Suhra' Almanzil

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A group of jackals far from their native homelands. They chose to settle in the Mojave Desert and take over about ten square miles. Known as the Jamieat Jakaliz.

Caravans of traders from the Jamieat travel to the west coast or to the eastern trading ports.

Suhra' Almanzil



Statistics & Foundation

Primary Map


  • Foundation: ~1995
  • Species: Jackal (80%) Various dogs, wolves, coyotes, and hybrids (20%)
  • Population: ~x (x%+ Luperci)
  • Leader: someone

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  1.   1.  Essentials
    1.   1.1  Geography
    2.   1.2  Climate
    3.   1.3  Flora and Fauna
  2.   2.  Culture
    1.   2.1  Species
    2.   2.2  Outsider Relations & Travel
  3.   3.  Structure
    1.   3.1  Ranks
    2.   3.2  Law & Justice
  4.   4.  Religion
  5.   5.  Significant Families
    1.   5.1  Family Name
  6.   6.  History
    1.   6.1  Significance
    2.   6.2  History
  7.   7.  Notes & References
    1.   7.1  Quick Reference Index
    2.   7.2  Notes

1.  Essentials

1.1  Geography

Very rocky with small mountain ranges. The Jamieat Jakaliz dominate about ten square miles of land which has a river running through it, a mountain range, two abandoned towns, and a couple of other landmarks. There is a couple of wooded areas as well along the lower part of the river.

1.2  Climate

1.3  Flora and Fauna

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2.  Culture

  • Jackal-dominant and heavily protective of their bloodlines

2.1  Species

  • Jackals. A lot of jackals
  • Some wolves, coyotes, dogs, and hybrids as servants.

Luperci & Shifting

  • Quite humanized and use Optime
  • Uses Lupus and sometimes Secui for hunting


  • Mixture of Arabic, Persian, and African languages
  • Pidgin or Creole formed to communicate
  • Primarily Arabic
  • Some English spoken


Animals & Compaions

  • Uses horses as well as camels
  • Livestock such as
  • Tamed avians such as owls, ravens, and red-tailed hawks are commonplace
  • Domesticating bobcats and foxes
  • Keeping snakes as companions


  • Caravans from Suhra' Amanzil go to the coasts and ports to trade

Style and Fashion

  • Primarily light fabrics
  • Some tiered members may wear leather armor, but only at night
  • Khadam must wear collars and are restricted to the most basic clothing




  • Rabbits such as cottontails have been domesticated and are farmed for pelts and meat
  • Quail are domesticated and prized for their eggs, feathers, and meat
  • Camels are used for their milk, hide, and are beasts of burden



  • In mud and brick houses
  • Abandoned structures
  • Tents
  • Caves

Practices & Traditions

Gender and Sexuality

* Men and women are equal for the most part, though some jobs are typically held by a certain gender

  • Women typically do the weaving and crafting
  • Men typically do the building
  • The Rayiys is seen as both male and female

* Same-sex relationships are about as common as heterosexual pairings. Same-sex couples are encouraged to adopt or find a surrogate to keep the Jakaliz strong.

  • Polyamory is also somewhat common.
  • Adultery is frowned upon and the guilty party may be shunned.

Families and Family Structures

  • There are not much in the form of "families". There isn't much in family names and maybe some may take family names and others may not. Children are raised by the parents, but Jakaliz members can also help.


  • Hallucinogenics are primarily reserved for the Alsahara
  • Alcoholic beverages are open to all except for the Khadam

Luck and Superstition

  • The

Fishing and Hunting

The hunters of the Muqadimi may travel far to catch these animals.

  • Bighorn
  • Mule Deer
  • Pronghorn
  • Rodents such as squirrels and mice
  • Birds

2.2  Outsider Relations & Travel


  • Many jackals go through here on their way since it is very jackal friendly
  • Some jackals may head to the coast to board ships to other lands
  • Caravans from Jamieat travel all the way to New Orleans and anywhere in between
    • It takes about three weeks to head to New Orleans if travels eight hours a day


  • Non-Jackals are not welcomed. If one is found on the territory, they may be chased out or enslaved
  • Jackals and jackal hybrids are regarded as friends and can safely pass through or even stay in the Jamieat for a while.

3.  Structure

3.1  Ranks

The Rayiys

  • The leader of the Jamieat Jakaliz. They are selected by the former Rayiys and train under them. Upon becoming the Rayiys, they discard their name and former gender and are addressed as "Rayiys" and are considered genderless. They are the leader and discuss with the council, but they have the final decision. Rumored to live forever, they bathe in one of the underground springs and are considered almost godlike.

The Alsahara

  • The religious order of priests, witches, and mages. They have their own order, but many are attuned to ghostly presences or can read omens. They are called upon to bless unions, conduct funerals, and bless events. They advise the Rayiys based on the omens they receive from the gods.

The Sada

  • The Sada are the heads of each of the tiers. They lead and organize the daily tasks of the tier members and may select new members of the tiers. They are also joined by the slavemaster and chose which of the Khadem should be attached to each tier. They advise the Rayiys and keep them updated.

