Ziva Kreskes

Ziva Kreskes

Ziva, by Sie
Age1.4 years
Subspecies50% Northeastern Coyote
25% Northern Coyote
25% Eastern Timber Wolf



  • Born in southern Maine to a pair of Loner coyotes. Ziva's mother died in childbirth, weakened by illness, and her father almost immediately abandoned the litter to Morana Kreskes, Ziva's older sister. Morana struggled to keep her six younger siblings alive, but only Ziva survives.
  • Morana and Ziva stumble upon Freetown and settle down, spending most of their time hunting and trading simple natural wares. They refine their Luperci skills; while Morana's parents were avid adopters of any human technology, their rural location and lack of contact with other canines made their passions difficult.
  • Ziva eventually ceases hunting and begins brawling with other canines. She would have become wealthy through her endeavors, but also chose to engage in a number of behaviors which kept her from amassing any decent stores of trade goods. Morana and Ziva eventually have to flee Freetown thanks to debts and poor repute incurred by Ziva. While Morana is upset with her sister, she decides to stick by her.
  • The pair stumble across Eris Eternity in the Amherst area and are invited to join Salsola on April 11, 2012.


Ziva is the polar opposite of her sister: loud, rambunctious, and outgoing, she is brilliantly smart and manipulative. She is smaller than her sister, standing more than seven inches shorter in Optime form, and not built nearly as thickly. Nevertheless, in Freetown she learned to fight, capitalizing on her smallness and speediness against larger opponents.


Ziva is chestnut brown in appearance, with darker grays along her shoulders and the tip of her tail. Her face is pale gray, and her eyes are very dark gray, nearly black. She is fearsomely scarred, and bears each one with immense pride.

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