Julien Gauthier (pNPC)

This character was previously a Pack NPC of Casa di Cavalieri.

Julien Gauthier

by Raze




Date of Birth

November 9, 2012

Date of Death

August 21, 2017







Casa di Cavalieri

Joining date12 October 2013
SignificanceGeneral member


Julien is tall and lean with clear dog heritage. He is blind in his right eye and had somewhat floppy, feathered ears. His mane is unkempt and shaggy- shorter at the top while being long enough to be tied into a small tail towards the bottom. Due to his personality (and possible disorder) Julien often appears harried. His fur is scruffy and usually ruffed up. He displays the signs of long-term abuse in appearance and behavior.

He died during the final battle of the Syndicate Revenge Conflict.


  • Eyes: Twine (#C09652) left eye.
  • Heathered Gray (#B6A994) right eye (blind).
  • Fur:
    • Domino(#958062) primarily.
    • Judge Gray (534531) towards extremities and ticking.


A bit of a spaz Julien has spent his life as a pirate group's punching bag. Julian developed a love for navigation and birds. He enjoys communicating with birds and nurtured friendships with the gulls that frequent the ship’s mast. Due to a life of abuse from the pirates and his sister (Claudine Lavoie) Julian has become quiet and skittish, often taking to high places to be alone with his thoughts.

Julien is much smarter than he appears and is definitely a thinker. Unfortunately he is beyond socially awkward and can never quite explain himself or even hold a decent conversation to showcase his intelligence. The only one who truly “gets” him, is Sylvie Agnes, because she takes the time to allow him to focus his thoughts.


Climbing: Having lived aboard a ship for most of his young life Julien is quite a skilled climber. He is thrilled by heights and engages in the activity sometimes for fun. You might even find him on the slope of Knight's peak.

Star Navigation: Like most sailors Julien know how to navigate by the stars, and even enjoys watching them.

Bird-handling: Possibly connected to his love of heights and climbing Julien is fond of birds. He knows how to communicate with them and enjoys their companionship.


For involvement please see Casa Pirate Conflict.


2013 Threads


[M] No Trespassing (September)
Julien engages in combat with Thorn Hazeheart and Callum Knight when the pirates invade Casa.

[M] Held for Ransom (28 September)
Julien and Sylvie Agnès show kindness to Lola and Morty by cutting their bonds and giving them food and water while they are being held captive on their pirate ship.


with bated breath and bare blades (12 October)
With their ship found, Casa takes the pirates by surprise and is eventually victorious. Julien and Sylvie Agnès are taken captive.



And I Hope That You Remember Me (06 September)
Julien accompanies Isaac to the Medico office where Morty and Veri are working, after lightly wounding him while sparring. Morty and Veri fix him up!