Eliza "Liz" Cormier's Soundtrack

First ReleaseSeptember 2015


YAY SOUNDTRACKS. I stole this coding from San who stole it Yzz who stole it from Sie.

Soundtrack: Vol. I (2015-18; Krokar)

  1. Upside Down - Paloma Faith
    Basically Liz all over.
  2. She Has No Time - Keane
    Being crushed/left by Storm Cormier. See THIS R.O. OF ALL THE FEELS
  3. Surrender - Cash Cash/Julia Michaels (acoustic version)
    Storm gives Liz surrendery feels ;_;
  4. Within You - Ray LaMontagne
    Willow Cormier song!
  5. Just Be Simple - Songs:Ohia
    Liz and Storm breakup song of woe.
  6. We Belong Together - Gavin DeGraw
    Liz w/Milos Parhelion!
  7. Lifesize - A Fine Frenzy
    Liz w/Galilani Adahy

Soundtrack: Vol II (2018; post-Krokar)

  1. Rain - Patty Griffin
    Losing Milos.
  2. Baba O'Riley - The Who
    Post-Krokar Liz.
  3. I Still Do - I Am Kloot
    With her siblings.
  4. No One's Gonna Love You - Band of Horses
    With her kids.
  5. This Boy - James Morrison
    With youngest son Percy.