Arrow Ridley

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Arrow Ridley is a Loner that journeyed to 'Souls in June 2020.






  • Date of Birth: April 1, 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Residence, Packs
  • Mate: None
  • Birthplace: Place, Areas
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Subspecies:

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • MM/DD/YY - MM/DD/YY: Packmates might notice this big thing during this timeframe!
  • Packs members may reference seeing Character doing the following:
    • Kickin butts and doing squats
  • Plot opportunity!

1.  Appearance

Arrow is a wolfdog with a medium-length Red Merle coat and bright magenta eyes. His ancestry is a little muddled, but he is primarily Australian Shepherd and Border Collie on his mother's side. He is half Northwestern wolf on his father's side.

1.1  Palette

  • Base Coat: Titan White (#F4F2FF)
  • Red Merle Markings: Dusty Brown (#AC9BA1), Gondola (#19100E), Rock (#4E3A36), Lotus (#774039)
  • Optime Hair: Jon (#3D211E)
  • Light Paws, Mouth, and Skin: Blossom (#D8AFB7)
  • Dark Paws, Eye Skin, Mouth, and Skin: Temptress (#2C0000)
  • Eye Color: Magenta/Fuchsia (#FF00FF)

When it comes to his thick coat, its coloring and most of his other physical attributes, Arrow takes primarily after his mother. He's slightly bigger and bulkier than the average sheepdog in all three of his Luperci forms however, with broad shoulders, large paws and pointed ears. These traits likely come from his Northwestern wolf heritage.

1.2  Gallery

Lineart by My Lonely Wolf (Roneri) on deviantArt

1.3  Forms


  • 36 in (91.5 cm)
  • 96 lb (43.5 kg)


  • 48 in (122 cm)
  • 160 lb (72.5 kg)


  • 6 ft 11 in (210.8 cm)
  • 235 lb (106.5 kg)

1.4  Modifications and Accessories

  • Up to the adopter.

2.  Personality

Arrow is aggravatingly carefree, at least from an outsider's point of view. Some might also describe him as loud, obnoxious, inappropriate, irresponsible, mischevious and just slightly oblivious.

He's a trickster, a troublemaker, a downright pain in the ass - especially if one lets it show that he's annoying them. He's usually at the root of any practical joke or unfortunate circumstance. He is constantly trying to make other people laugh, especially when the situation doesn't call for it. Perhaps he's just tactless, or maybe he just hates to see others upset. He'll certainly let you think it's the former.

He's sarcastic and has a tendency to throw dry remarks and rude comments under his breath when he's displeased with authority - or anyone. He's argumentative, and stubborn as all hell. Sometimes, he enjoys bantering just for the sake of hearing his own voice.

Arrow keeps his true feelings very close to his chest and would turn a friend into an enemy before admitting how upset or afraid he really is. It's a lot easier to pretend like he doesn't care when the world is falling apart.

Underneath the practical jokes and devil-may-care attitude, Arrow feels things very strongly. His mind and heart are constantly in a state of chaos, and he has a difficult time sorting through and making sense of it all. This leads to a much darker, vengeful side to his personality that appears when he feels seriously threatened, or when his loved ones are in danger.

When worst really does come to worst, he'll be on the front line fighting with everything he's got.

2.1  Adoptable text

This character is the trickster, the gadfly, the sparkling-eyed laughing stranger. They float through life as if riding a summer breeze, filling empty halls with singsong and plaguing the serious with mischief and incredulous acts. They appear out of nowhere to observe and comment, dryly remarking and bantering with anyone who'll join them. It seems they never take life seriously, the laughter only stopping when struck with core-shaking anger or fear. They are somewhere between a bard and a rogue, weaving just enough of a story or lie before gaining the upper hand with a distraction or showing-off. It's not all sunshine and daisies with this character, though - underneath is a darker, vengeful side that's seen what's at the top. In their worst moments, they want a slice of that most privileged pie.

