Aquarius D'Angelo

Aquarius D'Angelo

by Sie



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03 12 2010





Water Bearer
of the Angels




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Current pack Salsola
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    1.   1.1  Forms
    2.   1.2  Modifications and Accessories
  2.   2.  Personality
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1.  Appearance

Ghost (#CCD1D7) is the primary body color.

Rodeo Dust (#C9B998) is scattered throughout the uppermost extremities, concentrated on the forehead, neck, ruff, shoulders, spine, and dorsal half of the tail.

Mongoose (#B69979) is also scattered throughout the uppermost extremities alongside the Rodeo Dust color.

Soya Bean (#6B5F4F) is found in a dark patch along the spine, and the eye mask.

Russett (#7C5957)is the color of the nose, paw pads, and other exposed skin.

Sulu (#B9EF61) is the eye color.*

  • This design was made by sie

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus:
  • Secui:
  • Optime:

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

Aquarius has a red sun tattoo on his right shoulder.

As is the custom for wolves from Baten Kaitos, Aquarius almost always wears clothing. He has a loose pair of cotton trousers that have been dyed black, and a dark blue vest with shiny silver buttons. He has a warm bear fur cloak he wears when he is cold that is a dark brown color from a grizzly bear. He also has a leather necklace strung with three bear teeth he wears for special occasions.

2.  Personality

Devoted and strong, he has a penchant for being an unyielding force when he thinks he is doing right. Unquestionably loyal to family and those ranked above him, he would die for his pack or Boss without a second thought. He has a surprisingly good sense of humor for one who appears to serious, and often makes quiet, gentle jokes. he loves to drink and is a skilled brewmaster. He also is very devoted to horse care and is an excellent rider. He enjoys trade and fighting, and will eagerly teach others.

Aquarius is a skilled shieldsman and often uses a spear resembling an assegai with his shield. His shield is made of wood and reinforced with scavenged metal and has a stylized bear painted on it.

Aquarius enjoys painting and woodcraft, and is fairly talented at dying and sewing.

There is a darkness to Aquarius, and that is expressed through his faith. Though he follows Zibal, the religion of Baten Kaitos, he also follows the religion of his father, Khalif. Aquarius is devoted to Ankh and Tak, and disregards Rah'khir as a weak man's god. His faith is very intense and personal for him, and he performs regular, violent sacrifices to both of his Gods.

Aquarius owns a stallion named Virgo.

He will also be leading a 4 year old, well trained mare who he calls Cetus, Cetus will be given as a gift to Salsola, though she was originally intended for Bellatrix.

3.  Relationships

Aquarius is devoted to his father, and knows little of the husky woman who birthed him. He was always close to his younger half-sister and holds deep affection for her.

4.  Family

Aquarius is related to the D'Angelo's, de le Poer's, and everyone they are related too.

5.  History

Born in Baten Kaitos to Falcoln D'Angelo and Sienna Polaris, his mother dropped him off with his father as soon as he was weaned, showing no interest in raising the boy. When he was about six months old his Father married Celestial Nox, and soon after that his younger half-sister Bellatrix was born. He welcomed the addition of his sister, though they were not very close when he was younger.

Aquarius became the apprentice of the town's Brewmaster, and continued to train with his father, learning how to use a shield and sword. He trained under the town tailor as well, and learned his craft there. He moved out of his father's home to pursue his own interests in the town shortly after turning a year of age. He remained constantly close to his father, though he was not around Bellatrix much.

Aquarius went on a trading trip to a town in Texas, and when he returned he became much closer to Bellatrix, and the two eventually formed a very close bond. It was his bond to her that drove him to take off after her once she left the town, bringing a horse as a gift and hoping to pursue a further relationship with her, having missed out on much of her life.