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1.  About

Anathema's garden lies on the right hand side on Thackary Village. It has the capacity to house up to 250 plants, and so far there are only about 25 currently planted in the garden. The garden is not a greenhouse, it is an open-ground garden, which means the plants planted here go through each season and suffer from each season. Anathema's gardeners try their best to keep the plants from suffering to much in the cold by laying down fertilizer and mulch to keep them thriving and producing even in the coldest months.

2.  Items and Use

  1. You are free to use items within the Storage or Garden, whether it be for personal gain or for Anathema's gain as a whole.
  2. Excessive trading without replacing items may result in IC consequences.
  3. Anathema adheres to the Tagging System -- please pay attention to the tags, they explain what an item can be used for.
  4. Update item quantities. If you use or plan to use a quantity of items, please either update the quantity, or let us know in the maintenance thread.
  5. If an item/plant has five or less of its kind in stock, it will no longer trade-able until its replenished, and we will be searching for more of it.

3.  Current Plants

3.1  Notes

  • Plants growing wild in abundance around Anathema are also listed below.
  • You are free to assume that there is a hefty amount of different dried herbs in storage, unless otherwise mentioned specifically.
Item Plants Tags Notes or Description

Livestock Feed

Switchgrass Unlimited Free to Trade This grassy plant grows wildly over the grassy plains of Musquodoboit Valley.
Oat Large Free to Trade Oat can be found growing in the Phosphagos Foothills nearer to spring time.
Bluejoint Unlimited Free to Trade Found almost anywhere that there's grassy areas in Anathema.


Myrica Gale 1x No Trade It is often used as an insect repellant and as a form of perfume, but most traditionally used as a remedy for stomach aches and fevers, as well as a abortion-inducer.
American Witch Hazel 4x Free to Trade The bark and laces of this plant may be used to treat external inflammation. Divining can be made from the plants forked twigs.
Mugwort x2 Free to Trade Medicinally, this plant can be used to expel parasites, and to lessen fatigue. It is also used magickally as a protection herb, and is believed to protect against evil spirits and wild animals.
Myrrh x1 No Trade When made into a balm or salve, it can be applied directly to abbrasions or minor skin ailments. It is also used as a painkiller for toothaches and its gum can be used for indigestion, ulcers, respiratory infections, and joint pain.
Spearmint x5 Free to Trade Spearmint can be used both culinarily and medicinally. As a medicine, it is used to treat stomach aches and chest pains in the form of a tea.
Lavender x6 Free to Trade While its oil can be used as a perfume or to season cooking, it can also can be used to treat insect bites, burns, and headaches.
Yarrow x5 Free to Trade Yarrow can be used topically and applied to wounds, cuts, and abrasions to heal them quickly. Its flowers and leaves can also be used to flavor liquor. Yarrow can also be used as a food, a leafy vegetable.
Sage x4 Free to Trade Sage can be ground and used as a tea or directly chewed to help with respiratory, gastrointestinal, mouth, and skin ailments.
Bamboo x3 No Trade Bamboo can be used to treat infections. It can also be eaten, as a vegetable, and the stalks can be used for construction.
Rosemary x2 Free to Trade Has an old reputation for improving memory, and if the buds are mixed with wine, it treats joint problems and gout. Rosemary can be used cosmetically as an antiseptic, while also to season food.


Tobacco x2 Free to Trade Leaves can be dried, rolled up and smoked.
Cannabis x4 Free to Trade Wild growth can be found around Anathema, but that of which is in the garden tends to give a weaker high due to the unfavorable climates. This plant's leaves can be dried, crushed, and smoked to give its smoker a relaxed kind of buzz.


Red Baneberry x8 No Trade One of the most grown plants within the garden, the berries grown from the plant are used to create a non-fatal poison; although the effects may be highly dangerous if used on puppies.
Grape x5 No Trade While Grapes are known to be a delicate snack for humans, they are fatal to canines if eaten in a decent-sized portion.


Basil x4 Free to Trade Basil is a common cooking herb. While it is not usually eaten directly, it is used to season cooking.
Parsely x1 Free to Trade Also a common cooking herb; it is advised that pregnant females should not eat a lot of this because it can cause uterotonic effects (labor induction).
Blueberry x1 Free to Trade Blueberries tend to grow in the summer months and can be used for cooking or direct eating.
Berberis x1 Free to Trade The berries are edible, and rich in vitamin C, with a very sharp flavour, while yellow dye may be extracted from the stem, roots and bark.


Orchid x3 Free to Trade Oil can be extracted from this plant and used for perfume or aromatherapy. The bulbs can be eaten as well, or used to season cooking.
Northern Bayberry x3 Free to Trade The berries from this plant can be used to make wax candles if they are boiled. Bayberry essential oil may also be extracted from the leaves, which is an often used element in scent products, but is somewhat toxic.