Croatoan Inara

Croatoan Inara

by Trollface



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14 Jul 2010





75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
25% Tundra Wolf




Pack Sangi'lak

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Croatoan Inara was a member of Sangi'lak.

1.  Appearance

Black wolf of very large size; female; golden eyes; long, thick mane adorned with crow feathers; prefers secui; not particularly agile, but very powerful; 7'9" in optime; wears a doeskin bag with supplies.

Markings: Self-inflicted scars - crescent shape around left eye and a scar that runs down her muzzle to her nose-flesh

1.1  Detail

For a female, Croatoan is an exceptionally large wolf. She comes from a long line of hefty grey wolves, hailing from a tribe of canines that believed bigger is always better. Her weight is complemented by her enormous size and long, shaggy mane. Her thick fur provides adequate protection when she fights in close combat, as is her preference. Golden, amber-flecked eyes peer out through the black of her fur. Her coat is a constant flood of black but for various hairless scars. Most of her scars, she has inflicted upon herself. Notable markings include a crescent shape around her left eye and a ragged scar across her muzzle and biting into the sensitive flesh of her nose. Her long black fur covers most of her other scars, but they can be seen when her fur is moved.

In Lupus form, she is a hulking mass of long black fur and muscle. Her mane is not nearly as long as it is in her Secui and Optime forms, but it is noticeable.

Her Secui form is that of great strength and masculine power. Croatoan can take care of herself rather well, that much is plain to the eye. Her mane flows over her shoulders and around her ears. Due to her powerful size, Cro favors this form.

In her Optime form, Cro can stand head to head with most males she meets. She is rarely found in this form - choosing it only when others are in it or the circumstance deems it fit. Her mane is long and thick, and her scars stand out in great contrast to her dark fur.

She has a habit of tying crow feathers into her already black mane. The mane is often ratted and extremely thick. She rarely brushes it, preferring the wild look it gives her. She stays away from most humanlike accessories, but keeps a deerskin bag tied around her waist, tight to her so that it does not interfere with her movement. In one pocket of the bag she carries supplies such as food and a flask of water. In the other, her hoary bat companion Tuerie can often be found sheltering.

2.  Personality

Somewhat private; extremely protective; simple; illiterate; clever; respectful and tactful but with a short temper; yearns for family and to belong

  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Strengths: tooth-and-claw fighting, hunting big game, strong protective instincts, scouting, adaptable
  • Weaknesses: Illiterate (can only spell nickname, Cro), dreadful with weapons and other devices, short temper, impulsive when bored

2.1  Detail

The great black wolf Croatoan is quiet and at times mysterious. She keeps much to herself and she prefers to avoid idle chitchat. Usually, when she speaks, she is trying to get information. That is not to say she cannot connect with others. Now that she wants to settle down and find her place in life, she is struggling to push away her shyness.

At first, her deep voice and massive size can be intimidating. But Cro really isn't so bad. Loyal to a fault, she will often latch on to those she admires and let her strong protective feelings to overcome her common sense. When you make a friend in Cro, you also get a bodyguard of sorts. Her compassion can be masked by a very short temper. She will easily get mad at even her best friends - though she hopes they know she means no real harm. Croatoan has learned not to keep grudges and she is very proud of her ability to move on.

Intellectually, Croatoan has a very simple mind. She cannot read and she can only spell her name. She has no interest in history or culture or other such things. Her mind is in the here and now. Most of her thoughts involve her tasks and those she cares about. Along with being illiterate, Croatoan is hopeless with weapons and most devices. Despite her complete lack of book smarts and inability to use weapons, Cro excels with 'street smarts' and she can find her way out (or in) of most situations. Unlike many young wolves, she is respectful and tactful. And if respect and tact fail, she always has her physical strength.

Deep in her heart of hearts, Croatoan yearns to find a permanent home where she has family to protect and care for. She can seem to have a rough persona, but she cannot live without something to care for. She dreams of finding a lover and starting a family. She wants nothing more than to feel like she belongs.

  • Sexuality: Bisexual, but wants pups.
  • Open to: polygamy, monogamy, alcohol, drugs, self-harm
  • Won't tolerate: Cruelty, rape, thievery

3.  Relationships

  • Parents: Inara and Lenin (Inara pack)
  • Siblings: Corine (m), Torrance (m), Alacari (f)
  • Friends: X'yrin, Lyris, Jaden, Asgeir, Sequoia
  • Companions/NPCs:
    • Torrance, brother, one year older.
    • Tuerie, hoary bat, born early 2012, male.

4.  History

Born in July of 2010, Montana; parents Inara and Lenin; raised by a matriarchal pack of wolves who valued brute strength; travels with 1-year-old hoary bat named Tuerie; pretty average, solitary life; wants to settle down and start a family

4.1  Detail

Croatoan was born in July of 2010 to Inara and Lenin. She was raised in Montana in a small pack of large, brawny wolves. These wolves were the dominant pack in the area and the leaders valued size and status above all else. In her rites of initiation, Cro marked her face with her two trademark scars and fought with her mother.

Croatoan found that she had the wandering spirit soon after she was able to hunt and function on her own. As soon as she was able, she left her pack, much to their dismay. She wandered north, through Canada, training her skills as a tooth-and-claw fighter and a scout of sorts. Shortly after leaving home, she found companionship in a hoary bat family. The older bats were broken speakers of high-speech that Cro accidentally disturbed one night. As Croatoan moved on, the bat family was attacked by an owl but the wounded matron was able to give Cro their pup.

Cro has a close connection with Tuerie, her hoary bat companion, and the two aid each other well. Cro provides company and extra food for the bat, and Tuerie often serves as a scout during night travel. Tuerie can form simple sentences in high speech as he was practically raised by Cro, but he mainly communicates by the tapping of her tail, bites, and audible shrieks.

Croatoan has spent the last year wandering through Canada, fending for herself. Now, as she nears her third birthday, she has begun to yearn for a new home and a place of her own within the great wide world. She also hopes to have a family of her own one day.