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WARNING: This page contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Julia is a deaf wolf-dog who hides a dangerous and dark secret.

She was born in late 2016 on Oak Island, a mass of land off the coast of Nova Scotia. Her parents, a sailor and a healer, knew shortly after she was born that something was very wrong with their daughter. Their fears were later realized when they found out that their daughter had no sense of hearing. Her mother was very upset and wanted to get rid of her by drowning her in the ocean, as was custom in the local pack with disfigured. Her father, on the other hand, fought for her survival by learning how to sign, later teaching it to their daughter who, at that point in time, could only understand brief signals that her parents used from touch to hand maneuvers.

Her mother hated her from the moment she was born and often abused the girl by kicking her and beating her when she did things she didn't like. Her father, unlike her mother, doted on her hand and foot and tried to protect her from such harm but was unable to curb the heinous punishments her mother doled out.

Eventually, when she shifted, her father taught her how to use sign which gave her a way to speak along with how to read lips. It didn't take long for her to learn as she was more than willing and patient enough to take the lessons to heart. It was around this time, due to an illness that spread from the mainland to their island, that her mother grew sick. With half of their livelihood put in jeopardy, her father went out to find work as he normally did and Julia was left alone with her mother for a short while. Needlessly to say, when her father returned, her mother had died and Julia seemed different than she had been before he left.

Being the only two left on the Island due to the illness that had spread, both her father and herself set sail on a small boat back to the mainland and established a camp on the borders of current day 'Souls territory on the outskirts of Halifax. Eager to explore this new world and the people beyond it, she left her father at the camp to explore Halifax. When she returned a few weeks later, her father was gone but the camp was still there.

She never established contact with him again.

After a few weeks, the days bled into one another and she found the occasional job here and there that provided food assistance. Unfortunately, these were far and few in between and she had to focus herself on other ventures like thievery and robbery to find food. A month or two later, she lost her temporary home and what little belongings she had were ruined by a duo of raiders who stole her leaky 'boat' as a source of wood for a fire. On one excursion from the city, she came across a trio of travelers (Cedrus, Mateo, and Naji). Eager to find a good meal, she waited till all were away from their camp and then stole away in.

Unfortunately, Cedrus caught her in the act and while trying to restrain her, lost a finger and in the midst of her trying to kill him, his other companions returned and she was chased off.

A few days after, she met Percival and Pascal and was invited to Cour des Miracles.

Julia is a currently a member of CdM and carries the rank of Seigneur. Her interactions with members of Salsola have tempered her desires to remain in Cour des, though she retains her position in the pack nonetheless until she is either run out or forced to move based on interactions with other members there. She currently has a fascination with Percival, seeing as he saved her from a cart mishap when she was in Halifax.






  • Date of Birth: 29th July 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Halifax
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Cour des Miracles
  • Rank:
Seigneur (Apr 29, 2018)
  • Pronunciation:
    • 'Jul-el-ya'
  • Nickname: 'Girl'
  • Etymology:
    • "youth" - Latin



  • Julia is deaf but that doesn't mean she can't sign or read lips. She can understand someone very well. It just takes some getting used to.
  • Julia's secret is dark and dangerous. It's gotten people killed. By her. If you're interested in finding out, maybe you should pay closer attention to her.

Loners members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Julia throughout Halifax at the different shops

