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'Souls RPG has an extremely detailed and rich history with no place in the forums or RP Guide. The Wiki was created to house lots of the miscellaneous and non-essential information that could not fit elsewhere on-site.

Players of 'Souls can read up on former packs, characters, site history, and a myriad of other things. There are many dusty corners to explore on the 'Souls Wiki, and many of them can help you create a character, get your adoptable adopted, and even roleplay better!

Better than that, though, all current and former 'Souls members may update and edit the Wiki! Make your mark on 'Souls and make sure your characters and plots are remembered for the next ten years of 'Souls history!

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  1. Wiki Forum: Keep this link handy! If you get stuck or you want to discuss the Wiki, here's where you do it! Please note that this forum is only visible to current and former members and only OOC accounts can post/reply.
  2. Login: 9/21/2020: For the time being, you can use your OOC name as the login and log in with the communal password, listed in the Wiki Forum intro (under "Editing").
  3. Wiki Guidelines: Make sure to read the Guidelines! Refer back to them from time to time, please.
  4. Basic Editing: Once you've read our Guidelines, learn PmWiki basics. It's not too hard!
  5. Create Your First Page: Ready? GO!
  6. Page Templates: Various page templates -- please use them!
  7. Documentation Index: Ready for advanced Wiki coding?

Complete Editing Guidelines

See the Wiki Guidelines for the complete 'Souls Wiki Guidelines.


Check the Wiki Forum! It includes a helpful FAQ, and you can ask questions if you're lost.

Essential Editing Guidelines

  1. Do not make heavy edits to other players' pages without permission! This includes Character pages, NPC pages, Player pages, and some Family pages. In most cases, small fixes for typos, broken links, and other minor items are okay, but use your best judgment, and always double-check with the player if you're unsure!
  2. If you find something that's broken, inaccurate, or otherwise outdated -- update it! The Wiki is meant to be edited by all members. All contributions are appreciated.
  3. When editing, please include your Players page name in the Author field. Including notes about what you edited is also a good idea, especially when considering general pages.
  4. Do not embed counters, flash, JavaScript, clickable adoptable game icons, or other fancy/flashy baubles to Wiki pages.
  5. Do not over-format pages. A wiki should be easy to read and to edit, and overly decorative formatting makes both difficult.
  6. Use templates where applicable. It's okay to modify things, but your page should not be radically different from other similar pages.
  7. Please adhere to the guidelines of each section.
  8. Adding relevant images is awesome! Make sure your images are either Creative Commons, stock photos, public domain, or that you otherwise have permission to use them; note attributions when necessary.
  9. You may make minor changes to main category pages (e.g., the Areas page -- fixing a typo, adding a new territory, etc.). If you want to make major changes (e.g., formatting or page layout changes), please ask first.
  10. Avoid deleting pages if possible. Redirect them instead!
  11. Wiki vandalism and intentionally malicious edits will not be tolerated. Get ready to have your editing privileges revoked.


Please note: the templates are bases for you to use and do not need to be used verbatim. Modify them as you like; just remember: the Wiki is meant to facilitate easy reading and easy editing. Remember the Wiki Guidelines!

Major Page Templates

Character Templates

  • Historical (Non-Repsonsive) (Show)

Other Templates

Wiki Updates

  • PmWiki updated to 2.3.24. PHP updated to 8.1.
    Kiri June 27, 2023
  • 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% div options added for responsive tables
    Kiri March 30, 2021
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