Taylor Hayes

This character is a decommissioned NPC of Sapient.

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Taylor Hayes, sired by Cain Hayes, a wandering loner, and raised by Rune Williams as part of an all-female clan of fighters. Under her mother's tutelage, a young and naive Taylor was raised to believe that females were the dominant sex, but the group also had an innate fear and hatred of males, which confused the wolfdog, as she thought female and male were one and the same.

Her naivete ended abruptly, however, when a powerful group of male mercenaries found their way to the warrior clan, drugging their water source then attacking the weakened clan. Taylor, shaken and terrified, saw her own mother die by the mercenaries' hands, and she fled. Unwilling to go back to the clan that had been beaten so easily by a gender they had all feared, she traveled her homeland, eventually finding her way to Nova Scotia and to the pack Sapient.

Taylor was a member of Sapient, ranked Opus Parva and holder of the Métier Jailer before moving to the University of New England, where she was ranked as Cessavi up until the pack disbanded in July 2018.






  • Date of Birth: August 19, 2009
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Packs: Loner
  • Previous Pack: Sapient
    • Rank: Opus Parva
    • Co-Rank: Jailer
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:



  • Taylor is looking to get a proper weapon! Any blacksmiths want to help her out?
  • Taylor is going to follow the Opus tier, so any training/sparring threads are welcome.

Sapiens may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Taylor practicing at the training area.
  • Taylor patrolling the borders.
  • Seeing her around the Estate.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Taylor inherited the wolf-like appearance of her father, although one could see the dog genes by more careful observation.
  • Fur: Thick wolf fur.
    • Optime Hair: Taylor keeps her hair cut short and lets her long bangs fall into her eyes.
  • Facial Features: Shows her Elkhound heritage most clearly.
  • Build and Size: Tall and powerful. Taylor puts on an impending first impression, although when she's more relaxed (or tipsy) she can be much more approachable.
    • Lupus: Clearly wolf-like, with strong muscles underneath her thick fur.
    • Secui: Large and powerful, when Taylor's in Secui form you know she means business.
    • Optime: Still having noticeable muscles, Taylor stands like an imposing boxer.
  • Humanization: Medium. Taylor is still connected to her feral roots, although the use of her two other forms has dwindled since she joined Sapient. She readily uses tools and weapons, although she prefers a limited wardrobe.


  • Fur:
    • Bison Hide
    • Grey Olive
  • Markings:
    • Silver underside and stripe on muzzle
    • Fuscous Grey saddle on back
  • Eyes: Camouflage Green
  • Optime Hair: Fuscous Grey (natural), Thunderbird (dyed)
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Tuatara


Camouflage Green (#70856d)
Silver (#c2c2c2)
Bison Hide (#c1bcaa)
Gray Olive (#a39f8b)
Fuscous Gray (#505047)
Tuatara (#373630)
Thunderbird (#DA3E16)

1.2  Forms


105 lbs (48 kg)39 in (99 cm)
Taylor only uses Lupus in the most dire of situations, only bringing the feral form out when there's no other choice. She can be quite tough even in this form, though, and is skilled fighting tooth and claw as well.


160 lbs (72 kg)49 in (124 cm)
Taylor's Secui form is a blend of raw feral power and streamlined speed and agility. She grows more fur around her neck, and gains more muscle, making her Secui form the go-to one for hunting and feral combat.


245 lbs (109 kg)6ft 10in (208 cm)
Taylor's most used form is powerful and square, with a boxer physique and dominant stature. She has no problem about showing off her battle prowess when she wants to, and is surprisingly humanized in this form despite her choice of clothing.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: —
  • Tattoos: —
  • Scars:
    • Taylor has multiple scars from fighting, although most are small and well hidden by her thick fur.
    • Thin line towards the hairline, over her right eye from a scrap.
    • Large, jagged scar across stomach; wound caused by small dagger and surrounding tissue scarred due to infection.


you can stick more description about their humanization and how they practice it here. or don't! by the way, you might want to adjust the cell widths here: 33/33/33 gives you even columns etc. do the math out of 100% of course :D


  • White wrappings around her chest
  • Dark grey pants
  • A brown cloak for the colder parts of winter


  • Speech: Speaks with a medium-thick Australian accent. Taylor mainly likes to get to the point of conversations and is not one to drag one out or endlessly dance around the subject.
  • Scent: Pine, a "dusty" smell, alcohol (occasionally), Sapient
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Folds her arms a lot, looks disinterested 99% of the time.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Taylor stands like a warrior or boxer, all power and muscle and she isn't afraid to show it off, although she never goes out of her way to.