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Heavy in wolf blood, one would expect Julia to look the part. Unfortunately, she looks more dog than wolf. Most of her characteristics would paint her as a dog if one did not pay close attention to her stature.
  • Fur: Dense and soft to the touch, her fur is mostly kept short.
    • Optime Hair: Her hair is long and kept that way. She's never really been interested in changing hairstyles. Probably won't be for the most part of her life. It is soft and kept clean to the point of vanity, though.
  • Facial Features: It's easy to tell her dog heritage in her face. She has a long muzzle, courtesy of her English Foxhound heritage. Her ears are floppy rather than alert as one might expect of a wolf-heavy, wolf-dog. She has a generous smile, a face that, when sad, can ruin your day.
  • Build and Size: Julia is tall. It's the first thing someone would notice when looking at her. She is thin, lithe for the most part, and delicate looking. She tends to carry herself in a slouch, though it's just to off put others from her secrets.
    • Lupus: At a glance she appears to be a pure blooded dog and of an average build; has the long and but thin tail of the English Fox-hound.
    • Optime: Slim built with some muscle definition. She is full of elegant angles or luscious curves; above average, tempered build.
  • Humanization: Julia is very humanized as her parents were. She learned from them since there was nothing else to do but observe her surroundings. Because of that, you can never find her outside of her clothing unless you mean something to her that she can't put to words or sign.



  • Fur:
    • Base coat of Spring Wood.
  • Markings:
    • Tuatara dorsal saddle, spot at the back of her neck and tail speckle at the end of her spine.
    • A mask of Cape Palliser and a speckling of the same over her tail.
    • Tan and Pavlova high lights on either side of her rib cage in one or two spots. Also covering the back of her butt.
  • Eyes: Can Can
  • Optime Hair: Tan with highlights of Spring Wood.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Spring Wood (#F8F7EF)
Pavlova (#DDC59F)
Tan (#D4B388)
Cape Palliser (#A97447)
Tuatara (#1F1F1D)
Can Can (#D382AE)'

1.2  Forms


63 lb (28.5 kg)30 in (76 cm)
She isn't very large and it is very easy to tell that most of her weight is in muscle, despite her demure appearance. She resembles her English Foxhound kin, more than she does wolf. Has a long snout, floppy ears and a long, spring-wire tail.


124 lb (56.25 kg)35 in (89 cm)
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159 lbs (72.1 kg)5 ft 3 in (75 in) (190.5 cm)
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1.3  Other


  • Piercings: —
  • Tattoos: —
  • Scars: —


She is always dressed well, despite her disabilities. She has several pieces of jewelry, though usually these are only worn in special circumstances. For the most part, she tries to look the part of a respectable mutt, though that can be tough living on one's own.


  • Necklace made of silver chain link and a shabby wooden carving of a deer.
  • Various dark colored bracelets and cuffs; often worn, tatty and notably adapted for luperci useage.


  • Grey denim jacket composed of two salvaged jackets; inside is lined with luperci made leather.
  • Black cargo shorts made by luperci. Material is thick and coarse, with stitching uneven and large.
  • Blue dress made by luperci. Material is thick and coarse, with stitching uneven and large.


  • Scent: Roses, bats, smoke and other floral scents. Vaguely of blood.
  • Speech: Her speech is not the greatest with her being deaf. She can mimic what she thinks things sound like but otherwise, her voice is really distorted by her loss of hearing. When she does speak, her words are probably incoherent.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She is prone to mistreatment from others for her disability that makes it hard to communicate. If she isn't facing you when you're speaking, you have to touch her to bring her to understanding that you're trying to talk to her. When she does communicate, it is through sign language or written word. If neither of those help, she is easily led to frustration so tries to use her voice which makes it easy to push others away.
  • General Posture and Body Language: She has a very humanised and straight posture though can be relaxed when she is by herself.

2.  Personality

Julia is a woman of few words, but that doesn't mean she doesn't try. She wants to be understood and to have companionship, though she goes about things the wrong way. It's easy to have a relationship with her, though, once she thinks things are open between her and another person. She doesn't smile very often, though when she does, it's like the lights in her eyes dance. She is easily manipulated by others because of her condition and often teased and bullied upon because of her deafness, at least that's the way things have been since she lost her father.

She is set in her morals, though no one really knows what those morals are aside from her. She likes to keep her secrets, for the most part, but occasionally she is found out by others and she strives to take care of those problems when they are found out. She is a collector, above all else, though her collection is best kept secret from the prying eyes of others. It's not easy to hide such a thing so she keeps that buried when she needs to be around others.

