Ani Waya Diplomacy And Breeding Initiative

The Diplomacy and Breeding Initiative was held in February 2016 by AniWaya in an attempt to improve diplomatic relations with other packs.

Following the success of the Mature Green Corn Festival, Claudius decided to continue the initiative and improve AniWaya's relations with nearby packs. For the month of December, all members of AniWaya are encouraged to meet packmembers from other packs and establish diplomatic relations if they do not exist or continue the relationship if they do. AniWaya is also interested in working with other packs to breed their animals and expand our stock.

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  1.   1.  Existing Relations
  2.   2.  How it Works
  3.   3.  Timeline

1.  Existing Relations

Diplomatic Relations: All of AniWaya's diplomatic relations with other packs can be found on its Wiki page. Note that as of January 19, 2016, AniWaya has asked Anathema to keep their distance and has cut off diplomatic ties with the pack in retaliation for the disbandment of New Dawn.

Trade Relations: AniWaya does not have any ongoing trade relations with any other packs. AniWaya has in the past traded with Salsola; they are the most likely opportunity for an ongoing trade relationship.

Breeding Relations: AniWaya is currently pursuing the following breeding relations:

Members of AniWaya can generally be aware of Cody's pursuits. Also note Cody is an NPC.

2.  How it Works

To participate, start a thread using one of the following thread prompts:

  • Journey to a neighbouring pack and meet with an Ambassador or Advisor (or similar rank or co-rank) to establish diplomatic relations. If they already exist, further the relations; get to know more about the
  • Trade relations: speak with a member of a pack to establish trading relations. Identify needed goods within the pack and propose goods for trade. See the Storage section of the Stables & Storage Wiki page for information on what items can be traded. You may also utilize your character's skills to trade labour or produced goods.
  • Breeding relation: speak with a member of a pack to inquire about establishing a breeding program. See the Stables section of the Stables & Storage Wiki page for information on which animals could be bred.

3.  Timeline

  • I went down among the dust and pollen (9 Feb): Vicira Tears journeys to AniWaya from Inferni to discuss a horse breeding program with AniWaya. Gemma Tlvdatsi greets her.
  • I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind (9 Feb): Kin Collins visits AniWaya to trade. Fayne greets her.
  • Another trip around the moon (10 Feb): Ardoise and Leonardo Auditore come to AniWaya from Sapient to discuss a trading relationship between the two packs.
  • A cold sweat hot-headed believer (20 Feb): Kin Collins returns to AniWaya and trades with Gemma Tlvdatsi.
  • We'll be counting stars (1 Mar): Gemma Tlvdatsi arrives in Krokar, performs her fire dance for the Krokar pack, and answers any and all questions about AW's culture and way of life, it's history and Spirit Guides.
  • Shine a light through an open door (2 Mar): Eliza Cormier gives Gemma Tlvdatsi a tour of Krokar and learns more of KR's lifestyle and beliefs.
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