Sicarus de Ericeto

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Sicarus was a temporary character for the Second Dahlian War. He died after being betrayed by Haku Soul, current alpha of Dahlia de Mai, after causing mayhem between Inferni and Dahlia.

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Sicarus de Ericeto

Sicarus de Ericeto, by Sie
Given Name OriginLatin; "sicarius" (assassin)
Surname Origin???
Date of BirthAugust 9, 2005
SubspeciesCanis lupus italicus ortus
Birth placeNorthern Italy
Current packDahlia de Mai
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Dahlia de Mai

Joining DateJanuary 09, 2010
Previous RanksGazon, Bluet, Charme

1.  Family

None known--closest thing to a father figure would be his mentor, Jodacus de Malis.

2.  Appearance

Like most Italian wolves, Sicarus is of a smaller size, topping out at about seventy-five pounds. His expression is generally hardened and betrays very little in the way of emotion. He has a rather sleek, streamlined appearance; while he is not bulky with muscle, there is the definite suggestion of underlying strength. His eyes are bright gold, and they do not betray much of his emotions. Sicarus is a pale, gray-gold throughout his body, with darker hints along his head, shoulders, and back. His fur turns to a creamy, off-white around his throat and his belly.

Most often seen in very long robes, dark burgundy in color. Usually wears the hood down, though he may throw it up to conceal his face occasionally. Wears a rather large wooden cross. His arms arms and hand are scarred with self-inflicted burns, and his back is marked with whip scars. Both of his shoulders are tattooed in rather intricate cross markings. His ears are pierced numerous times, with no seeming order. They were actually done as a test of faith or something, involving either sharpened bits of metal or a very large needle.

2.1  Size

Lupus: 80lbs, 28in tall, 58in long
Secui: 170lbs, 33in tall, 65in long
Optime: 220 lbs, 6.2ft tall

3.  Biography

Raised in a ridiculously strict monastery near Rome. Likely stolen from one of the surrounding packs in his youth, as he does have very faint memories of his mother. They don't surface often, but when they do, they bother Sicarus immensely, as it violates every principle of his existence in some way or another.

The actual history of his birth was never revealed to him, and he does not question his existence, nor why he does not have a mother--indeed, his very lack of one is the very root of his misogyny. He believes he (and others raised in his monastery) are above other males because they do not come from women. This was an integral part of his training, and although his religious sect does resemble an extreme form of Catholicism, there is absolutely no reverence for the Virgin Mary whatsoever, and the importance of motherhood and women in general are nil according to Sicarus's beliefs.

His trainer and mentor, Jodacus de Malis, engaged him in training and education from the time he was a puppy until he was two years of age, whereupon he was kicked out of the monastery for displaying attitudes unworthy of a monk. His warrior's training was never intended to be used for violence, and when he began to show tendencies of it at around a year and a half old, his mentor raised concerns to the monastery's council, though they chose to continue his education in light of his strength and abilities where the teachings were concerned.

At two years old, he murdered a simple traveler and was caught, and got himself banished forever. The monastery didn't believe in punishment (beyond self-inflicted, of course), so exiling him was their best answer. Sadly, this released him on the world, and he continued to parade around Europe, killing a few people until he got himself into a world of trouble. During one of his random pillaging excursions, he found himself absolutely overcome by repressed sexual urges, causing him to rape a young woman.

After the crime, he was absolutely mortified--although it was not because he believed what he'd done was morally wrong, it was because he had betrayed his deepest beliefs and engaged with a woman. He found this absolutely disgusting, and vowed never to stoop to such levels again. Fortunately for the victim of his assault, she survived; unfortunately for Sicarus, she was someone of relative importance, which made him rather high on the local wanted list. Finding the sudden spotlight extremely uncomfortable, he hitched a few boat rides from port to port until he landed a longer-term ride to the new world, where he was certain he could disappear in the local packs.

He came to Freetown and stayed there for a brief time before joining Dahlia de Mai. He became friends with Kai Aiolos, idolized Haku Soul, and was generally a nasty creeper during the Second Dahlian War. In the end, Sicarus and Haku Soul burn Inferni's Harrow Road Landfill territory, then Haku turns on Sicarus and chucks him into a trap.

