Miriette morte dre Soul

Miriette morte dre Soul

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PlayerFrost, Shannon
Name Meaning"-----", "death of soul"
Name OriginFrench
Date of BirthMay 7, 2008
Age> 2 years
Subspecies50% Canis latrans thamnos
50% Canis lupis lycaon
ParentsJefferson Soul & Aurélie Vie D'Esprit
Current packPhoenix Valley
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Phoenix Valley

Joining date----
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"Miriette morte dre Soul" is the only daughter of Jefferson Soul and Aurélie Vie D'Esprit, the middle child and a product of rape along with her brothers Gaël and Heath.

Miriette discovered Jefferson to be leading Phoenix Valley and eagerly joined the pack to spy on him without his knowledge of their relation. Gaël and Heath spent time as loners; Gaël briefly joined Inferni but later left, while Heath joined Cour des Miracles, where he still ranks. The three siblings did confront Jefferson and reveal their plot, but not long after they dispersed. Miriette spent a brief amount of time in Phoenix Valley where she mildly warmed up to her father, then disappeared very suddenly.

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1.  'Souls History

During the tail-end of his long period of absolute madness, Maluki Soul (later Jefferson) found, overcame, and raped fellow halfling Aurélie Vie D'Esprit. A few months later, she gave birth to Miriette and her siblings (the youngest, Gratien, was stillborn). The three living siblings were raised by their mother and her mate, Thomas, (despite how angry he was with the whole situation) in their francophone pack, Aube de Musique. All three siblings were raised French and, despite their horrible origination, were raised accepted and loved by the rest of the pack.

At two months old, Thomas gets into a serious fight with a lone wolf and, shortly after managing to return to his packlands, dies of his wounds and blood loss. As a result, the pups do not have very much memory of him, other than that he had never been especially fond or close to them. Thomas claimed to have killed the pups' actual father, having recognized him from his mate's descriptions--but a couple months later, Aurélie spots Maluki (then Jefferson, whose madness had ended and was now sane and did not know or recognize Aurélie whatsoever) wandering the Aube de Musique packlands aimlessly but straying close to her den. She leaves her children in the den nearby and attacks him out of spite and revenge, but unfortunately loses and is killed. All three pups witness her death from afar and are emotionally scarred, remembering the killer only as a one-eyed wolf with a thousand scars that very promptly meandered away thereafter.

Raised with her siblings in Aube de Musique by other pack members from then on, the triplets left their home a few months before their first birthday in search of their father, the scarred-eye Maluki, and didn't turn back.

Immediately, the fiery chocolate female set into making a plan to find and destroy her father, manipulating anyone she believed might have information on the man with crooked and... wiley methods. She met and became intrigued with the bloodthirsty wolf Viking Sigurdr, and spent a period of time plotting Maluki's violent, bloody demise with the viking like luperci. She also asked him to train her in the methods of combat, which he silently agreed to. They developed a special... bond of sorts, though Viking never spoke much during their training sessions, instead simply showing her what she asked him to. After a short time training with the massive wolf, Miriette departed, having learned all she felt she needed from the powerful brute.

She later met up with her siblings again in 'Souls territory, before the trio split once again to attempt to make lives for themselves as they continued their search for the scarred male that was their father. Miriette discovered Jefferson was leading Phoenix Valley, and eagerly joined the pack to spy on him without his knowledge of their relation. Gaël and Heath spent time as loners; Gaël briefly joined Inferni but later left, while Heath joined Cour des Miracles, where he still ranks. The three siblings did confront Jefferson and reveal their plot, but not long after they dispersed. Miriette spent a brief amount of time in Phoenix Valley where she mildly warmed up to her father, then disappeared very suddenly to do some soul-searching.

Did she really want to get to know her father? To feel like she had a parent that actually cared after her mother was killed? Could she ever completely forgive Jefferson for that fateful eve, when he murdered her mother right before her very eyes? Days turned into weeks, and then into months. Miri found herself leaving all together, traveling south and settling just outside of 'Souls terra as she contemplated her decisions. That once prevalent bloodlust was gone, no longer pressing her to kill the gimpy, scar-covered male.

