D'Neville Mansion

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The ruins of the D'Neville Mansion are nestled in the thick of the forest, evidence of its human owners' desire for privacy and seclusion. Lined by a wrought-iron fence covered in Honeysuckle, sprawling gardens bloom wildly in the summer. Small cobblestone walkways, slate cracking and flaking after so many years, run through the garden.

Hidden in the new-growth greenery is the burnt foundation of the mansion itself, where many coyotes of Inferni once claimed residence. Signs of its inhabitants are scarce; only blackened brick and stone remain of the mansion, its outbuilding, and its garden.

Note: The mansion was razed to the ground in fall 2017 -- this page's descriptions remain for posterity for now!

1.  Common Rooms

1.1  First Floor

East Wing

The East Wing is heavily infested with rodents. In February 2013, Maddox and Harosheth both demanded a cat to help keep the rodent population down -- thus Laish -- a female cat often seen stalking the halls of the mansion.


The Infernians repurposed one of the larger front rooms, formerly a living room, for use as a communal storage area. This room was gutted prior to its conversion to storage, leaving nothing but a few shelving units built into the walls. There is no seating and the windows are all boarded up. A pair of oil lanterns provide light in the shadowed corners of the room.

Everything is very neatly arranged, primarily thanks to Harosheth, who is almost neurotic about keeping things organized. Most everything is lined up shelving units, or arranged on a large, Luperci-built table (courtesy of Maddox) in the center of the room.

Sitting Room

A bunch of junk from the other rooms was tossed into the sitting room at the rear of the house. All manner of furniture, baubles, small tidbits, and other things were chucked into this room. Most are damaged or broken, many have started to decay, and those that haven't are probably being nibbled to death by little rodents! As of December 2016, the floor in this room has collapsed due to deterioration and is undergoing slow repairs.

West Wing


The library, near to the front entrance, is a large and comfortable room. It is the best furnished of all the mansion's rooms -- the coyotes have taken some of the best furniture still available within the mansion and created a comfortable reading space that looks nothing like the typical human library. A pair of mattresses in a corner provide space for coyotes to sprawl, while a trio of hard outdoor benches rescued from the garden line the wall facing the east wing.

Though shelves line two entire walls of the library, they are very bare, housing no more than 25 books. Most of the leftover books found within the library were water-damaged and ruined: only a sparse few of the original books found by Inferni's first settlers remain on the shelves. Other books, however, have made their way into the library over the years.


Close to the library and kitchen, a small public chapel provides a quiet spiritual space. It was repurposed from a bedroom as of Summer 2012 by Ithiel and Ángel, with later improvement by Maddox. The room has three rows of sturdy wooden pews, an altar, a podium, and a raised section of the floor. The room's decorations include a wooden cross on the wall, a few wolf skulls, scavenged candleholders for the altar and podium, and a giant Lykoi chaos star painted on one of the walls in red. The room's literature includes a bible -- and a copy of the anti-coyote literature from the Boreas Conflict.


The kitchen was once a beautiful room -- black marble countertops line a full third of the room, with matching black cabinets, both above the counters and full-length against one wall. Silvery-colored appliances, once shining and bright, now sit rusting and disued. Nonetheless, good smells frequently waft from the kitchens; Versace and Covenant are most often seen in the kitchen, cooking up something wonderful.

Dining Room

The dining room is a long room with little decor -- most of it was gutted when the coyotes took over the room. The original table, a red mahogany masterpiece that occupies nearly the full length of the room, still remains, along with a few of the matching dining chairs. Otherwise, though, all manner of random chairs -- from plastic outdoor lounge chairs to big, fluffy loveseats -- line the sides of the table.

1.2  Images

D'Neville Mansion exterior. Front staircase, most often used. Both rear staircases appear as such. Some rooms are in bad shape, especially larger ones! Super awesome rear exit to the gardens.
The average bedroom, more or less. Freaky basement is freaky?

1.3  Larger Areas

Grand Ballroom

Though this large, high-ceilinged room was once lovely, decay is evident everywhere: the polished marble floors are cracked and coming up in some places, and the roof, once pale pearly white, is dotted with tawny brown and yellow stains, evidence of water damage and leakage from the roof above. Crystal chandeliers droop from the ceiling, most of their shards missing or broken.


