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    1.   3.1  Thackary Village
    2.   3.2  Weapons (For Training Only)
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1.  About

Anathema's storage is split up between different areas throughout the territory. Most items are stored near their origination point - for example, the garden is located in Thackary Village and the garden storage is a few yards from the garden. The training grounds store most of the weapons, but some are also located in Thackary Village. The Howling Caverns specialize in all the liquid storage - such as liquor, wine, water, and animal milk.

2.  Items and Use

  1. Members are free to take and use items within the Storage or the Garden, whether for personal need or trading purposes. We only ask that members do not excessively take without giving back to Anathema in return. For example, your character continuously takes items from the storage areas, but doesn't give anything of value back to Anathema's storage as a whole. This may result in consequences if found out by the leadership.
  2. Excessive trading without replacing items may result in consequences.
  3. Anathema adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.
  4. Please update item quantities. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.
  5. If there is six or less of an item in stock, it may no longer be traded out.

3.  Current Stores

3.1  Thackary Village

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

3.2  Weapons (For Training Only)

Bows x5 Return Regular quality bows, usually used for training purposes at the Training Grounds.
Arrows x200 No Trade Luperci-made arrows (wooden), made by Axelle Napier.
Staffs x1 Return Wooden staffs.
Spears x2 Return Luperci-made spears with wooden handles and pointed rock tips.
Daggers x7 Return Daggers scavenged from the human cities.
Knives x4 Return Less sharp than a dagger and a little smaller.
Swords x8 Return Swords scavenged from human cities. They are of regular quality.
Heavy Axes x1 Return A heavy axe used for training; of regular quality and a little rusty.
Maces x2 Return Heavy bludgeon weapons; of regular quality.

3.3  Weapons (General Storage)

Daggers x6 Free to Trade Metal daggers; scavenged from human cities. Of regular quality.
Swords x4 Free to Trade Swords of varying styles; decent condition, better quality. Special items listed below:
  • None at this time.
Bows x6 Free to Trade Bows either luperci-made or scavenged from human cities; of great quality.
Axes x3 A heavier type of bladed weapon. Better quality; decent condition.
Arrows x150 Free to Trade Some are scavenged from human cities, others are luperci-made, contributed by Axelle.

3.4  Other

Wooden Shields x9 Free to Trade Luperci-made wooden shield; of regular quality.
Armor (Torso) x5 No Trade Heavy upper body armor made out of animal hide; luperci-made.
Gauntlets x6 Arm guards made from tough animal hide; luperci-made.
Rope x3 No Trade Thick wound rope, scavenged from human cities; used for tying up prisoners
Leather Satchel x1 Free to Trade A good-quality brown leather bag.

3.5  Gardening Storage

Fertilizer x27 Fertilizer made from livestock waste.
Shovels x3 No Trade Full-size shovels used for digging holes and graves.
Hand Shovels x4 No Trade Shovels used for gardening, digging shallow holes to plant new plants, etc.
Seeds (various types) x43 Free to Trade Seeds of various plants used to replant or trade; they are kept in categorized, labeled leather pouches.

3.6  Edibles

Smoked Meat Fluctuates No Trade Smoked and dried meat kept in the storage for members to easily have a meal, or for Anathema to have an emergency food reserve.
Alcohol Fluctuates Free to Trade Anathema's alcohol storage with varying types from luperci-made to brown liquor to clear liquor.
Milk Fluctuates Free to Trade Milk from varying animals such as the goat and the cow.

3.7  Howling Caverns Storage

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

3.8  Animal Products

Hides/Pelts x32 Free to Trade Hides and pelts range in various different sizes, styles, and species from elk to squirrel.
  • If Anathema is traded rare ones, they will be noted here.
Leather Sheets x17 Free to Trade Some members were kind enough to have already prepped the hides and made them into leather sheets, for better leather-working.
Bones x39 Free to Trade Bones varying in different sizes, different bones, and from different species.
Wool x53 Free to Trade Wool cut from the sheep of Anathema; can be used to make clothing, stuff pup toys, or make bedding.

3.9  Edibles

Goat Milk x10 Free to Trade Milk acquired from goats; kept it glass jars of varying sizes. This milk is kept in the coolest parts of the cavern, and Anathema generally does not keep much of it at one time due to fear of spoiling and wastefulness.
Smoked Meat Fluctuates No Trade Smoked and dried meat kept in the storage for members to easily have a meal, or for Anathema to have an emergency food reserve.
Eggs x28 Free to Trade Eggs acquired from the hens.
Alcohol Fluctuates Free to Trade Anathema's alcohol storage with varying types from luperci-made to brown liquor to clear liquor.

3.10  Cookware

Bowls x7 No Trade Clay bowls to hold food in; decent condition, varying cracks.
Pots x4 No Trade Metal pots scavenged from human cities; used to boil meat over a fire.
Plates x17 No Trade Both glass and luperci-made clay plates; for obvious reasons, for canines to eat from.
Pans x2 No Trade Large metal pans scavenged from human cities; used to seer meat over a fire, of decent quality.
Trays x4 No Trade Large plates to display food on. Usually used during feasts and celebrations; of decent quality. Clay, luperci-made.

3.11  Medical

Bandages x26 No Trade Bandages used for covering wounds to prevent infection.
Ointments x17 No Trade Ointments of varying kinds used to treat many kinds of injuries.
Mixing Bowl & Pestle x2 Return A heavy marble bowl and pestle used to mash herbs and spices either for medicinal use or cooking.

3.12  Books (Stored in the Library)

Anathema History Book -- Return Due to never having a Luperci dedicated to Anathema's history, the history book is just a mess of mixed up loose pages depicting random events in the pack's history. There is no order to it, and some of the original pages may even be lost!
Wolf Book (Human-made) x1 Return An informational book about wolves. (human-made)
Botanical Books x4 Informational books about plants, plant care, and possible uses or home remedies. (Human-made & Luperci-made)
Reading Books (Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, biography, etc.) x4 Fictional, Non-Fictional, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Biography, Memoir books for reading enjoyment. (Human-made)
Nature Informational Books x3 Books with information about tree species, various plant species, seasons, animals, common weather conditions, and anything else nature-related about Nova Scotia. (Human-made)

3.13  Stables Storage

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

3.14  Tack

Saddles x6 A mix of man-made and luperci-made saddles; of decent quality and condition.
Reins/Leads x7 A mix of man-made and luperci-made reins and leads for horses; of decent quality and condition.
Saddle Bags x11 Saddle bags made from leather to hold various, small objects.
Pulling Harnesses x4 Return Harnesses made for horses out of strong leather; this makes it easier for them to pull heavy carts.

3.15  Other

Horse Cart x1 Return A green medium-sized cart with large wooden, spoked wheels that once belonged to Axelle Napier. She left it behind when she left Anathema for good in April 2016.
  • Use at your leisure!