Siobhan Cavil

Siobhan Cavil

Siobhan, by Requiem
Name Meaning"God is gracious"
Name OriginIrish
Date of BirthJune 21, 2008
Age> 1 year
Subspecies100% Coyote

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining dateDecember 7, 2008[1]

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateJune 16, 2009[2]

Siobhan Cavil was rescued by Ezekiel de le Poer from her abusive mother, Annei Cavil, who starved and beat Siobhan. Siobhan lived in Inferni for some time. She later joined Cour des Miracles to be with Haven Aatte, but eventually left to search for her long lost brother, Raoul, who her father, Hans, had taken from Siobhan and her mother.


Siobhan was rescued by Ezekiel, and that was when her life really began. Before she met him she had faced a grim life, never getting enough to eat and having food withheld from her when she was bad, as a punishment. Beaten and eventually chased out of the territory by her mother, she was discovered by the Poer boy and was taken under his wing. During the time that she was running away from her mother she shifted, and stands in an optime form.

When Ezekiel decided to come back to Inferni to live, she followed him and stayed with him for a while She followed Ezekiel most everywhere he went, too afraid to branch out on her own, and became upset when left alone for a long period of time without him.

Then she became friends with Haven, and then a little more than friends, and decided to move to CdM with him to be with him.




Siobhan's pelt shines a bright white color, with no other shades mixed in. Her fur is very long and fluffy, covering up the fact that she is actually quite thin and somewhat frail. She is very small for her age because she was underfed when she lived with her mother. She has eyes the color of rubies, a deep red, and a few scars. One scar goes across her muzzle, the other on her neck. Siobhan has remained fully shifted since leaving home, as she isn't quite sure how to shift back down into her lupus form. In her optime form she has very short, cropped hair; she uses a knife to cut it whenever she can, so that it looks as if she has almost no mane.