Inferni -- Wiki Information and Guidelines

This page is sort of a "central hub" for all things relevant to the Inferni wiki. You'll find information about updating the Inferni Wiki pages, guidelines for updates and additions, and so forth here. Dive right in -- we appreciate any assistance you can give us on the Wiki pages. :) They exist for the benefit of all members, and we hope to make good use of the Wiki in Inferni.

1.  Inferni Wiki

1.1  Main Pages

These are all pages in the Inferni Wiki page network.

  • Inferni Main Wiki
    Coyote central! Provides an overview of Inferni, pack relationships, maps, and other essential information.


  • D'Neville Mansion
    Inferni's most populated area in the packlands, a creaky creepy old mansion!
  • D'Neville Mansion Greenhouse
    The mansion's backyard has a greenhouse nestled quite close to the mansion, allowing Inferni to grow plants year-round! Coyotes are welcomed to make use of (and contribute to) plant stores and cultivation in the Greenhouse.
  • D'Neville Mansion Storage
    The mansion includes a storeroom full of supplies! Coyotes are welcomed to make use of (and contribute to) item stores in the Storage room.
  • Grimwell Caverns
    The caverns are the next most populous area of Inferni, housing a number of coyotes! The canines who live here tend to be (though are not universally) a bit more feral!
  • Great Village
    The Great Village is a quieter part of Inferni to the western end of the territory, though a number of canines live here.


  • Character Directory
    This directory lists all active members of Inferni. Find out what your fellow coyotes' skills, interests, and whether they're down for trading and sparring at a glance! Enrich your roleplay with assumptions of character sightings and more!
  • NPCs of Inferni
    This directory lists all inactive NPC members of Inferni, including pNPCs that can be used by any member of Inferni. Enrich your roleplay with NPC characters!
  • Adoptable Characters
    This directory lists all adoptable characters of Inferni, both on-board and off-board.
  • Communal Animal Directory
    This directory lists all communal, shared animals of Inferni. You can use them to help your character out -- whether that's on a trip across Nova Scotia or just around the Inferni territory.
  • Personal Animal Directory
    This directory lists all personal and privately owned animals of Inferni.
  • Inferni Ravens
    Inferni is home to a huge flock of ravens -- which, if well-fed, assist Inferni in scouting the territory and bringing news to the canines.
  • Drifter Bay Horse Herd
    This directory lists the Drifter Bay horses, a horse herd that is tended between Salsola and Inferni.


  • Timeline History
    The "short" (LOL) version of Inferni's history, condensed into a somewhat easy to digest timeline format.
  • Detailed History
    The long, detailed version of Inferni's history!
  • Inferni Art
    Inferni's artwork, created by you!
  • Category
    Inferni's category, listing all pages under the Inferni category -- including all characters tagged with Inferni.
  • Wiki Information
    This page, containing some essential information about Inferni's Wiki pages! :)

1.2  Leader Pages

These pages are just for the leaderships' editing. Please do not edit unless it's minor (e.g., typo fix).

2.  Inferni Wiki FAQ

Am I allowed to update (page)?
Yes, almost always!
Is there anything I shouldn't update?
The pages listed above as "Leader" pages are for leaders only. Please do not make edits to these pages -- they are "official" in nature and are reserved for the Inferni leadership only. Thanks!
What kind of edits should I make?
Fixing broken or outdated stuff is always a priority. Filling in detail where there is none is always appreciated. Adding new adoptable Inferni coyotes to the member directory -- your own or someone else's -- is cool as hell. You can also add pictures (make sure they are Creative Commons) to pages like the D'Neville Mansion and the Great Village, or you can update the Inferni Ravens information. There's a ton to do on the Inferni Wiki. :)
What kind of edits SHOULDN'T I make?
Don't make sweeping changes to pre-existing material without permission: e.g., it's not okay to say the East Wing of the D'Neville collapsed.
Can I update pNPC pages?
Yes -- to an extent. You can add any pNPC roleplay threads. You can always give their profiles more detail, etc. Making huge changes to their characterization is against the rules of pNPCs. See Inferni's pNPC policies for further information.
What if I am uncomfortable updating the pages?
Post to the Inferni Maintenance thread with your requested update. We strongly encourage you to update the Wiki on your own -- but we understand if you are not comfortable doing so. We will make some updates for you as requested, but please don't abuse your ability to ask us to update things. :) Tiny tweaks to your character's member directory are your responsibility.
Do I get anything for editing the Wiki?
Yes, you can earn points exchangeable for cool stuff via the Cross-Pack Wiki Game. You also earn Inferni game points for Wiki updates. You also get the wonderful knowledge you helped out Inferni and your fellow roleplayers. ♥

3.  Inferni Wiki Compiled Guidelines

These guidelines are all repeated on individual pages, but they're also here for quick reference!

3.1  Main Wiki Page

  1. Edit whatever you want on here, go ahead! We like keeping the information similar to that which is listed on our website, but if you want to tweak, go for it!
  2. Please DO update the Pack Relations information if your character has a large interaction with another pack. Thank you!

3.2  Inferni Wiki Areas Pages: D'Neville Mansion, Great Village, Grimwell Caverns


  1. Update whatever you'd like, detail-wise. Expand and update descriptions as much as you'd like. Keep in mind post-apocalyptic realism standards and what has already been established in Inferni's territory (e.g., no random small towns popping up on the coast, etc.).