  • The front stairwell, located in the center of the main lobby, allows access to only the second floor, not the basement. Though quite creaky, the light in the front lobby and the easily accessible location of this staircase makes it the most oft-used of the clan. It squeaks and creaks abominably when walked upon, however.
  • Two rear stairwells allow access to all three levels of the mansion: basement, first, and second. These stairwells are in better condition than the lobby stair; however, they are windowless and quite dark. It would be quite easy for a canine to take a fall! On the left stairwell, the banister on the third floor is broken.


There's no map for the basement because it's ~*creepy*~ down there: dark, cobwebby, flooded and muddy in some places, the basement is not frequently visited and is not used. Large, empty cages line one wall. A pervasive stench of mustiness and dust pervades the air in the basement, though it is uncommonly cool down here even in the dead heat of summer. Crates, all of them decaying and falling apart, are stacked haphazardly against the wall, along with cardboard boxes, bags, and other carrying devices. Virtually nothing in the basement is usable, save metals and durable plastics scavenged from the grime and muck of the decaying pile of carrying devices.

2.  Stables and Shelter (Garage)

The Mansion-attached garage was repurposed and rebuilt in 2010. Its construction is a mishmash of old and new lumber; a large amount of scrap wood from the collapsed outbuilding was used for the stable project, and it shows. The stalls are wildly different in size and even construction, with some having total enclosure and others having only a half-door. The upper loft, accessible via stairwell or through the second floor, houses all sorts of horse supplies.

In 2013, an attached three-wall structure was constructed outside of the garage. The garage wall itself makes up part of the structure, even. The horses allowed free-roam of the D'Neville gardens are allowed to pass freely in and out of this area, using it for shelter in poor weather and warmth in the winter.

3.  Yard and Gardens

The rear yard is a sprawling open area, with small concrete and stone paths cutting through the gardens. Small statues, most hard stone and well-suited to withstand the test of time, are scattered throughout the yard. At the center of the rear yard is a firepit and three stone chairs -- most often used as a meeting grounds for the clan. A small pond sits in the rearmost corner, providing fresh water for the horses and goats. The pool -- long since emptied -- nestles beside the west wing of the mansion, often filling up with disgusting stagnant water -- and hapless prey who become stuck and cannot scale its smooth concrete sides.

Honeysuckle grows virulently over much of the fencing and the garden, filling the air with a sweet smell during summer. A myriad of other flowers and plants also blossom, many leftover from when the garden was cultivated by humanity. During winter, even, the greenery does not altogether disappear. Some evergreen plants -- most notably the Bearberry, which lines much of the southwestern corner -- grow within the D'Neville's gardens.

As the yard is fenced in, the stabled horses stabled are frequently allowed to roam about the yard and garden grounds. While horses are capable of finding fodder in the gardens, free roaming and grazing is suggested to supplement their diet and keep the yard area from looking completely downtrodden. Inferni's goats also freely roam the mansion grounds, taking shelter in the stables with the horses when bad weather hits. Otherwise, the Inferni Ravens are often seen perching around the fence -- especially since Versace is often seen giving them scraps and leftovers.

The training arena is a small plot adjacent to D’Neville’s main gate. A culmination of work carried out by many Infernians in the summer of 2014, the pit was built to serve those who wished to learn in the ways of combat, whilst mitigating the risk of injury. The training area consists of a large, circular dug-out -- filled with sand to ensure the landing of those who fall, is a soft one. The area is fenced in with wooden posts for support and strong, criss-crossed branches in between. The arena’s gate is built with similar materials.

3.1  Greenhouse

3.2  Hospital House

The smaller guest house behind the mansion is used for a hospital house; typically, only the sick and their caretakers stay here. The name "hospital" is obviously an extreme exaggeration -- it's no more than a single story cottage, formerly used to house guests in the time of humanity. The smaller cottage is in far better shape than the D'Neville itself.

There's a large, open sitting alcove and commons, primarily used for those wishing to pay well-wishing to the sick. Two patient rooms, formerly a bathroom and a bedroom, along with a caretaker's room, make up most of the rest of this small building, save for the supply closet. A large, narrow room at the rear of the house, this typically houses medical supplies.


