Betje Aarle

Betje Aarle

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Date of BirthApril 10, 2008
Date of DeathSeptember 22, 2013 (aged 5 years)


MeaningDiminutive of Elisabeth, descendant of the town of Aarle
OriginLimburgish, Dutch


Birth placeMoncton, New Brunswick
SpeciesWolfdog hybrid
Subspecies~75% Eastern Timber Wolf
~25% Dog
LuperciYes (Ortus)


Aug 2013 - Sep 2013

Betje Aarle was a member of AniWaya ranked as a beginner in the Agriculture tier. She joined the tribe in mid-August in search of a home to learn new skills. On the run from a possessive former mate, she sought shelter and comfort. She was generally reserved and has good judgement. On September 23, it was announced that she had died the day before, succumbing to the illness that took hold of the tribe.[1]

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  1.   1.  Personality
  2.   2.  History
  3.   3.  Life in the tribe
  4.   4.  Relationships
    1.   4.1  Family
    2.   4.2  Friends
  5.   5.  Skills
  6.   6.  Hobbies

1.  Personality

Betje is often even-tempeted and has good judgement. She can be uncompromising with her morals, harsh to judge, and slow to forgive. Despite this, she has a kind heart--despite her sarcastic streak. She has a dry, dark sense of humour.

2.  History

Betje was born to Veer and Lambaer Aarle in a pack near Moncton, New Brunswick. Her small family unit consisted of her parents, her three siblings, Wum, Sjeng, and Ruth, her aunt and uncle, and a few family friends. When a new wave of wolves moved into the surrounding area, they tried to remain, but after a few run-ins with some of the new population, decided to move north to the outskirts of Miramichi. Betje spent most of her life in the area and eventually found her mate, a wolf named Joseph Dux. Up until meeting her mate, her life was quite normal, but a few months into their mateship, he became highly controlling and possessive. When a former friend showed interest in Betje, Joseph chased them off and harassed him whenever he came near. Shortly after, Betje discovered that she was pregnant. Joseph was ecstatic but Betje was miserable. She refused to eat anything for days in an effort to make the litter nonviable. Ultimately, she couldn't bring herself to hurt her unborn children and birthed them in their den.

Once the puppies, three in total, were a few weeks old, Joseph's behaviour became even more erratic. He started following her everywhere she went for her protection. Betje had long since decided that when the children were old enough that she was going to leave him. Before she could, Joseph's controlling streak came out once again: he attacked Betje's old friend when he was visiting and killed him. Fearing that Joseph would hurt Betje, her children, or her family, she finally confessed her troubles to her parents. Together, they went to Betje and Joseph's den to confront him, but he had sequestered the puppies away and threatened to kill them if Betje left him.

They convinced Joseph to leave the den. When he emerged, Betje attacked and killed him. Unable to remain in the place that held so many bad memories for her, she decided to take her puppies with her and start a new life. They moved a little ways west and joined a new pack where the puppies grew up and eventually found their own families.

Mostly out of a need to keep moving, Betje left the pack in June 2013 to investigate the southern packs of Nova Scotia. In August, she joined AniWaya after learning about the different packs in the area.

3.  Life in the tribe

Upon joining AniWaya, Betje found herself a little out of her depth, but an eager student. She found Aranck Eluwilussit was a capable and willing teacher and spent most of her time enthralled by his stories. She found that she also got along well with Simcha Fletcher and Tiva Ajila. Between the three AniWayans, Betje began to create a new life for herself.

In late August, Aranck fell prey to a spreading sickness. Shortly after, Simcha fell sick as well. Desperate to help her newfound friends, Betje and Tiva did their best to help ease the pain of the mysterious sickness sweeping through the tribe. In late September, Aranck's condition worsened and Betje took up residence at his side.[2] A few days later, Betje found herself growing feverish, vomiting, coughing, and unable to eat. By mid-September, Aranck's condition had improved, while Betje's condition became dire.tweet Unfortunately, by the end of September, her situation worsened and on September 22, she died of her illness.[3]

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

  • Parents: Veer (f) and Lambaer Aarle (m)
  • Siblings: Wum (m), Sjeng (m), and Ruth (m) Aarle
  • Children: Edmao (m), Klaus (m), and Til (f) Aarle

4.2  Friends

Betje befriended Aranck Eluwilussit, Simcha Fletcher, and Tiva Ajila.

5.  Skills

  • Speaks Dutch
  • Quickly-learning farmer
  • Strong knowledge of plant properties

6.  Hobbies

  • Enjoys playing handball
  • Amateur star-gazer
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