  1. Feel free to claim unoccupied residences. The procedure is simple! Look over at the map. Pick a residence.
  2. Find the number of the residence on this page, check that it's not occupied, unavailable, unlivable, etc. If you can, try to avoid residences that have previous claimants, in case they come back.
  3. You need only edit the page and write in your claim -- or post to the Inferni Maintenance thread if you're not comfortable editing the Wiki.
  4. Please keep your room description to less than 100 words. You are absolutely welcome to link to a longer description, but keep it short on this page, please.
  5. If you leave Inferni, we can't guarantee your residence will be available when you rejoin the clan. We suggest to players to avoid previously claimed rooms, but it's not a hard and fast rule, and so your residence may end up taken. Sorry!

Inferni Storage Pages: D'Neville Mansion Storage, D'Neville Mansion Greenhouse

  1. Feel free to use items within the Storage or the Greenhouse, whether for personal gain or for Infernian gain as a whole.
  2. Excessive trading without replacing items may result in consequences.
  3. Inferni adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.
  4. Please update item quantities. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.

Inferni Trades

  1. Minor trades (e.g., a few chickens for a pair of new plants) are fine without leadership approval. Major trades (e.g., horses, all of Inferni's stock of a particular good, etc.) must be approved by the leadership.
  2. Some items are not to be traded under any circumstances. They are noted on the relevant inventory pages with inventory tags prohibiting trade. If you want to trade these items please PM the leadership first to ask permission. Thanks!
  3. Please update the inventory totals of whatever you get and take. Do not trade without updating our inventory totals! Thanks!

3.3  History: Inferni History & Inferni History Detailed

4.  Editing Guidelines

Anyone is free to edit this page with Inferni-relevant history. Thanks for adding your history! We hope this method of historical documentation is useful to you.

4.1  What to Add

  1. Major and minor events within the clan: plots, "sticky" IC threads, deaths, births, fights, mateships, joiners, dramas!
  2. If something happens to your non-Inferni character on Inferni's land or with an Inferni character
  3. If your character is a member of Inferni and something happens to them elsewhere

4.2  How to Add

  1. Adhere to the general Wiki Editing Guidelines.
  2. Please link character names, packs, and so forth, even if the Wiki page does not yet exist. You don't need the entire character name each time you use it -- the example provides a truncated link.
  3. Please include thread references and note OOC assumptions.
  4. If you find editing the Wiki intimidating or distasteful, submit threads to Inferni Maintenance and we'll add it.
  5. Please submit in the following format:
* Description here. [[Characters/Ithiel( de le Poer)]] shakes his butt at [[Packs/Salsola]]. '^[[SoulsThread:13|#]]^'


4.3  Inferni Directory

4.4  Addition Rules

  1. If you do not feel like you can update the Wiki -- but you want to be a part of the directory or you've noticed an error -- let us know in the Inferni Maintenance thread.
  2. As this is a Wiki, others may edit your submissions for brevity, mechanical/spelling errors, etc.
  3. Don't be silly. We appreciate your humor, but we'd like this to be an informative resource.
  4. Canine NPCs of any type (aNPC, yNPC, cNPC, etc.) are welcome on the NPCs of Inferni page!

4.5  Skills

  1. List as many skills as you want, but make sure they are relevant (e.g., your character either wants to learn more about it or is capable of teaching others about that skill). If Coyote only has a passing and very vague interest in an extremely obscure subject, it's an interest and not a skill.
  2. The skill levels descriptions are:
  • Dabbler: No proficiency. Your character has only the barest knowledge of this subject.
  • Apprentice: Proficiency. Your character has received some training on this subject.
  • Journeyman: Good proficiency. Your character has practiced heavily and received extensive training.
  • Master: Execellent proficiency. Your character has practiced heavily and received extensive training, along with years of experience.

4.6  Animals: Inferni Animals & Inferni Ravens

Inferni Animals

  1. When adding a communal animal to Inferni you must either add the character here or let us know in the Inferni Maintenance Thread.
  2. Remember, animals listed here are communal and shared (i.e., meant to be used by all of Inferni). Your personal animals don't go here.
  3. Please keep the total word count of your description in the list below 150 words. If you have more information about an NPC (e.g., it was your personal NPC and you wrote a bit about it) put the information below the list table.
  4. If your new communal animal needs a pixel, let us know.

Inferni Ravens

  1. Members are free to reference this list when threading with the ravens -- or come up with your own! Feel free to make up a communal raven and add it to the list.
  2. If your character claims/partners with a raven, you can add them to the list. Communal ravens can be claimed as well, though they may return to Inferni ownership if your player disappears. There is no current hard limit to the number of raven NPCs that can be claimed, but keep it reasonable -- three birds is probably enough, while an entire half of the flock cannot realistically be at your exclusive control.
  3. Partnered birds are non-canine cNPCs (companion NPCs) of their coyote partner. Don't powerplay: ask the player before directly controlling or referencing their NPC.
  4. Treat the unpartnered ravens without partners as communal animals, but less restricted (the coyotes can't provide 24/7 protection for a bunch of birds like they can for horses, after all -- deaths of ravens do happen).

4.7  Inferni Art

  1. All art is welcome! Sketches, full drawings, doodles, funny stuff -- even screenshots! If you have something to contribute, we welcome it here. :) Thanks!
  2. Feel free to edit your art here yourself. If you do so, let us know in the Maintenance thread -- or just post your art in the Inferni Maintenance thread in the first place. We upload all art to the Inferni website and generate a thumbnail of it so it's easier to load this page and art will stick around regardless of whoever's host.

5.  Inferni Wiki Game

See the Cross-Pack Wiki Game.

6.  Inferni Wiki Pages Trail

Used in the Inferni Links header.

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