Julia may appear as a kind, deaf woman who cares for others, but is in reality she is a psychopath that enjoys tormenting her victims before murdering them. Her psychopathic tendencies date back to when she was a small girl. She would kill birds and squirrels for enjoyment and would be beaten by her mother as a result. She was deeply traumatized by the abuse of her mother that inflicted upon her and she kills people without hesitation and takes their fingers as a trophy. She enjoys manipulating people, often shown in the way she tricks others into punishing the wrong people by implanting evidence against them that pertain to her own crimes. She is skilled at masking her dark nature and will often appear as a kind, defenseless deaf girl.

It is only when her secrets come to light that she no longer hides her sadistic true nature and she is prone to toying with the people she kills, playing a game of cat and mouse with them that often leads to their untimely demise.

Toward those who show her interest, she often shows real, genuine feelings toward them but in the wrong way, often obsessive and overbearing. Whatever humanity is within her is shown in these times as she protects and helps those she cares for, even if the way she does so are not in her friend's best interests in their minds. When faced with the thoughts of losing said friends, it drives her to the brink and if there is no retribution, she is prone to seeking other forms of fulfillment such as attempting to replace those individuals with strangers, often going so far as to call the replacements by the original's names. When it is someone she can manipulate, she tries to push them to be more like her by forcing them into situations where they have to do things they never would have thought possible.

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Pessimistic?
  • Sociability: Extroverted, Submissive?
  • Expression: Submissive [faked], Dominant [Real]
  • Alignment: Nuetral Evil
    • "Respects the laws and authority figures of the community and nation."
    • "Will use wealth to destroy others."
    • "Will seek to undermine her community and nation, if profitable and legal."
    • "Will betray law-breaking friends if profitable. Will not betray loyal friends."
  • Tropes:


  • Family, friends, community, being found out


  • Failure, mockery, powerlessness


  • Likes: things, things, things
  • Dislikes: other things, but also, stuff


  • Packs: Loners and traders. Most of the people who have hurt her have been loners without a pack. If she's attacked someone in a particular pack, that pack becomes her enemy, especially if that person has lived.


Julia is not very sexual at all and would probably only open up to someone that way after they have proven themselves capable of handling her secrets without letting others know. If she was to have a sexuality, it would probably be pansexual. She would have to have an attraction to them devoted through relationship and actions. She is probably bisexual to a fault.


An Athiest with a belief that fate is sometimes a strong kick in the but to move forward. Her only belief is that some deserve to be killed more than others. She believes in the power of friendship and wants to be the priestess of their own personal religion. She has no true calling to spirituality but could probably be curbed in her later years to find a faith if she lives that long.


Julia would probably be very susceptible to substances and substance abuse if she learned of its presence and use. However, she would probably not partake since it would severely limit her ability to communicate with others and possibly put her in harm's way.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Temperance
  • Father: Charles
  • Family: Unknown
  • Extended: Unknown

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Pascal and Percival are her two most important relationships up to date. They were friendly and helped her out when she was injured and hungry. They also invited her to Cour des Miracles and are the reason she decided to join the pack in the first place after being a loner so long.

Positive Relationships

  • Silas del Morte found her after she had her home stolen and invited her to a place that was out of the rain. He was positive in her mind, though didn't leave much of a lasting impression on her only due to the fact that she was still wallowing after losing most of her belongings.

Poor Relationships

  • Cedrus Amaranthe was someone she came across when she was really, really hungry. She tried to steal his food and he caught her in the act. When he tried to push her out, she decided he was worth killing and tried to do just that. In the midst of toying with him, she bit one of his fingers off to use as a keep sake but was then interrupted by his companions and chased out of the camp.

