Fella is the adopted son of Sky Rhiannon, whom he resides with in Vinátta. He is a Canadian lynx.

Fella Katruk

by Sky



NPC of Sky Rhiannon


Date of Birth

23 October 2011





English Slang
Ukranian Surname




Birth place



100% Lynx canadensis


Current pack Vinatta
Current rank Unranked


Pack Ranks
New Dawn (II)
23 Apr 2012 - 27 Nov 2012
Cercatori d'Arte (I)
16 Nov 2011 - 20 Apr 2012

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    1.   1.1  Modifications and Accessories
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
  4.   4.  Family: Katruk
  5.   5.  History

1.  Appearance

Your typical Canadian lynx. Thick fur covers him entirely, tabby speckled grayish-brown with highlights of cream and dust. He's built small but rugged, with copper colored eyes and tufted ears.

  • 24 Inches Tall
  • 38 Pounds Heavy
  • 45 Inches Long + 6 Inch Long Tail
  • Copper Eyes
  • Dust & Gray Fur
  • Cream & Brown Markings

1.1  Modifications and Accessories

  • Leather Collar - Decorated with a weathered Frithr charm.

2.  Personality

Sarcastic to a fault, Fella often comes off as uncaring and crude. He is quite prideful and often thinks himself higher than your average house cat- being that he's a lynx. A wild cat. Fella is usually blunt and to the point, skirting long explanations and tuning out people if they prattle or rant for too long. A short attention span often leads to Fella failing to communicate well with others, despite his best efforts.

3.  Relationships

  • Shawchert Menue - A sort of father figure, but not really. Fella enjoys his company-- and the silence that comes with it.
  • Taliesin dir Rhiannon - He's no longer quite as fond of Taliesin as he once was. He considers him a 'traitor' to the family.
  • Skye Collins - Let's not talk about his opinion of Miss Collins.

4.  Family: Katruk

Adoptive Family

Biological Family

5.  History

When his mother was killed off by infection, Fella and his sister were left orphaned at just two months. Sky Rhiannon and happened upon them just in time. While Eris took his sister home, he went with Sky, who adopted him as her own son prior to having her own children. Fella grew up knowing only the life his mother lived- one of celebrations and canine society. As such, growing up, he rarely acted the part of 'feline counterpart'. He believed Sky to rightfully be his mother, and took to calling her as such.

After a series of unfortunate events collapsed his family's happy life, Sky brought Fella, Lena and Cody away from it all. They left Cercatori d'Arte and eventually settled in New Dawn, where his mother went on to live a life of wolves. During this time, Fella spent a lot of time on his own, getting in touch with his own species and learning how to, sometimes, be a wild cat.

When Sky made the decision to leave New Dawn, he followed close behind with Cody and Shawchert. The trio moved into Vinátta and while Cody eventually moved out of their mother's home there, Fella remained to this day- always watchful of his mother wolf.

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