Jerusalem, Israel

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Culture
  3.   3.  History
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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesGolden Jackal
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

The city of Jerusalem has been ravaged by many years of war, and its country shows it. Overrun by jackals, most of the wolf inhabitants have been pushed out to neighboring Beirut, though Cairo is also jackal-controlled territory and quite sympathetic to the jackals' cause in Jerusalem.

Most of the city itself is in ruins, with few inhabitable buildings. The Luperci jackals living within it are disorganized, disjointed, and usually live with a good distance between families or groups -- at least several blocks. Territorial wars are common even within the city, and jackal society is altogether less stable than wolf society. Thanks to their smaller size and better adaptation to lack of prey, however, they are better able to live in the city itself than many wolves, and thus sport a rather large population, although it is spread over an extremely large area, spanning much larger than the city limits of Jerusalem itself.

2.  Culture

Controlled by Golden Jackals, Jerusalem is not a friendly area to wolves, though the jackals have shown little interest in expanding their empire, despite their proximity to Beirut. Among the subspecies found in this area are the Syrian jackal and the Palestine Golden Jackal, though these two subspecies did not play as integral a role in the capturing of the city as Golden Jackals. Any wolves found in the area would be Iranian wolves or Arabian wolves.

3.  History

Wolves and jackals, finding themselves at odds, were competing over the ruins of the city and the surrounding territory basically the moment human life ceased, wishing to cash in on the hapless pets and other domesticated animals left behind by humanity. Even before the Luperci virus spread, the wolves and jackals fought harshly, their battles escalating as they became Luperci and discovered human technologies. Jackals eventually won out over the wolves, using sheer numbers to push their larger cousins out. Most wolves left and moved to neighboring Beirut or more distant places.

4.  'Souls Significance

  • Jerusalem and Aleppo are at odds due to the latter's sympathy towards the wolf cause.
  • The wolves and jackals of Algiers are tense with each other due to differing beliefs about the Jerusalem conflict.
  • Beirut is terrified of invasion after seeing what the jackals did to Jerusalem, and is hostile to it and its jackal forces.
  • Cairo is sympathetic to the jackals of Jerusalem and maintains a trade link with the city.
  • The Arena family has trade links in and a trade route through Jerusalem.
  • Haephastus Amir was born in Jerusalem and grew up during a siege orchestrated by invading jackal forces.
  • Elijah Winters traveled here for knowledge and was given access to many holy libraries that otherwise were off-limits.
  • Nadir Al-Sayyid was born in Jerusalem, and his partner Kadar Ibn-Tariq spent time there with him.
  • Zakiel Sarkis found a home in Jerusalem with a small, disjointed tribe of stragglers, but constant strife disbanded the group.

5.  More Reference