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  1.   1.  Introduction
  2.   2.  Description
    1.   2.1  Old Brassard Church
  3.   3.  Winterwynd Residents
    1.   3.1  The Town
    2.   3.2  The Dens

1.  Introduction

Tucked away in the heart of Mistfell Vale territory is an old human town of brick and stone - discovered in the heart of the coldest season, it was aptly named Winterwynd. Winterwynd isn't a large city, but its tough buildings have withstood the test of time due to their hard and well-built exteriors. Not all of the city has shared this fate, however; on the outskirts, wooden houses have been reclaimed entirely by the earth, leaving large gaps of debris and nature in the town.

This has caused Winterwynd to hold both houses of stone, brick, and concrete as well as feral-like dens made from the rubble of other houses. Pushing up against the town is more wilderness with various nooks, crannies, and even small cave systems that a more feral Luperci could call home.

2.  Description

The center of the town is filled with houses, both relatively well-standing and completely dilapidated. Other buildings such as churches, museums, and a town hall stand in the center as well.

As one strays from the heart of the city, the landscapes become more and more natural, and potential feral dens begin to crop up from fallen houses, logs, rocks, and natural formations.

2.1  Old Brassard Church

One of the many churches that surround Winterwynd, the Old Brassard Church is exceptionally large and spacious, and serves well for meeting places and as an area for celebration. It's also a "common room" for members of the Vale to gather, relax, eat, or stay until they find a more permanent residence.

3.  Winterwynd Residents

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Type Name Description

3.1  The Town

House Willow
  • A small house, single story, that managed to keep its structure well. Some windows are broken and the wallpaper is peeling, but it seems like only minor repairs are needed. It's in dire need of deep cleaning, but its two-bedroom arrangement suits a bachelor well.
House Ragna Eklund
  • Single-story house made of brick and stone near the forested edge of town. Two bedrooms, a living room, and a small kitchen combined with an equally small dining area. A sturdy carport attached to the house acts as a shelter for her horses.
House Felix Nightlark
  • A single-story house near the old Brassard Church. Made of stone and brick, it sports two bedrooms, a living room, and an extremely dilapidated kitchen. There's also a basement, but it's difficult to access due to rubble blockage.
House Acacia
  • With a overgrown garden outfront and stretching around the sides, this single-story house west of old Brassard Church consists of 1 large and 3 small rooms, with a rotten wood-slatted front, this house is striking but in need of some care.
House Soran
  • Down the street from Wyvern Church, this two-story terraced house compromises of two large rooms on the ground floor and one large bedroom on the second floor. Small in size, it is well built, supported by the houses either side of it.
Church Talon, Marsali
  • Wyvern Church is a small, run down stone construct, covered in overgrown ivory and surrounded by wild flowers. Located in the northern part of Winterwynd. Converted into a house, the small church compromises of one large reception room and a maze of small rooms out back, along with a grave yard converted into a gerbal garden.
House Jura
  • A two-story stone farmhouse, once painted white but now covered in wisteria. A stone-floored hall connects a large living room and kitchen and a surprisingly stable staircase reveals two medium sized bedrooms. A dilapidated potting-shed sits in the overgrown garden which borders the east of Brassard Church

3.2  The Dens

Den Posey Prior, Lyric Harper
  • While spacious, this den is too short-ceilinged for an Optime. A fallen tree provides the main "structure" of the home and an entryway; another stands behind it, its roots creeping into the stone, rubble, and debris that form the walls. Cracks and gaps allow light in.
Den Sineria
  • Just a small, 6 foot deep den, there’s nothing much to look at inside except for all sorts of odd things that Sineria has collected from scavenging around on his own. There’s no real organization to anything, so it’s a huge mess.
Den Liev Morozov, Sandra Tremblay
  • --
Den Saga D'Angelo
  • Not far from Wyvern Church, a large dilapidated utility shed situated on a street corner covers a den dug deep under one corner. Sizeable, having been dug deeper over time, the den is just large enough to accommodate most in their lupus size.
Den Cecily Fay, Tanya Schmitz
  • The den is fairly large, about five feet deep and the size of a small room. They sleep on a pile of furs in the corner of the den, and their weapons and miscelanious items are kept in a dug-out hole in the wall.
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