Nian Redtree

Nian Redtree

Nian, by Kiri
Date of BirthApril 3, 2009
Age> 1 year
Subspecies100% Canis lupus baileyi
Mexican Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeSouthern Arizona
Current packAniWaya

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Pack Name

Joining dateNovember 12, 2010[1]
RankTsula Agateno

Nian Redtree is a current member of AniWaya.


Nian grew up in southern Arizona, among a scattered collection of Mexian Wolves who had split into several factions within what might be loosely defined as a pack. As a result of the scattered nature of the wolves, internal conflict ran pretty high, and soon enough one of the dominant males from another faction decided to challenge the authority of Nian's pack-father. The younger wolf won the confrontation, and, fearing that the other faction's domination would extend to the younger wolves of Nian's group, Nian and his siblings fled the area. Although they started out as a roving band crossing the American country, one by one each wolf either perished or found a new place to settle down, until finally Nian was the only one of his siblings left traveling. By this time he was tired of wandering, and he found his way to the AniWaya to offer his skills to the service of the tribe.[2]

Life in AniWaya

Four days after joining AniWaya, Nian met Theodoric Martin.[3] Shortly after this, he decided to try and reinforce his den with a wall to block out the winter wind.[4] He was joined by Claudius Aston, who helped him build his den.

Later, he met J'adore Austral who told him about his wordly travels.[5]


Nian is a very curious sort who asks lots of questions and pays close attention to the world around him. He would rather investigate new situations than wait and see what will happen, which sometimes gets him into trouble. He is very friendly and generally likes to meet new people, but he is always careful to show the right amount of respect accorded to different individuals. When he approaches a new wolf he will remain open and friendly while still maintaining proper levels of politeness. As for himself, he takes great pride in his talents and will leap at the chance to use them to benefit the people he cares about. Nian is very comfortable fitting into any position, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, as long as he feels he is a useful part of a larger system.



Theodoric Martin, Claudius Aston, J'adore Austral, Ralla, Ouija D'Angelo, Gypsy, and Liliana Vess


Nian is a Mexican Wolf, and thus he is smaller than the average wolf, whether he is in his lupus or optime form. His fur is mostly a rich tawny color which grows darker around his ears and near his back. His neck, underside, and jaw are all white (or at least off-white), as are his paws and the insides of each of his limbs. Dark grey, almost black, fur runs along his back and extends a short length over his shoulders and hips. His tail has a thin line of dark fur running down the top and circling around it in the middle, and the tip of his tail is black. The rims of his ears are also dark, and he has amber eyes. In optime form, he looks much the same, but he wears his light brown mane long and shaggy.

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