The Almuharibun

  • The warriors of the Jamieat Jakaliz. They patrol the territory, guard the town, escort members, and fight off or capture intruders. The Almuharibun are sorted into three tiers: the Jundiin (melee fighters), the Qunas (ranged fighters), and the Wahushi (feral fighters).

The Muqadimi

  • The providers of the Jamieat Jakaliz. They are split into three tiers the Mazarie (the farmers), the Siad (the hunters), and the Almjme (the gatherers). They help to provide food and materials to the group and the Takhzin (the clerks) store and catalogue all of the items.

The Harfi

  • The craftsmen and builders for Jamieat Jakaliz. These are the people that help to make items that can be traded or used. This group has many types of people including metalworkers, tailors, craftsmen, potters, masons, carvers, weaponsmiths, weavers, leatherworkers, etc.

The Altujjar

  • The traders, these are the ones who take the goods to trade. They often go in caravans to the coast to trade items for other items that are needed in Jamieat. They are often linguists that travel with this group as well as scholars and sometimes thieves.

The Eulim

  • The "scientists" or so to speak. The Eulim are composed of healers and scholars. The healers are sorted into different tiers depending on their specialty. The scholars are knowledge keepers. There are scribes, linguists, historians, and record-keepers in the Eulim.

The Almueawin

  • The helpers, so to speak. They are jackals-of-all-trades and help out the tiers. They may jump between them and hold a variety of skills. Jackals in this ranking may also have skills that do not fit in the tiers or may be yearlings figuring out what tier they want to join.

The Eashira

  • The family or the protected. The Eashira are primarily composed of nursing mothers, expecting mothers, children under the age of eight months, and the elderly. There may also be invalids in this rank as well. They are well-cared for and get the first pick of food.

The Khadam

  • The slaves, composed of non-jackals. They are seen as lower than the general jackal population, but are not treated very cruelly. They are often trespassers or outsiders. They serve the tiers as well as the protected. They are captured and then put through an ordeal or ritual that bonds them to the Jamieat. No one knows how they are bonded and that is only known by the slave masters. Wolves and larger hybrids often help the Almuharibun and the Muqadimi. Larger specimens may also be used for their strength, almost like mules. Coyote hybrids are often chosen to help the Eulim and the Harfi. Dogs typically help the Eashira. People are allowed to own their own a Khadam and families often bond one to younger members. Khadam are often bred for certain characteristics such as size. Khadam may also be used for pleasure.

3.2  Law & Justice

If there is a dominant system of government—e.g., a monarchy, or a pack-like structure with alphas, betas, etc—you can describe it here. Remember that extremely large groups of Luperci are usually split into smaller sects of canines -- e.g., a structure with a few packs or families banded together under a common name, like Sobiratsya.

4.  Religion

Creation Legends

Kl Al'um created the jackals from air, clay, and desert sand. She scattered her new creations all over the lands and assigned each of her five children to watch over them and their fates. The fates brought the jackals to one place in a new land, the Suhra' Almanzil.


  • The Kl Al'um or the All-Mother is the main goddess. She made the first jackal and her children watch over the fates of each of the sects.

The god of warriors.

The goddess of the providers

The god of the craftsmen

The god of the traders

The goddess of the scholars and the healers


Are any symbols pervasive in your religion (e.g., Christian cross, Star of David, etc). Think about what these things mean for your characters, and how these symbols are represented in your culture (e.g., perhaps residents get tattoos or markings in the shape of the symbols).

Religious Order

Are there priests, priestesses, shaman, religious leaders? How do they enforce the religious code, if there is one?


Do your canines have any particular practices, rituals, or pervasive beliefs? Perhaps the canines from your area are exceptionally superstitious. Ceremonies and the like can be listed here.


If your canines celebrate particular holidays or religious observances, describe them here. This space can also be used for the description of rituals and the like.

5.  Significant Families

5.1  Family Name

Here's a description of a significant family from the area!

6.  History

6.1  Significance

If your area has a particular influence on 'Souls (e.g., a large number of immigrants come from this area, or a pack was founded on the basic beliefs of this area) write about it here! List any families that originate in your area:

6.2  History

If there was a massive war or other large scale occurrence here, you may include it here, however, please keep in mind that these events don't have a lot of meaning for characters who did not originate from the place during that time. A generalized summary is much better.

7.  Notes & References

7.1  Quick Reference Index


Isthmus of Tehuantepec
Define areas, practices, beliefs, etc. quickly down here. This helps you in roleplay if you only need a momentary reminder, and it helps others especially if you use a tonnage of foreign words in your area's culture or whatevers. ;_; Isthmus of Tehuatepec



7.2  Notes


  • Creator: Silverfrost — see Wiki page for contact information.
  • Status: REQUEST.
    • I have approved characters from this area in the past; however, please ask first. You will need to adhere to the information within this document and show me you have a good understanding of the area and its culture in order to be approved.
    • You can also check out PLAYER's Adoptions to see if I have any available characters.


  1. There isn't really an area where it's located, just somewhere in the Mojave.
  2. Assumed a couple of landmarks such as a river, small forest, and a couple of towns


  1. any references not included in the index here?

Name Meanings

  1. "Suhra' Almanzil" translated to "Desert Home"
  2. "Jamieat Jakaliz" roughly means "League of Jackals" which was a big D.C. Comics reference.
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