warm silver. She is heavily-built, and stands tall for a coyote.

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