Pia Hayes

Pia Hayes is the daughter of Cain Hayes. She is a wolfdog who arrived in 'Souls in the spring to join Ichika no Ho-en, where she stayed for a month or two before departing to follow another rumor about her father.

Pia Hayes

by Raze



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Date of Birth

19 Dec 2009




Neutral Good



hedge dweller









50% Tundra Wolf
25% Norwegian Elkhound
25% Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Ichika no Ho-en
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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Family
    1.   3.1  Immediate Family
    2.   3.2  Extended Family
  4.   4.  History

1.  Appearance

Pia is not remarkably large, as her dog blood balances out her larger tundra wolf blood. She looks mostly like a timber wolf with little of her elkhound breed showing except in her doggish coat. Her build is rather average other than a longness in her body that goes away in her secui shape.

Her coat is a base grey, mostly faded to white over her face and underbelly. Her back is splattered with darker greys and a brown that looks pinkish-purple in the right light; she also has dark streaks on the top of her muzzle. In contrast to her interesting but blended pelt, her eyes are a bland shade of tobacco brown.

When in optime form, she wears a tightly-fitted black corset bound together with grey and white threads. She also dons cargo trousers whose pockets hold the many interesting objects she collects on her travels. Her hair is roughly pulled into a ponytail, leaving many stray strands here and there; the end is braided. In her fringe she has two plaits, while the rest is worn down wherever it falls.

2.  Personality

Pia is outgoing and social, quite childish despite being an adult. She is compassionate toward even strangers, offering others friendly smiles and chances to chat. She treats those she's just met like old friends, and actual old friends are given even more affection if that were possible.

Her morality is not always forefront in her mind, but she knows what's right and wrong and will tell you so. She has no problem punishing others, either, but the punishment is always just, and everyone is given a second chance. She is very open-minded and curious, and her joking often gets her into trouble. The concept of personal space is foreign to her, too.

Most of all, she is motivated to stop the suffering of others, whether that's bringing someone away from the brink of suicide or turning someone "evil" "good." After fleeing her mother in horror, she has regrets about this and is dogged in trying to bring out the good in others. She will do almost anything to fix broken things, even if she must sacrifice to do so.

3.  Family

3.1  Immediate Family

  • Parents: Cain Hayes & Jude
  • Littermates: Maze Hayes

3.2  Extended Family

  • Half Siblings: Duke Hayes & Taylor Hayes
  • Paternal Grandparents: Kyo Itou & Mika Hayes
  • Aunts: Faerie Itou & Tori Hayes
  • Half Cousins: Alaki & Chishio Itou & Meryl Itou

4.  History

Pia was born to Jude and Cain Hayes, one of two pups from her father's second litter. Her mother was a sadistic female who enjoyed playing with other canines' emotions, leaving a string of broken hearts in her wake. While she was still very young, Pia watched her mother push her father away, tormenting him, forcing him eventually to abandon his two young children. After witnessing her mother's evil acts, she swore never to abuse those who care about her, never to take them for granted. She would cherish all those near to her, even her twisted mother.

Sticking with her small family, she learned much about the world from her mother: basic survival, reading, writing, animal care, dancing -- and singing in Pia's case. Despite this, her mother's cruelty was never cured. She taught her daughters what she could, but neither was quite good enough. Maze was worse than Pia, however, slower on the uptake, weaker, stupider. After Maze returned from a hunting attempt empty-handed, Jude killed her in cold blood.

Pia abandoned her mother then, cutting off all ties from the unstable woman. She sought out her father instead, traveling to the region of 'Souls where he was rumored to be.