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Fleur is a member of New Caledonia, ranked as a Peer.

Not much is known about this quiet woman, not her history nor her family or previous home. When Fleur first arrived in New Caledonia, many mistakenly thought her to be mute. As it turned out, she had simply chosen not to speak at first. When asked who she was or what she brought to the table, she simply unrolled a piece of cloth and demonstrated an arrangement of intricate wooden carvings, letting her work speak for her. Soon she made herself a home, though staying distant from the rest of the pack.



  • Date of Birth: XX XX XXXX
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: New Caledonia
    • Rank: Peer


  • Family: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Old Caledonia
  • Species: Wolf






  • Lupus : XX in (XX cm) ↔ XX lbs (XX kg)
  • Secui: XX in (XX cm) ↔ XX lbs (XX kg)
  • Optime: Xft XXin (XX in / XX cm) ↔ XX lbs (XX kg)
  • Humanization: High/Low/Mid? What sort of skills do they have in their Optime form?
  • Clothing & Accessories: Do they wear any clothes or accessories?
  • Interaction
    • Speech: How you talk
    • Scent: How you smell
    • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Ticks, habits
    • General Posture and Body Language: How you walk/present yourself



 Mirage (#313634)

 Dune (#3B3936)

 Flint (#696559)

 Silver Sand (#BFC4C9)


 Steel (#918F8F)

Nose & Skin

 Outer Space (#222A2C)



Fleur keeps largely to herself, biding her days trading decorative carvings she makes for whatever she might need. Whenever Fleur does speak, it is usually in brief, primitive sentences. Having to hold a conversation seems to exhaust her and before long she seeks isolation, resorting to non-verbal communication, sometimes muttering to herself in French in exasperation. Some have joked that she says the most to herself.

Though not as focused on other types of art besides her wood carving, she can also make small odds and ends. She knows how to make pinwheels, small toys or simple jewelry with but a bit of rope and whatever scraps happen to look good arranged together. She is rarely seen without her knife – itself at once an excellent tool and a work of art with a beautifully decorated handle. Few know of it, but she is quite fixated on this item. She even keeps it under her pillow at night. Whatever the history, Fleur’s grip on the handle is trained and steady, betraying familiarity with the sharp blade.


  • Woodwright: elab here
  • Tinker: elab here
  • Rogue: elab here


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