As of January 2012, the caretaker's room is occupied by Harosheth Kimaris (Pack NPC). She has made a number of improvements with the help of Maddox Rowe -- most of these are small improvements meant to help patients. The much more obvious changes are what she's done to the decor: Eternian symbols such as snakes, lizards, and spirals have been painted on the walls in brilliant reds and oranges, and a number of "healing decor" -- crystals, feathers, leather strips, and bones -- hangs from the ceilings.

4.  Rooms and Residents

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  5. If you leave Inferni, we can't guarantee your residence will be available when you rejoin the clan. We suggest to players to avoid previously claimed rooms, but it's not a hard and fast rule, and so your residence may end up taken. Sorry!

4.1  First Floor

ROOM Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

West Wing


A small room attached to the kitchen, with a number of small improvements. The room is absolutely bare and ascetic.

Helotes; Maddox
1F02 NONE This room cannot be claimed, as it has been repurposed as a small chapel Kaena
1F03 -- This small room is barren. A wooden bedframe remains, its sturdy and solid contstruction allowing it to remain in good condition throughout the years. Though the mattresses were rotted and removed, the frame is now filled with soft pelts and other beddings. Molcaxitl Yocatl
1F04 -- The small room is still mostly bare. A large pot sits in the fireplace in the inner wall, and a pile of hay and pelts was thrown on the floor for bedding. A faded, lightly patterned old blanket covers the window, able to be tacked to the side to let in light. Terra, Ananse; Xochime; Bluethroat
1F05 Dove Reverie Whilst small in size, the room is clean, with a small window allowing a view out to the stable's entrance, bringing in plenty of light. Containing basic only basic furniture, a large bed, coated in furs occupies the space under the window, with small, makeshift shelves lining the walls and a large trunk that acts as storage is situated at the end of the bed. Avaiki, Crucifix
1F06 -- This room was previously gutted; only a fireplace remains of its prior furniture. Shelves were stolen from the sitting room and dragged here, along with a desk and chair large enough to accommodate a tall coyote. Gehenna

East Wing

1F07 Daeva Lykoi The various holes in the room have been properly boarded up and the old chewed up furniture was removed and replaced by a single table and chair recovered from another vacant room. A Luperci made cot covered in blankets and furs sits in the corner opposite the table. The perpetually foggy window is covered by a moose hide. Atop the table sit a couple of candles. Asher
1F08 Versace Inferni An overall cozy, but still in the process of repair, room. There is a makeshift table under a covered window where she keeps her religious artifacts. The room's pretty dark, though she has many candles placed both on the table and on the floor in an attempt to overcome this. Blankets, pillows and furs have been spread out along one wall to use as a bed. Kuba, Lou
1F09 -- Small room with no furniture. Dusk, Hal
1F10 -- A re-purposed (full-sized) mattress lies in the far corner, just below a grimy, coverless window. Priam, Vicira
1F11 -- The room is old, dusty, but in decent shape. Blankets in the far right corner provide a makeshift bed. Kadar, Nadir, Covenant
1F12 -- A quiet corner room scrubbed clean of age by the previous owner. There isn't much but a pile of small pillows, caribou fur (stolen from Room 09) and thick, handwoven blankets providing a makeshift bed. There is a shelf positioned opposite the door. Kadar; Belial;Redtooth

4.2  Second Floor

ROOM Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

West Wing

2F01 -- There is a pile of reindeer pelts in one corner that form a bed, and a makeshift table. The room's window is covered by a pelt as well. Pegs have been driven into the wall to hang clothes or weapons. A stool sits near the table, covered with a soft hide. Ángel, Dartmouth, Leon, Basilio, Crucifix
2F02 Sinech Dalisani Sinech chose a room close to the garage stables, and can often be seen moving from the second floor to the loft above the stables. She may investigate if there's too much noise! Her room is primarily a workshop for leather and horse gear: she reserves only a small corner of it for sleeping. Otherwise, she has begun amassing tables and workbenches, along with shelving. She has many tools related to her skills, from leather-working knives, sinew for stitching, fibers for rope-weaving, etc.

