Name Meaning"ready for battle"
Name OriginSpanish
Date of Birth15th May 2010
Subspecies100% Canis lupus baileyi (Mexican Wolf)
Birth placeMexico

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Ichika No Ho-en

Joining date23 January 2012[1]

Alonso was briefly a member of Ichika No Ho-en, where he met Kiara Amarok. He left after they mated, not knowing he fathered children by her: Kohaku Amarok and Lucia Amarok.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
  4.   4.  Appearance

1.  History

Alonso lived was born in a litter of four – Amora, Ofelia, Devante and him. His childhood was spent in northern Mexico in an extremely traditional pack. He spent most of his childhood in fun and games and had long since decided that the only true way to live life was to take nothing seriously. This is what prompted him to remain an Omega and ignore the aggressiveness within him.

The most important day of Alonso’s life however is also the day that Alonso started for ‘Souls. It had started off as a normal day. The pack was following its usual practice in the presence of a kill and Alonso had been hanging around waiting for his turn. Meat had been hard to come by recently and he was getting rather ravenous. It was as he was sulking in the rear of the gathering that he came face to face with Iago. A Beta, Iago had from very early on taken a marked displeasure of Alonso. This meant that Iago taking advantage of his position often bullied Alonso mercilessly till it came to the point where Alonso simply began to avoid Iago.

“Hey there runt! Not trying to sneak in a bite earlier than your turn are you?” he growled as he advanced towards Alonso. Under normal circumstances Alonso would have kept his head down and done exactly as he was ordered. But the immense hunger and an already bad day led to the release of some of his buried and defiance. A low growl of protest passed through his lips as he stood up to Iago. This sudden flash of insubordination surprised the both of them. As he stood there with his tail raised in offense he began to realize the full consequences of his actions. He suddenly spun around and ran off. There’s be trouble when he got back but for now he reveled in the feel of the wind through his fur, the cold air whistling through his teeth and the feel of his paws on the soft, white snow. He screeched to a halt as he entered an unfamiliar territory. Alonso hesitated. It would be prudent to turn back. Tales of young wolves who had encountered wandering Luperci raced through his mind and he decided that facing Iago would be better than getting bitten by Luperci. It was as he was turning to leave that he caught sight of the carcass of a large boar on the other side of the clearing. “Ha!” he thought to himself as he raced across the clearing towards the dead boar. That should ensure that he wasn’t bullied for at least a week, he thought to himself.

He fixed the location of the carcass in his mind and had just turned around to inform the pack of the carcass when he saw the Luperci standing between him and the way back. Alonso chose to run in the opposite direction hoping to trail around and head back towards the pack. As he was nearing the area where he had last seen his pack he heard the screams and howls of the rest of his pack. From what he could make out, a tribe of Luperci had attacked the pack of Mexican wolves in their search for food. Part of Alonso wanted to stay back and fight but a quick glance showed him that his pack was already doomed. Most of his littermates were dead and the Luperci were now hunting down any wolves that had tried to escape. The only reason he had escaped notice until now was because he was hidden behind a large ash tree a little away from the clearing.

And so Alonso turned and ran – far away from Mexico. He could still hear the snarls and barks as he ran away, the noise continuing for hours until the only thing he could hear was a piercing howl that spoke of pain and loss. He kept running, never really knowing where he was heading. He just followed his instincts, running along the coast until he neared the Nova Scotia area. He’s haunted by memories of his past, especially because he doesn’t really know what happened to his pack. Every waking minute of every day he would feel like a coward. He often wondered if his going back would have changed anything. On the good days he manages to convince himself that going back would have led to nothing more than another dead wolf. On the bad days, he was convinced that a little quick thinking could have saved his pack from utter destruction – thus making him feel worse than ever.

2.  Personality

Two months ago Alonso lived in Mexico with his pack. He was born in a litter of 4 cubs. He started off life as a perky and fun loving Omega pup with a penchant for getting into trouble wherever he went. His mother once claimed that Alonso held the record for cubs wandering away from the pack. Amora, his litter mate, was a mid ranking wolf who happened to be bold and confident; a trait that she often claimed existed in him as well. Although he would always deny it, Alonso did possess a hint of defiance beneath his coat of cheerful subservience. Truth be told, he simply preferred the simple pleasure of being an Omega to the responsibilities of a mid ranking wolf.

The tragic death of his pack, along with his many months of dangerous travel had left him jaded. The journey from Mexico to ‘Souls had been a hard one. He had been in more scraps with the Luperci and other wolves than he had ever been in before. He was no longer as shy and skittish as he had once been and while not yet a fighter, Alonso had definitely become far more aggressive than a simple Omega.

He knows both Spanish and English and talks with a Mexican accent. His manner is polite, if a little aloof. Like all the cubs of his pack, he had been groomed in good conduct from a young age and was always charming in his dealings with others. Earlier, Alonso had been always ready to strike up a conversation with anyone and had loved meeting new canines. He was a little more careful on entering ‘Souls because he was still trying to find his way through the area and its customs.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

Alonso is 4.5 feet long and 29 inches long. He normally weighs close to 80 pounds but his recent tragedy coupled with his arduous journey has left him weighing around 76 pounds. He has a mottled coat with a base colour of light brown. His head is streaked with reds and darker browns and his body is a similar colour. The area around his tail and legs has a few streaks of grey but on the whole he is a much lighter coloured wolf. He has a black snout that is constantly up in the air and eyes that are always wide open with a keen interest in all that he sees around him.

The journey from Mexico to Nova Scotia had taken him 2 months and during the course of those 2 months he had had many run ins with various other wolves and a couple of Luperci. These fights had left him badly scarred including a rather nasty looking scar right next to his left eye. Luckily he hadn’t met too many Luperci and when he did he avoided the fight by running away. He still retains his Omega style servility but he is more confident than before. He has learnt that being subservient will not prevent someone else from killing you if it so pleases them.