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Member of Salsola Member of Del Cenere Gang Member of New Caledonia
I procrastinate too much Spotlight Soul: Evelyn [Feb 2020] SoSuWriMo Champion 2018, 2020

Hello lovelies! My name is Mads and I am your typical Canadian/East Coaster! Yes, I live in an igloo, and yes, I travel to work by dog-sled in case you were curious. It is all true. And, sorry, but I apologize way too much. I have severe ADHD although I am medicated for it so it helps me keep up the hobbies I love such as writing. It's all or nothing. You may see no posts from me for a few days and then all of a sudden I will pop 30 posts out.

I am currently working as a Registered Nurse and love my job! It affords me my lifestyle of buying way too much art for my characters as well as having 5 days off in a row for lots of posting. 8)

I've been around 'Souls for quite a while now, seriously, but first character would have been way way way way way back and I barely remember them so don't ask, they did not make it that long, trust me. I have been apart of my RPG forums such as WWS, Myth, Sordid Secrets, etc. Other's I can't even remember the name of. Message me if you have ever been apart of any of these and we can see what we can remember! I'm 28 years old currently and have been roleplaying since way back in the day of neopets and guilds as I was apart of a wolf RPG called The Prodigy Pack back in like... 2012? I'm not sure. xD

My first serious venture back into 'Souls land was with Saghani Frostfire which was short-lived. I'm sorry Raze! This was in April 2016. Then, I made my return in March 2017 with Kadir Ahearne thanks to the wonderful Kitty for allowing me to adopt her as I flitted back and forth with her character for awhile. Finally, I have been here since September 2019 and going strong with my slew of characters that you can see below starting with Evelyn de le Ulrich because Salena believed in me! <3

I love to plot! If I forget anything don't ever be afraid to poke me because my mind is like a sieve. I am best reached on discord! Please, if you even just want to talk about our crazy characters or anything in life hit me up!





Art by Despi

Evelyn de le Ulrich

Raven Sinclaire
El Probado of Del Cenere Gang
♀ Coyote-dog hybrid
NPC/s: Rembrandt Sinclaire

Baltasar Salcedo
The Family of Salsola
♂ Hybrid
Salcedo, Revlis Eternity
NPC/s: None?

Kadir Ahearne
Distinguished of New Caledonia
♀ Hybrid
Ahearne, Moineau Brádaigh
NPC/s: Svanja Dikiy

Rank of Pack?
♀♂ Species
Family? bloodline/s
NPC/s: Character?

♂ Coydog
Massacre, Holocaust Addiction
NPC/s: None?

Rank of Pack?
♀♂ Species
Family? bloodline/s
NPC/s: Character?

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  • Replies can vary from minutes (particularly if we are spreeing) to a week or more. See my status in the above 'Roleplay' segment for current reply speed.
  • Feel free to give me a friendly reminder if I have not posted in over two weeks, and have not left you an OOC message or contacted you to explain why.
  • I will always try and give priority to plot-based or rank-based threads to ensure their timely completion.
  • OOC endings to wrap up ongoing threads are perfectly fine with me. Just PM me to chat with me about it.
  • If I'm posting a little too slow for you, feel free to let me know that you'd like to wrap up the thread in this way!
  • If you wish to have an interaction with my character/s, but do not want to thread (or I am not taking threads), we may be able to infer such without a thread taking place.
  • DM via Discord is the best way to ask for a thread with me - particularly if you are a member of Salsola!
  • Even if I'm not really accepting new threads, I will try to make room for important family/plot/rank threads.
  • I may do Preybot threads if the situation demands.
  • I do not often have time for LASKY threads, aside from when testing my own new characters out, or giving important off-board backstory.

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