Berlin, Germany

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesMixed
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

Berlin is a large city, easily one of the more populated. The canines who live here enjoy a solid, stable relationship with nearby Amsterdam and a less stable relationship with Paris, though both are trading partners of sorts, with many Luperci frequently making the trip between all of the cities to trade their wares. There are many small trade paths and roads to get from one city to another, and Berlin is well-connected.

Different from many Luperci cities, this one attempts to elect government officials. The effort mostly fails, as there's virtually no organization within those elected (e.g., they have no idea what they're doing, despite their education, and tend to fight with one another rather than get things done) or actual enforcement of law, but the attempt is there.

Though there are still sections of disrepair in the city and many buildings beyond use, Luperci here have made a great effort in cleaning up the city and removing human debris. There are many efforts to raze unused buildings and clear them out, replacing the old human rubble with new plants and trees. Berlin greatly values horses from Eastern Europe for this reason -- they are greatly beneficial toward this work.

2.  Culture

The city of Berlin enjoys numerous large parks and waterways around its area, though the population is too large to survive without traders bringing in food from its surrounding countryside. Most notably, residents of the city of Berlin often trade with residents Amsterdam for ocean fish.

Berlin is a notable seat in the Luperci world, hailed as technological capital of the Luperci world. Native canines here are generally very advanced where human advances are concerned, though this creates a bizarre culture split between Berlin natives and most outsiders, though it does not generally take long for one to adjust.

There are many wolves here, primarily Common Gray Wolves, though there are many transplants and non-natives living in the city, making the population rather varied. Unlike its neighboring city Paris, European Jackals are more welcomed here, with less resident prejudice against their smaller cousins, though the jackals themselves still prefer to live on the outskirts of wolf territory.

3.  'Souls Significance

  • Some Berliners buy slaves from Bucharest for use in manual labor.
  • Along with Munich and Paris, Berlin makes up an important triangle of trade in the European markets.
  • The city of Warsaw has multiple, well-marked land routes leading to Berlin.
  • Galileo Berlin once worked in a Berlin tavern.
  • Halan and Serecen were both born in Berlin, and left together.
  • Mephisto Lykoi was born in Berlin.
  • Rain Marks was also born in Berlin.
  • Svanja Dikiy is another Berlin native.
  • Urho Rask came through Berlin on foot one time.

4.  More Reference

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