2.  Personality

The Lad-ette, Action Girl, Good is Not Nice, Boxing Battler

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2.1  Ideals


Serious — business-oriented — hot-headed — relaxed when she needs to

  • Outlook: Mostly realistic, with hints of pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted yet dominant
  • Expression: Serious and dominant
  • Alignment: True Neutral


  • Something: something something
  • Something: something something


  • Something: something something
  • Something: something something


  • Atheist: "The lack of belief in a higher power or person."

Taylor does not believe in any sort of higher power or being, grounding herself in the real world and trusting more in her own works and abilities than in a spirit. However, she doesn't hold any bias against people who do believe in something; she simply doesn't care.


  • Packs: Against Casa di Cavalieri for Lola's part in the death of one of her packmates. Also holds Sapient to be higher than other, more feral packs.
  • Species: No bias.
  • Non-Luperci: Follows Sapient's view on non-Luperci that they're ignorant and in need of infection.
  • Gender: Conflicting: tries to be like a man and is jealous of them for having a more natural strength than a female.
  • Color: No bias.
  • Sexuality: Rejects the idea of a homosexual relationship with women, and a general relationship with men, too.
  • Age: Taylor respects elders and their wisdom, thinks children are a necessary evil; they're annoying and nearly useless, but they're also the future of the pack and future warriors and fighters.


Asexual. Taylor does her best to stay away from romantic relationships, viewing them as a distraction from more important things.


  • Likes: A list of single or few-worded interests: e.g., horses, animal husbandry, leather-working, hunting, howling, running, jumping, playing, begetting a vast number of progeny, etc.
  • Dislikes: A list of single or few-worded dislikes
    • Maybe a BIG DISLIKE HERE


What substances has your character tried? Are they highly experimental or not at all inclined to try? Do they have an opinion on those who do indulge in "illicit" substances?

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Itou, Williams and Hayes

  • Mother: Rune Williams
  • Father: Cain Hayes
    • Siblings Duke Hayes
    • Half-Siblings: Pia Hayes & Maze Hayes
  • Aunts and Uncles: Faerie Itou, Tori Itou, Itou Isamu, Itou Hana, Itou Mizuki and Itou Shou
  • Grandparents: Mika Hayes and Itou Kyo
  • Extended: Itou, Williams and Hayes

3.2  Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

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Minor Relations

  • Sex: —
  • Friendly: —
  • Enemies: —
  • Murders: —

Combat Log

  • Win:
  • Draw:
  • Loss:

4.  Skills

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

Skill 2

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  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
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5.  History: Before Souls

Sired by a wandering father and born into a clan where female dominance and combat prowess were all that mattered, Taylor was instantly thrust into a world of violence. Inadvertently influenced by her mothers barely concealed dislike of males, she grew up questioning the views and logic of those around her; it was difficult to phantom why such strong warriors would fear and despise a gender, assuming that female and male alike were the same.

Her naïveté didn't last long though, for the female group may have kept away from others but they had not gone undetected; a large group of male mercenaries had worked to drug the main water supplies the clan had access to, resulting in the slow demise of the family she had come to know.

Before her very eyes, she watched powerful males slaughter all she loved and saw her own mother fall dead at her feet, staring at her mother's corpse helpless like the child she was, struck by panic and froze until her mothers words of long ago kicked in, knowledge of survival filled her and she turned tail and fled the scene.

With the death of her mother and an unknown father, she had no ‘home’ to return to; the clan were clearly weak and she refused to return to fools who were slaughtered so easily and cared little if any had survived. She mourned her mother, but kept moving forward without turning back. From this tragic event, something within her changed; as much as she feared males now, she could not hate them for the right reasons; she was jealous of the strength and structure and wanted to be like them, but she knew such a feat was impossible and so she despised them for having such natural strength she could never obtain.

Constantly thinking about her clans defeat, she begun to follow and cautiously interact with males; keeping any and all emotions out. Over time she learnt to behave like them, to speak as a male does and dress like some do, for she believed now that females were weak and helpless and found comfort in living like a male; it made her feel safe, to feel strong.



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6.  Post Log

6.1  2015

Summary for the year will be completed once the year is over.



    What happened?!
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