Notable Associations

  • Sexual partners: None
  • Violent encounters: Unnamed Loner/Baker, Unnamed one-earred loner, Cedrus

4.  Skills

4.1  Abilities


  • Survival: Having to be on her own was hard but it taught Julia a valuable lesson about herself and others that she came in contact with. She is a Master as far as survival goes but a journeyman at some of the things that are included in the skill itself.
  • Scouting and Tracking (Master): Her father taught her everything she knows in regards to scouting and tracking from an early age. Without her sense of hearing, she works twice as hard as the average survivalist in regards to observation of her surroundings and uses what tools she does have to her advantage such as sight, sense of smell and touch to find tracks, scout an area for danger and finding others.
  • Fire building (Novice): She doesn't know much about fire building and has only really used it when needing to cook something someone has given her or to destroy evidence of her 'kills'. She doesn't use flint and steel and prefers to do things with a rope saw.
  • Craftsmanship [home building] (Master): Often forced to find shelter during bad times, to escape from other children or adults as she grew older, Julia has perfected at least one craft and that is home-building. While her usual get-up is not as luxurious as what someone more talented could do, she does know her basics such as keeping her home off the ground to avoid the cold during winter and a few other things that come in handy when making shelter. Her go-to build in pertains to this skill is something between a triangle hut and a branch den.
  • Hunting (Novice): She can't hear and that makes it very hard to keep the noise down when she is stalking an animal. Forced into the position she's in, she only really hunts after one particular species, canine. Don't worry, though, she's not a cannibal.
  • She is deaf and that means sometimes her observational skills are not the best. It can lead to mishaps when things go awry.

Skill 2

  • Artist: She started working with paper from a young age and hasn't let go of it since. From the moment she was able to shift and hold pens, pencils, or charcoal, she's been adamant on improving her skills.
  • Drawing/Portraits (Journeyman): One of her few talents is drawing and she is very good at it. The way she perceives others is a bit off and one can tell that by the way she draws them but her primary medium for these arts are parchment canvas and charcoal of which there is no shortage.
  • Map Making (Novice): She only recently began map making as a hobby and a tool to use when she was in Halifax. Since she had to learn the streets, which ones not to go into, which were full of food, she made maps of the entire city area complete with streets and other tips off to the side that are relatively easy to follow. With some practice, she could make a decent trade off for the skill.
  • Reading and writing (Novice): She is a beginner when it comes to writing and reading but tries her best all the same. She knows very basic lettering and most of that is in common language. Most words go beyond her understanding but she knows how to write her name and often does so if it's easy to communicate with someone via this method in regards to something simple.

Skill 3

  • Communication: She has had to learn methods of communication and certain skills that are tied into the art of communication.
  • Acting (Journeyman): This is not really a skill that pertains to her disability and being deaf. She uses it as a resource to help with her other problem which is, more or less, that she doesn't really know who she is as a person and it's much easier to act like someone she isn't in the face of strangers or those who are coming to know her. She is very good at playing the innocent card until her true colors come out and into the open.
  • Sign Language (Master): Her primary source of communication is sign language and speaking with her can be very hard otherwise. She knows several dialects of sign language, all taught to her from the moment she could use her hands and even before when her father would put her through lessons as a pup. While there is no universal key to sign language, she can usually guess at the meaning of the signs others use.
  • Manipulation (Journeyman): Part of her acting is that she is innocent and deaf. She plays the card of someone who can't easily survive without others around her and, if she is surviving, doing so at a very high cost of both her body and well being. She had to practice this in Halifax and is still practicing manipulation with others she comes across, such as Percival and Pascal. It is much easier to get close to someone and get something out of the friendship when one thinks her defenseless and therefore, easier for her to strike and kill if it comes to that.
  • Mouth Reading (Master): This is her method of understanding others when they don't know how to sign. She had to learn from an early age how to do this and this is something her father couldn't teach her. She had to observe others around her and eventually got a hang of it in her earlier months before she finally shifted and her father helped her learn how to sign and communicate in other ways than just using her nose and paws.
  • Julia is still young and sometimes, she thinks too highly of herself and her skills. She really is just trying to survive and that gets in the way of the broader picture. If someone doesn't understand her, she gets frustrated easily and gives up trying to communicate with them altogether. However, if the other individual is showing a patience with her, she can be understanding and patient herself.