4.  Personality

Absolutely loyal to authority. Refuses to question anyone he believes positioned above him; once he has "contracted" himself to a leader or an alpha, he is theirs until dismissal or death. He believes in the law above all else, and to him, the leader's word is absolute law. He is a very quiet fellow, though rather perceptive and intelligent. He has a weird tolerance and liking for pain, though he isn't much of a masochist--since leaving the monastery, he hasn't whipped himself or held hot coals.

Once entrusted to an authority figure, Sicarus doesn't actually do much in the way of free will, and he acts to fulfill his leaders' orders to the best of his ability. He's a perfect underling because he has absolutely zero ambition to lead anything himself; Sicarus thrives on being a follower of those more powerful to him. If his leader corrects him, Sicarus will not make the same mistake again. For the simple reason that he can be very effectively controlled, Sic can be a perfectly nice wolf--that is, if his leader commands him to be. He is hardly robotic in his fulfillment of duty; he will voice his own opinion if he believes what his leader commands is suicidal or risks incredible danger, but in a perfectly subordinate way and with absolute intent to fill the instructions should his leader find it unnecessary to change them.

Outside of his followers' nature, when he is not "contracted" to a leader, Sicarus is a rather cruel and vindictive person to begin with, generally mocking and scorning women and weaker men alike. He will act rather brotherly and engage in active camaraderie with male wolves he believes to be his equal or greater in power, though he views any courtship or even friendship with women as a potential weakness and will not hesitate to mention it. He is virtually asexual, all of his sexuality brutally beaten from him in his teenage years, although he has experienced sex since leaving the monastery, he found it a gross and disgusting thing, solidifying his silent sexuality.


5.  Threads

  1. Till There's Nothing Left (7 Jan 2010)
    Sicarus joins Dahlia de Mai, presumably accepted by Haku Soul.
  2. Teeth and Ambitions Bared (+4 Jan 2010)
    Sicarus somehow magically shows up at a meeting that took place three days before he's actually a member of Dahlia, but let's just ignore that timeline mistake okayyy? Sicarus pledges his allegiance to Haku and is generally a creepy bastard in this thread.
  3. Trifold Presentations (7 Jan 2010)
    Sicarus meets Kai Aiolos, and though at first they do not get along at all, Sicarus eventually recognizes Kai as worthy of being followed, and is therefore his sidekick forevermore. They're both also huge raging Haku fanboys, apparently.
  4. Show Me Your Teeth (10 Jan 2010)
    Sicarus heads to Inferni to attack Vieira Lykoi. Snake stops him and chases him off, injuring him in the process.
  5. Those Who Live are Those Who Fight (21 Jan 2010)
    Kai, Sicarus, and Vitium Lykoi lead an attack against Inferni borders. They are greeted by a few Inferni coyotes, who manage to drive them off rather quickly.
  6. This is the Faith Complex (23 Jan 2010)
    Sicarus finds a newcomer, RJ Sangster, on the borders. Sicarus is a gigantic Haku fanboy in this thread, and it is positively wonderful and hilarious.
  7. Trapped in Amber, Petrified (23 Jan 2010)
    This is the last Sicarus-Kai thread ever. ;Sie; They continue to be big Haku fanboys, but they are a little apprehensive about the number of Inferni wolves they are fighting.
  8. My Daddy's Got a Gun (6 March 2010)
    Sicarus joins a contingent of Dahlians as they stand off against some Inferni coyotes.
  9. Aeternum Vale (6 March 2010)
    Sicarus fights and kills Hezekiah Finch at the Arachnea's Revenge standoff between Dahlia de Mai and Inferni.
  10. Battered Beginnings (22 March 2010)
    Sicarus meets a very quiet female on the borders named Istabel. Though he is normally nowhere near fond of women, he likes this one for her silence, and eventually howls Haku to ask permission to accept her.
  11. Hellraiser (1 April 2010)
    Sicarus and Haku travel to Inferni lands, boldly trespassing and setting flame to their land. Unfortunately, Haku goes a little crazy and fatally injures Sicarus, throwing him into one of the coyote traps along the border. Sicarus dies there, found later by Kaena Lykoi and Halo Lykoi, who are puzzled to find a dead Dahlian on their border—though it quickly becomes apparent it was Haku's doing.

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