Helias Athanaric

Helias Athanaric

Helias, by Sie
Age5 years
Subspecies62.5% Dog
25% British Columbian Wolf
12.5% Northwest Coast Coyote



  • Born in western Canada in the ruins of a coastal city.
  • Spent the early years of his life fighting for a place in his feral, doggish pack.
  • Heavier Luperci contact began when he was two or three years old dramatically changing the dynamics of his pack. Helias, formerly a low-ranking scrapper, rose to high ranks with his adaptivity of human technologies and readiness to deal with the Luperci for his benefit.
  • Helias was betrayed by his son, who wanted the pack for himself, and summarily driven out.
  • Headed east, intending to get as far away from his old life as possible. Helias spent about a year drifting around eastern Canada before he decided he wanted to live by the ocean again.
  • Joined Salsola as an Associate on April 5, 2012; invited by Eris Eternity.


Helias is smart, capable, and outgoing. While he specializes in no particular skill, he is a jack of many trades, dabbling with various different skills.


Dark grays, for the most part. The tip of his tail and his forelegs are black, while his face and underside are pale gray, nearly white around his muzzle. His eyes are a startlingly vivid shade of seafoam green.

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