2.  Personality

2.1  Initially

Unlike her siblings—the very reserved Gaël and resentful Heath (when it came to their father)— Miriette was manipulative, crooked, and hot-blooded in her plotting against her father.

Control. This doesn't mean she is controlling, oh no. All it means is that Miriette is an alpha dog, liable to take no one's shit and run her life the way she damn well wants to. Resolute and headstrong, Miri hates to be told no, or that she cannot accomplish something for any reason. If she wants to, she will, if she must, she does. Vastly independent, she pursues everything she wants with a determined, blazing attitude and a forward sort of cleverness- if she were to kill someone, it likely wouldn’t be in a quiet manner- poisons don’t fit this hot-blooded lady, but subtly dropping someone off a cliff does. There is no place for arrogance or pomp in her straightforward manner, and there is no room for excess of authority- there is merely the direct path to what she requires.

Passion. A passionate, fiery woman, Miriette is full of life and life opinion. She has something to say about everything, and usually does so- though she is well aware of when and where is the most appropriate to say it. Even when up against those who she cannot afford to offend she is highly assertive, but tempered by charisma. Unpredictable and wily, Miriette enjoys having fun sometimes at the expense of others, but she exhibits moral behaviors and is not all-out evil in any shape or form. She is objective, logical, and hates wasting time. If it makes sense, she's all for it… but just because was never good enough to make her move in the slightest. Miri strives for perfection- “Failure is not an Option,” is more than just a military mantra for this woman- it’s a way of life. She willingly criticizes to provoke improvement- everything could be better, after all.

Respect. She isn't entirely made of tempered, unfeeling iron, however. That passionate front harbors a certain appreciation for honesty and a relaxed respect for gentle souls- particularly young children. If she deems someone unworthy of disrespect or punishment, she will step in and intervene, though this does not necessarily make her friends with or bound to protect that other person. She is adept at laying aside her true feelings and working with those she absolutely must- though side comments have a nasty habit of rolling off her tongue during breaks. She is terribly charismatic and seems to always know what to say in every circumstance. She is very comfortable in the social setting and very comfortable with herself, so she rarely worries. She plans for the just-in-case, but there is no point in worrying about what you have no control over- even if you wish you could control it.

2.2  Later

Her time in Phoenix Valley led to a calmer demeanor around her father. She seemed to have lost the bloodlust that so ran her revenge schemes, and decidedly relaxed in terms of her villainous attempts to plot against her father's life.

Control. Her will to live her life the way she damn well wants to did not change, and she still will take no one's shit. If she wants to, she will, if she must, she does. Stubborn as ever, Miri abhors that particular two letter negative just as she did before, but she's less likely to lash out in response to it. She matured into a more (or at least, more than before) accepting person, taking criticism with a grain of salt instead of with a grudge and plots against lives. Still vastly independent, however, Miriette would rather die than ask for help on most occasions- but will offer assistance (if in her own way...) to anyone that may require it. Her temper has slipped under this header as well- she's far more able to control that passionate temper than she was before... though she is no less fiery.

Passion. Just as before, Miri can be shown as a passionate, fiery woman, bursting with life. She has grown better at picking her battles, and tends to be more relaxed these days rather than blowing up at someone simply for being in her bubble. Still the alpha dog, however, Miriette can and will revert back to her hot-blooded past if provoked, the calmly simmering volcano exploding into a boiling flow. Just as wily as before, but a bit less unpredictable, Miri finds fewer things to be a waste of time and even fewer to be illogical. She's grown to understand situations, though her takes on them aren't always... empathetic. A good prank never eludes the chocolate lady either, and no longer does she require absolute perfection to let things go. She still criticizes like a champ, ever the tell it like it is type of female, but she's grown to be far more subtle about it than before.