This character, if they had a D&D alignment, would be Chaotic Good with a few hints of Lawful Evil. From most to least importantly, they believe that they:

  • Shall not harm the innocent, simply because there's no good reason to
  • Shall use the law to advance themselves and their allies, as what better way to use laws than as tools?
  • Shall lie to help the greater good, as everyone deserves a moment of someone else looking away
  • Shall not place duty above a personal desire to do good, but they can see the wisdom in gritting their teeth and waiting for another opportunity
  • Shall not betray others, but is more than willing to bring down their wrath on people who double-cross them

In regards to their alignment and their behavior, they are, from most to least likely, to:

  • Find most people narrow-minded and inflexible, and enjoys "making life interesting" for them
  • Believe luck determines wealth, and may engage in superstitious/religious behaviors and offerings even if others don't
  • Consider the needs of his community in their personal life, believing it's not hard to do a small good deed
  • Use any legal means to evade justice, and aren't above getting their hands dirty or below admitting to a serious wrongdoing
  • Use wealth to destroy others, only doing so if sufficiently angered enough

3.  Relationships

This character - and any potential siblings or cousins - were raised by either their grandparents or some sort of elder in their community. They were very, very close to the family they grew up with, having a strained or nonexistent relationship with their birth parents, reconciling with at least one only later in life. Any extended family that wasn't their age group had a strained, antagonistic or nonexistent relationship with them. Flirty and overly-romantic, they've had plenty of flings (though nothing ever long-term) and likely have experimented with polyamory and open relationships. (There's a strong chance this is to make up for any lack of love from their family in their youth.) Though friendly and approachable, they keep most people as acquaintances, allies, contacts or drinking partners. The character doesn't want to risk a broken heart, getting involved in someone's scheming, or being used for someone else's gain.

There are a number of open territories you can use as a place of origin for this character, or create backstory and ties to. Good examples for this particular character include Ankara, Dublin, Malai Ratree, and Portland. The on-board settlement of Amherst may also be a good option.

4.  Family

Up to the player that adopts this character.

Immediate Family

5.  History

Arrow was born upside down. The largest out of all four of his siblings, he barred the way for every one of them and caused his poor mother an insufferable amount of pain. The labor lasted over a day and resulted in the deaths of two of the pups. His mother barely survived the ordeal and was bedridden for weeks afterward.

Perhaps it was a sign, or maybe it was just dumb luck. It's probably the latter. He was never really spiritual anyway.

From sunup ‘til sundown, there was never a dull moment. If he wasn’t dragging his siblings into all sorts of sticky situations, he was finding crafty ways to get out of them.

Among a slew of other things he'll be delighted to regale you with, Arrow's formative years were spent getting lost in the woods, picking fights with bison, going on top secret adventures into the ruins of Edmonton—essentially doing everything and anything not to be learning the ways of his people.

Indeed, while he was busy avoiding responsibility and refusing to behave himself, his relatives were busy working the land. He comes from a pack of sheepdogs that relied heavily on agriculture and husbandry, and quite frankly he hated every moment of it. The last thing he wanted at the time was to end up working himself to death on a damn farm, the way his mother or grandparents did.

He was always interested in his paternal lineage, which had always remained a big secret. His mother and grandparents refused to mention him, which made Arrow all the more keen to find out everything he could about the mysterious wolf.

He never would find out anything about his father though, as tragedy struck the entire pack when he was only thirteen months old. He was away when it happened, out gallivanting in the woods with a pretty girl he'd had his eye on. He saw the smoke first, and then he heard the agonizing howls. They were dying.

None of his family survived. His mother, his siblings, his grandparents... everyone he cared about... To make an impossible situation even worse, the dogs that did survive wanted nothing to do with him. He was reckless, irresponsible, a waste of space. They chose to rebuild from the ashes, and he chose to leave... alone.

It turns out, Arrow isn't cut out to be alone. He had a very difficult time adapting to the lone wolf lifestyle and probably would've died during that first winter. Fortunately, he was rescued and taken in by a small group of wandering traders. They had two caravans filled with all sorts of trinkets from all over North America, and stories to tell that made Arrow's mouth water.

He spent the next year traveling with them and making memories of his own to share with eager listeners. They traveled through the American Midwest and came back up along the eastern shorelines, exploring abandoned cities and meeting all sorts of interesting characters.

They parted ways on rather bad terms when Arrow started an affair with someone else's mate. He couldn't help it, and he was cast out - again. It was the second pack to abandon him, and it hurt... but he had to move on. He had to find something else, and maybe this time he wouldn't allow himself to get too close.

5.1  Timeline



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5.2  Threads


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