Agatha Kingsford

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Agatha Kingsford is a young woman who recently joined New Caledonia. With experience in falconry, skill with a bow, and interest in herbalism, Agatha is seeking a missing piece in her life.

The daughter of Talbot Kingsford and Miriette Hatzi, Agatha is one of several children. She was raised to follow cult teachings of The Eyes of Omni, though she and her family unit broke away from the main group before she was born. She grew up in Ottawa and the surrounding area, traveling frequently.

Agatha separated from her family several months ago, though claims to be an orphan and know nothing of her roots.




OOC Assumptions


  • Family: Kingsford, Hatzi
  • Birthplace: Ottawa, Quebec
  • Species: Hybrid
  • Subspecies: 62.50% Dog, 25% Wolf, 12.50% Coyote
    • Dog: Husky, Terrier, German Shepherd
    • Wolf: ??
    • Coyote: Plains Coyote

New Caledonia members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, first name, having seen her “around”
  • Seeing Agatha…
    • …exploring the territory
    • …practicing with her bow
    • …working with her or with her animal companion, a red tailed hawk