Charon Amrithai

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Charon Amrithai

Charon Amrithai, by Sie
Date of BirthDecember 20th, 2006
Date of DeathSeptember 27, 2009
Name OriginCharon ferries the souls of the dead, if paid. Amrithai is a hybrid of amria (a curse) and ithai (with me).
SubspeciesCanis lupus occidentalis ortus
Birth placeAlaska
Current packInferni
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateJuly 22, 2009

Charon Amrithai was a loner from 22 July 2009 to 27 September 2009. He is made of buckets of failure, but he was kind of funny anyway? IDK.

1.  Appearance

Charon is a very large wolf, and rather unaware of his own strength. In all three of his forms, he is bulky and just slightly overweight for his stature. His fur is very thick and rough to the touch. He has very small ears, characteristic of a wolf from a cold temperature zone. His Optime form is massive, and he actually has a little bit of a paunchy belly, resembling a beer belly, though Charon has only been drunk twice in his life. His arctic upbringing contributed much to his bulk; the temperature where he was raised rarely rose above freezing, and largeness was a key attribute in his family's survival. His father is actually a fat Luperci, and his mother is big-boned herself. His eyes are a deep, soulful indigo and his fur is mostly a pale silvery gray, scattered with hints of white and black.

2.  History

2.1  Pre 'Souls

Charon was born to a tiny familial clan, isolated on the tundra. They lived in the remnants of a very small human town, obviously abandoned once the humans died out. They did not struggle here, for they had few natural predators and very little competition for food, other than the packs of feral dogs roaming the woods. They flourished in the remnants of a human town almost on the very top of the world, surviving on old human items and the arctic wilderness. Though the rest of his family was deeply religious, Charon never took to it as well, and when he was roughly two years old, he left them, traveling south. Though he was attacked by a bear just a few miles outside of his home and was lucky to survive, he still has yet to realize the harshness of the world. He wandered for a little less than five months, having taken off just after his second birthday.

2.2  'Souls

Uh, he was a loner, and he did lots of failzy stuff: He gets chased out of Dahlia de Mai by Cwmfen nic Graine. [1] Fail. He almost drowned in RainingBuckets when got swept up in a flash flood. [2] Fail. He gets chased by a freaking Cow and gets stuck on a roof. [3] Fail. Then, as his grand finale, he happens upon Halo Lykoi and kisses her, and her vindictive and cray-cray uncle, Samael Lykoi kills him in a bloody and very not-nice way, and then rapes Halo. MATURE: [4] ULTRA-FAIL!!! Yes, Charon is made of failz. 8D

3.  Personality

Very friendly and outgoing. Dislikes confrontation, sucks at fighting. Very unaccustomed to real wolf traditions, due to his childhood. He loves crowds, groups, social interactions, etc. Very strong sense of family and morality thanks to his family group.

  • Traits: Immature, impolite, carefree, ignorant, calm, happy, gullible, mischievous
  • Speech: Charon loves to talk, and he will probably talk your ear off. He's relentlessly curious and asks a hell of a lot of questions. He doesn't really have a discernable accent, though he talks rather quickly. He has a deep, rumbly sort of voice, very fitting for his size, and a jovial, infectious laugh.

4.  Threads

  1. I Get Angry with Athletic Ease (19 July 2009)
    Charon arrives in Nova Scotia. The first canine he meets is one named Lannen Haddix, who gives him basic directions around the place. The two part ways shortly thereafter.
  2. I'm Just a Pill on Your Tongue (22 July 2009)
    Charon traipses across Dahlia de Mai territory sort of accidentally, and Cwmfen nic Graine chases him out.
  3. I'm Done Feeling like a Skeleton (22 July 2009)
    Charon meets Rendall and Spirit in Whisper Beach territory, and the three enjoy a rather nice afternoon together, with various discussions and so forth. They learn about one anothers' homelands and so forth.
  4. I'm Breathing but I Could Die (22 July 2009)
    Charon meets Jael Soul.
  5. A Thorn in My Paw (28 July 2009)
    Charon meets Amata Sadira on the outskirts of Crimson Dreams territory; she has a thorn in her paw, and Charon helps her. The two become friends pretty quickly.
  6. Water (24 July 2009)
    Charon meets a Cow, and is subsequently chased onto a roof by the thing. This thread is lulz.
  7. For the Time Bombs Ticking (7 August 2009*)
    Charon meets Merit Acidic and Kansas Sadira; as Kansas and Charon discuss a few things, Merit gets steadily more and more ticked off at the pair, and probably either flipped out and walked off or just smacked Charon and walked away or something idek.
  8. I Wish I Saved Up for Rainy Days (8 August 2009)
    During an especially rainy month, Charon traipses along in the Musquodoboit Valley, and ends up getting swept away, failing to heed Flayra Zazkex's warnings. However, Claire is able to save him.
  9. That Ain't No Way to Go (16 August 2009)
    Charon meets Ember Phoenix and learns about her whale spirit guide.
  10. Surrender, Surrender (24 August 2009
    Charon meets Geneva Stockholm.
  11. I'm Building a Highway (16 September 2009)
    Charon heads back to Crimson Dreams territory to revisit Amata Sadira, his young friend.
  12. Who Would Ever Want to Hurt You? (29 September 2009) MATURE
    Charon meets Halo Lykoi in Halifax, and fetches some swords for her. They share a kiss, and Halo's daddy/uncle Samael Lykoi shows up and kills Charon in an extremely bloody and not-nice fashion, and follows it up by raping Halo. :(

5.  More Information

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