Haephastus Amir

Haephastus Amir

Haephastus, by Amber
Name MeaningHephastus: Greek/ Roman god of metallurgy and fire
Amir: "prince; treetop"
Name OriginGreek; Arabic
Date of BirthMarch 19, 2004
Age> 5 years
Subspecies75% Canis rufus ortus
25% Canis latrans ortus
Birth placeJerusalem, Israel
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Previous Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateAug 4 2009
Previous RanksLoas, Tenens, Genus

Haephastus Amir was a previous member of Phoenix Valley in August 2009.

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1.  History

Haephastus Amir and Hanif Amir, born in Jerusalem, Israel, to Ihsan Amir and Anisah Jala-Amir.

Four years prior to the birth of Haephastus and his brother, a war broke out in the heart of Israel when an army comprised of Jackals, whom had traveled over from Asia, attempted to invade Israel. The Jackals began to lay siege to their lands, using old world weapons such as catapults and trebuchets, though they were few and far between at that time. Unwilling to allow their largest city to be invaded, the canines of Jerusalem banded together to fight off the intruders, thus beginning the war for Jerusalem.

On March 19th, 2004 Haephastus and his brother Hanif were born, amidst a war that still raged on. The young hybrids were kept hidden away, much like the rest of the women and children, beneath a large cathedral in the middle of Jerusalem. This Cathedral was one of the most protected buildings in all of Jerusalem, it's network of underground caves spanning for thousands of square feet beneath the city, harboring the most important of Jerusalem's denizens.

Childhood for Haephastus and his brother was far from the norm. Due to the dangers of war, the children of Jerusalem were forbidden to leave the underground of the cathedral, lest there were a very rare occasion when the fighting had subsided. Because of the war they were left to learn of the world through books and stories and were not kept sheltered from the horrors that were taking place above ground. It was the women of Jerusalem, often in small groups, that taught the children, leaving the harsher lessons, and the explanations of what was taking place above ground, for the men.

Only a short time after he and his brother were able to shift, Haephastus' father took the two young men aside. He explained to them of a group known as Retribution, a group of specially trained canines, sent out on missions in secret, formed solely of assassins and spies, led by a man only known as The Director. It was this group that their father was a part of, the group that was their sole reason for having lasted so long in the war against the Jackals.

It was from that day on that Haephastus and Hanif left the safety of their cathedral home and on to the underground base of the Jerusalem defensive. After a complete year of training, mostly against each other or targets, that Haephastus and his brother were accepted into Retribution, both with the title of assassin. They were taught that they were to tell no one of their status, not even their own mother. Even the identity of The Director, the leading word of it all, was kept a secret from them all.

For two years the brothers worked side by side, Haephastus with his skill with daggers and Hanif with his skill with a bow. The two proved to be a vital weapons in the war, almost unmatched. Despite their best efforts, the war was not turning in their favor. The jackal army had lain siege to more than half the city, closing in fast on the Jerusalem defensive base and the cathedral that sheltered the lives of the innocent. Their skills as assassins were no match for the weapons of the Jackals. In one last attempt to save their beloved home, Haephastus and Hanif were sent on their final mission. Infiltrate the base of the Jackal army and lay waste to their commander.

Unbeknown to the brothers, a member of Retribution, for the sake of his family's lives, had revealed the identities of those comprising Retribution, along with the details of the group's final mission.

Deep in the night the brothers set out on their mission, only to be captured by the Jackal army. It was over the course of three months that the brothers were kept prisoner, beaten and tortured, all the while unsure of what happened outside their prison.

Finally, unable to locate the base of Retribution, the Jackals turned to the brothers for answers. Unwilling to give an answer, Haephastus was whipped to unconsciousness. Despite this, his willpower won over, still unwilling to give the location that they sought. The Jackals went as far as removing three of his fingers, but still Haephastus would not reveal the information that they needed.

Finding there to be no other choice, the Jackals reunited the brothers, the last time that they would see one another. Haephastus, still unwilling to speak, was forced into a room with his brother. Knowing they were unable to break his resolve, they turned to Hanif for answers. Hanif, unable to bear the sight of them dipping Haephastus' arm into a small vat of acid, gave up the location of Retribution's base. It was there and then, right in front of the eyes of his brother, that they slayed Hanif.

The night after the death of his brother, during the Jackal army's attack on the Retribution base, Haephastus managed to escape their prison, only to find that his home had come under the control of the Jackal army, that his family and anyone that he had ever know had been slain. The cathedral had been demolished, the vast underground halls that had kept him protected for the first part of his life had simply been caved in.

Despite his numerous injuries, Haephastus managed to flee the city of Jerusalem, travelog's west toward Egypt, to leave the place that he had grown up. He traveled for many months just to make it through each place. Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and finally in to Morocco. Fortunately for Haephastus, after close to a year of travel, he found a group of traders who traveled the world by ship. Taking pity upon him, they agreed to allow him to join their crew in their journeys.

He stayed with them on their ships for close to six months, helping where he could manage to repay his debt to them, until he finally decided that it was time to find a new life, to create something that might help him forget the horrors of his past. When the landed in Nova Scotia, the group of traders bid him a fond farewell and, with what little possessions he had, Haephastus set out to begin a new life.

2.  Personality

Haephastus is not accustomed to the normal life that those at 'Souls seem to live. He is quiet and often keeps to himself, helping where he can and then withdrawing when he isn't needed. Because of his vastly different upbringing prior to arriving in 'Souls, he finds it hard to connect with those around him. He is both kind and difficult at the same time, often putting others before himself. He often tends to avoid answering questions about himself though, being the honest creature that he is, tries to do so without lying and as vaguely as possible.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • father: Ihsan Amir (deceased)
  • mother: Anisah Jala-Amir (deceased)
  • sibling: Hanif Amir (m, deceased)

4.  Appearance

Fur Color: Haephastus' fur is a mixture of black, grays, and reds. The most prominent of his markings being the reddish brown mask that starts at the tip of his nose and up to surround his eyes.

Eye Color: Haephastus boasts eyes of light blue, though a milky film forms over the right, the oncoming of a cataract.

Scars: Haephastus bears a scar which stretches an inch above and below his right eye. Various scars, ranging from three to eight inches run in various angles down his back. His left hand and arm, all the way up to the elbow, are scarred from burns, which he keeps covered with fresh white bandages.

Other Features: Three of Haephastus' fingers, on his left hand, are missing. He keeps a fresh bandage of his hand, which runs all the way up to his elbow, which hides a mishmash of scarred flesh..

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