2F03 Laurel del Bosque This room is dusty with a stained mattress sitting on top of a rotting wood frame stashed in the corner. There is a plushy armchair (also stolen from downstairs) situated next to a dresser. A bathroom is connected to the room, though not in working order and very very rusty and dirty. There is one window, usually uncovered in summertime. Azucena, Lorelei
2F04 Oriole de l'Or 2F04 and 2F05 have been combined into a single suite, separated by a makeshift door. Both rooms have Luperci made cots heaped with furs. The original furniture is still there. Walls are mostly bare though the faded floral wallpaper still clings to certain places. 2F04 still has intact windows, though they are extremely hazy. 2F04 and 2F05 share a fireplace. A crucifix hangs by a nail on the front wall of 2F05 and above the cot is a shelf of weathered books. A Bible sits under the bed. Helotes, Basilio
2F05 Magpie Trouillefou Timori; Kára
2F06 -- A small, simple room with a few pelts in the corner to sleep on. Free of debris but otherwise bare. Marik, Sascha, Drystan, Liliarys, Bayard
2F07 Virue Furnished with only a bed, writing desk (and chair), dresser and nightstand. One window casts a dusty light upon a hard wood floor, stained with paint but swept recently. The bed is dressed with furs and faded fabrics. The walls are still decorated with old paintings of familiar faces, courtesy of Cotl. The door is labeled "Ende", since it's the last room in the hallway. Marik, Cotl, Amity

Center Wing

2F08 Jehan de l'Or,
Cartier Inferni
After a lot of work, these two rooms have been altered into a single large one. The second door is barred shut from the inside, while the main one features a locking mechanism and solid door that still work. Still in the process of moving their things in, the rooms' inhabitants only have piles of belongings and scattered furs (plus one huge heaping nest of furs) for bedding. Rémy, Kyrini
2F09 Clover
2F10 Annabeth Unfinished and empty, there is nothing here at the moment besides a few furs and a small shelving unit. She has nothing for now. --
2F11 An empty room with some pelts and cloth strewn in the corner. Kasia, Yari
2F12 -- Gaudy wallpaper decorates the walls and the floorboards are shot from years of neglect. The bed is a squeaky, stained mattress that offers a dusty blanket and a lumpy surface. Izual
2F13 Canary Cash An empty room. There is a doorway to the porch often covered in a light, thin cloth that allows light to filter in -- but no eyes to peer. Veine
2F14 Belle de le Poer An empty room, clear of debris. --
2F15 Noel Priyantha A heavy pelt hangs in place of the door to the balcony. Similar pelts cover the windows and are rarely taken down. There's a mass of sleeping pelts piled in an inner corner. A rudimentary map of the territory's paths is etched into the wall. Ombre; Ehren; Osprey; Saut
2F16 -- -- Colm
2F17 A small room at the top of the staircase, empty of furniture. Stigmata, Kadar

East Wing

2F19 Conrad Nielssen A larger room in a quiet portion of the house near the right rear stairwell, this room is in excellent condition. The walls are painted a pale blue; the window, though smashed, has a leather covering and can be opened to air the room out. The door is thick, heavy oak and can be locked from the inside.

Sepirah, Giza
2F20 Crucifix, Faith, Hope What used to be a bedroom and a workshop has now become two bedrooms blocked off by one door that connects the two. In one room there are two pelt beds and a dresser in between, a window that has been cracked but not completely been broken. It's wall paper, that used to be torn and old, has been taken out. The other room has a single pelt bed large enough for two people, pegs that hold Basi's weapons and an outside balcony that holds more room for Crucifix's flowers. Kali; Dorcas, Oilver, Basilio
2F21 -- A room that has seen better days, the two windows without glass, wallpaper missing one most of the interior, and a few piled furs serving as impromptu bedding. Liir
2F22 -- The room's oak door has nearly fallen off its hinges, and the sole window is broken and boarded up. Some stolen couch cushions lay along one wall, their tears mended and stuffed with old pelts; there is always a great pile of pelts and blankets on top of the makeshift bed. An old silver bowl sits below the window, often full of water. Gerhard, Ajax; Resurrection
2F23 Shikoba Whiplash, Scuttle A homely and cozy room furnished with many fine furniture. The wallpaper, while torn, is in good condition and both the walls and floor have escape any major damage. It is all off set by a dark heavy oak door with a lock. The sole window is functional and is covered with heavy red curtains. Dieter, Diana; Prophet
2F24 --

A cold, dilapidated room with the southern facing wall rotting and filled with mildew.

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