Ayashe "Chitsa" Amara

Chitsa Amara

Chitsa, by Kiri
Name Meaninglittle fair one, eternal
Name OriginNative American dialects
Date of Birth13May07
Subspecies100% Canis rufus rufus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeThe Great Tribe
Current packAniWaya
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Joining date22.May.2011[1]
Joining RankGata Hineyu
Most Recent RankGata Hineyu
SignificanceBeginner Fire Tender

Ayashe Amara, known as Chitsa to most, is the youngest sister of Dawali Amara.

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1.  Biography

Chitsa was born Ayashe Chitsa Amara, to the Amara family within the Great Tribe. Her childhood was, for the most part, very pleasant; her older siblings helped raise her and she grew up in a loving and comfortable environment.

2.  Spirit Guide — Mongwau

Species: Strix varia — Barred owl
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average strix varia appearance; rounded head without ear tufts, mottled grey-brown upper, light under with dark bars on both the chest and belly. Beak is yellow, eyes are brown.
Demeanor: Mongwau seems to be mute, as he has never once spoken a word to Chitsa or any other creature to the knowledge of the Amara woman. In the past, he often left Chitsa to her owl devices; since the death of her mate, however, he has become more evident in her day-to-day life, possibly to ensure she has company in her activities. When faced with other spirit guides, he keeps to himself, having no desire to deal with the attitudes of others (especially those of Chitsa's siblings).
Prefered Form: In public settings, he remains invisible to the world, though he will sometimes allow himself to be audible to all. When in Chitsa's home, regardless of guests, he maintains a corporeal body to enable him to roost upon a large branch roost crafted by Chitsa's late mate.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Take a look at the Amara family for more information about Chitsa's genetics.

  • Mother & Father — Udanvdi Amara & Uhusti Amara [called "Agitsi" & "Doda" by their children; mother & father respectively.]
  • Siblings — Songan Ohiteka Amara, Muraco Amara, Sitsi Wyanet Amara, Tsugi Dawali Amara, Len Kanti Amara, Sanyue Amara, Mochni Nitis Amara, Kohana Ashkii Amara, Lagundo Wematin Amara
  • In-LawsMisckha Amara, the Angeni family
  • Extended FamilyAsha Amara, Aiyanna Amara, Sakari Yakone Amara

3.2  Friends

Organized alphabetically by surname; a strikethrough implies death. Unlinked names are not currently played on 'Souls.

  • Kasa Chogan
  • Enapay Hemene Angeni
  • Nahele Angeni
  • Chotan Angeni
  • Akhmi Angeni
  • Lenmana Angeni
  • Nayati Utina

3.3  All enemies

Organized alphabetically by surname; a strikethrough implies death.

  • N/A

3.4  Romances

Kotori Amara — Deceased mate

Kotori was from another family within the Great Tribe, the Angeni family, that Chitsa became quite close to in the Winter of 2008. When the second sickness hit the tribe upon their move from their original home, Kotori and his brother, Ahanu, were left without parents to raise four younger siblings. Feeling sympathy for the family, Chitsa began offering her help to the two men. It was during this period that Kotori found himself enamored with Chitsa, seeing her as a kind and generous woman; Chitsa, however, was rather oblivious to the displays of flirtation that started during the hours spent with the Angeni brood. It wasn't until the Summer of 2010 that the two committed to each other. Sadly, shortly after their marriage, Kotori was killed during an attack on the Tribe from an outside pack of Luperci. His spirit guide, an alligator named Ahote, remained with Chitsa until she left the Great Tribe.

3.5  Individuals

The Amara Family

Chitsa's family has always been very close, as the older siblings help to raise the younger siblings. Songan, particularly, has gained a sense of duty to protecting his youngest sister, which has caused her great irritation in the way of her personal relationships outside of the family. Like many families within AniWaya, they are content living in the home of their parents with many generations, creating a close bond between all of them.

Kasa Chogan — Close friend

Kasa has been a friend to Chitsa since their youth. Born as the only daughter of the Chogan family, she strayed from the family's common practice of being hunters in the Tribe to become a warrior; this is a fact that greatly distressed her mother, as she feared losing her daughter to violence. Though the two women are close, it seems strange to others that they very rarely speak to each other — Kasa, in fact, has only ever spoken to her family for any length of time. During the attack in 2010, Kasa tried to save Kotori, and killed the Luperci who murdered him.

Enapay Hemene Angeni — Brother-in-law

From the same litter as Kotori, Hemene helped to raise his younger siblings. It was Hemene who first found himself attracted to Chitsa; this did not cause him to seek a deeper relationship with her, however, as it was purely physical interest. The two became quite close as Kotori started to court the Amara woman, as Hemene made it his mission to make Chitsa realize how hard Kotori was working for her favor. With the death of Kotori, Hemene took it upon himself to fill the material part of her mate's place, helping her with tasks she needed finished and hunting for her.

Nayati Utina — Childhood friend

Nayati was born shortly after Chitsa herself, and the two became friends over the course of time — especially after her niece, Asha, became friends with the man. It's been some time since Chitsa has spent any real time with Nayati.

4.  Abilities, talents and skills

4.1  Talents

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  • Medicine knowledge — Chitsa was previously a member of the Medicine profession, but never made it past the rank of Kunitoki. As such, her skills are useful for small injuries.
  • Ceremonial knowledge — As a member of the Fire Tending profession, Chitsa has retained information on the ceremonial aspects of the Great Tribe, relating primarily to the Great Fire.
  • Battle knowledge — Her mate, Kotori, was part of the War profession; as they spent time together, Chitsa learned simple defensive skills.

5.  Appearance

5.1  Luperci Forms

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5.2  Stature

5.3  Eyes

5.4  Scars

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