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April 3, 2007






A creamy undercoat, with a rich red-brown upper coat, overlaid with sprinkles of grays and browns. Long legs, slim body, and beautifully curved muzzle, built for singing with her equally rich voice and words that she can paint across the sky with such ease. Amber eyes, almost natural but with just that extra touch to look unnatural. The outer edge of her right ear has three loop earrings, the top gold, the center silver, and the bottom bronze. Three gold bracelets jangle around her left foreleg, for she is not accustomed to hunting for herself. Sleek muscle from her travels, complete with the plump healthiness of a life lived with ease and joy.


Born into a family of travelers, Gypsy grew up on the move. She was taught early on how to use her voice well, and once her pack discovered her talents with words, she became priceless to them. They were entertainers, after all. Almost ironic; her name. They named her for the human travelers and entertainers of long ago, and indeed she grew into her name.

But now all she wishes for is a place to call home, because after she left her home pack she joined a band of travelers and went from her birthplace in the ancient lands of America, up and around and everywhere. There she fell in love, and through the traditions of that pack, she challenged her hearts desire's current mate, and lost. Banished from the pack, she wandered for some time more, but now she wishes to settle, and to finally learn to hunt and fish and do the things normal wolves do. She wants to use her talents for her pack, and to share the bits and pieces she has learned on her travels; like how to make certain weapons and traps, how to write, certain arts, and even a little bit here and there about medicinal and herbal healings.

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