Respect. She still feels certain appreciation for honesty and a relaxed respect for gentle souls, and absolutely adores children, determined to have a few whelps of her own soon. That righteous will to intervene in uncalled for discipline still rocks strong among her morals, and she can now work with those she dislikes with little to no snide comments. Confidence and charisma exude from her, but maturity has given her more humility to wield it with. She still finds plenty of comfort in social settings and in herself, but she has found herself worrying. These are not small matters that she worries about, but, unlike before, even if she has no control over them, she worries.

2.3  Currently

(To be added after some threads and getting the feel for her.)

3.  Family

Please see the Sadira or the Soul family pages for more information.

4.  Notable Relationships

4.1  Jefferson Soul

Her estranged Father. (More to be added after some threads with Jefferson.)

4.2  Viking Sigurdr

The man she almost believed she loved... (More to be added after some threads with 'King.)



5.  Lifestyle & Behavior

Miriette is a free spirit, treading her own path however she sees fit. Forward and disconcerting, it tends to be a little difficult for her to work out a suitable staying place with someone else, but this is not to say she is incapable of living with others.

5.1  Residence

Upon rearrival in Phoenix Valley, Miriette will either locate and complete her treehouse project or pick out one of the vacant cabins on the lands themselves and call it her new home.

5.2  Hobbies

Miri enjoys... playtime, among other things. Her usual hobbies include leatherworking or herb hunting, and she quite enjoys a long swim every now and then.

5.3  Habits

Her day tends to begin with waking up in whatever tree or cave she procured for the evening, finding her way out to a meadow, and practicing her hand to hand combat. She has a sword somewhere (exactly where she left it hasn't been determined), and once she retrieves it will likely begin sword practice at this time instead. Following her regiment, she leaves to hunt for awhile, and after four to five hours if she hasn't caught anything, Miri spends the rest of the day goofing off. If she has captured some unwary prey, she instead proceeds to skin and cook the creature to eat or store away in her satchel.

5.4  Substances

Miriette is no stranger to substances like Marijuana and Alcohol, but she doesn't tend to carry any on her, a bit of a bother when she's feeling the need for some.

6.  Abilities

6.1  Skills

A jack- or perhaps jill- of-all-trades, Miri dabbles in everything from tannery to herbal remedies, though her pride lies mostly in leatherwork. She has a talent for carving intricate patterns into animal skins and leathers, lending to some startlingly intriguing pieces. A good example of one would be the leather bracelet she wears around her right wrist on a regular basis.


She is slim, lightweight- a quick, precise machine capable of reaching points of death before her own form can be touched. She is essentially a good kiting canine.


Being built for speed and intelligent maneuvering, she is not the strongest, nor the largest animal around, and likely could be taken out with a single well-placed swipe- if she could be caught.

7.  Appearance

Miriette is one of the resultant whelps of a 75%/25% hybrid Wolf male and a 100% purebred Coyote female. Her brother, Gaël, took after their father's side, growing to be far larger than either herself or her younger sibling, Heath, while Heath grew to a moderate, expectant size for their hybridization. Miriette vastly takes after her mother in her build, and could be easily mistaken for a Coyote in lupus form if she didn't display a wider snout and larger skull than a purebred Coyote. Her pelt is a mottled set of colors nearly matching that of her father's, with a chocolatey base dappled by the prevalent grey exhibited by her brothers. Underbelly and facial mask are a creamy off-white, and might be mistaken for a shade of grey were it not mixed with a fleshy hue similar to Jefferson's. Her eyes are silvery blue, a surprising contrast to her siblings' green and gold gazes, but like her brothers' is marked beneath the lower lid by a curved golden hue, outlined by a grey to match her elder brother's pelt. Miriette also has a pretty decent Québecois-esque accent when speaking English.

Image by Frost.


  • Height 22 in (56 cm)
  • Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
  • Length 58 in. (147.3 cm)


  • Height 33 in (84 cm)
  • Weight 145 lbs (66 kg)
  • Length 43 in. (109.2 cm)


  • Height 5 ft 6 in (162 cm)
  • Weight 155 lbs (70 kg)